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Targeted therapy of cancer of the larynx in Israel

Targeted therapy of cancer of the larynx Cancer is caused by mutations in the cells of certain, the scientists were able to develop drugs that target these changes. Targeted drugs work differently than standard chemotherapy drugs may be effective when the chemotherapy is not efficient. They also have a variety of side effects, but less severe.

Cetuximab (Erbitux ®) - is an anticancer agent. This - a monoclonal antibody directed against the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), a protein on the surface of certain malignant cells, which helps them to grow and divide. Laryngeal cancer often has an increased amount of EGFR. Cetuximab, blocking of EGFR, may slow or stop the growth of cancer cells.

Admission Erbitux ® can be combined with radiation in the early stages of throat cancer. At later stages it is administered in combination with standard chemotherapy - cisplatin, either as monotherapy.

Cetuximab administered intravenously, usually once a week. A rare but serious side effect is an allergic reaction during the first infusion, when you may have difficulty breathing and low blood pressure.

For many people, there are skin problems such as acne, rashes on the face and chest during treatment, which in some cases can lead to infections. Other undesirable side effects may include such symptoms as fever, diarrhea and nausea, headache and fatigue.

Currently studies are other drugs targeted therapy against throat cancer.


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