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Treatment of liver cancer in Israel

The development of a treatment program for liver cancerin Israel is due to stage the disease. Therapy involves a surgical intervention and medical treatment, rarely - irradiation (cholangiocarcinoma).

In clinic Assuta patient multidisciplinary team work (hepatologist surgeon himioterapevt, clinical oncologist, nurse), which will select the best treatment option.

The recommended plan will depend on the phase of the disease. When there is a probability of full treatment, apply three basic ways:

  • pathological tumor resection segments;
  • liver transplant;
  • radiofrequency ablation method.

If the disease has reached the stage B or C is used palliative therapy. Chemotherapy inhibits the process of cancer development in the months and even years. Effective immunotherapy - the drug Sorafenib, prolonging life. If you have reached the phase D, When there is no possibility to slow the spread of the disease, the primary goal of physicians is to facilitate disease symptoms.


Tumor resection treatment of cancer of the liver in Israel

The indications for liver resection are damaged small segment thereof. Due to the fact that the body has the ability to regenerate, it is possible to remove a substantial portion of it without serious health consequences. However, the majority of people with cancer, this ability has been reduced, so resection can not be used. On the possibility of affecting the degree of scarring.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia, hospitalization may take a week - two, while a full recovery - up to several months.


This is a complex operation, has a significant impact on the body. There is a risk of complications during and after surgery: infection, thrombosis, hemorrhage, bile leakage from the liver (may require additional intervention), jaundice, kidney failure, heart attack.

Liver transplantation in treating cancer of the liver in Israel

During the operation, the diseased organ is removed and replaced with healthy. Liver transplantation - a complex surgery, there is a potentially life-threatening complications during its implementation. According to statistics, about 1 in 30 people dying during the procedure, and 1 out of 10 - in the year after the transplant.

Indications for:

  • one tumor less than 5 cm in diameter;
  • 3 tumors less than 5 cm in diameter;
  • the organism reacted very favorably to other treatments for 6 months was observed growth of the disease symptoms.

If there are multiple foci or tumors for more than five centimeters, the likelihood of relapse is usually very high, so the benefit will not bring organ transplant.

So, if a person is suitable for transplantation, it is placed on the waiting list, the average waiting time is 142 days for the adult population.

In some cases it is sufficient for liver surgery small segment from a living donor - relative. The advantage of this method - in the absence of long-term expectations.

Some of the best doctors in Israel for treatment of liver cancer:

radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of liver cancer in Israel is recommended as an alternative to surgery. Display thereto - oncology liver at an early stage when the tumor less than five centimeters in diameter. Also, ablation can be performed at a larger tumors, but then the treatment is performed several times.

This method heats malignancy using a high temperature, which is created by electrodes placed on the end of a special probe. Tumor cells heat up and are destroyed. A similar procedure using a laser and freezing can achieve similar results.

Radiofrequency ablation is carried out by three main ways:

  • thin electrode probe is introduced into the tumor through the skin - transdermal administration;
  • the probe is introduced through small incisions using a laparoscope;
  • probe is used during the operation, entering through an incision in the abdominal cavity.

To control the execution of the procedure using ultrasound or computed tomography. Depending on the technique and the size of the area to be treated, a local anesthetic or general anesthesia may be used.

Duration is determined by the magnitude and number of lesions, usually from 1 to 3 hours in total. Patients usually spend the night in the hospital.

After the treatment for several days may occur symptoms such as muscle aches, fever.

The possibility of complications related to the ablation, low enough, among the possible adverse effects noted bleeding, infections, minor burns.


This type of therapy in the treatment of liver cancer in Israel, uses powerful medications drugs that reduce the spread of cancer. At stages B and C is recommended, as a rule, transcatheter arterial himoembolizatsiyu consisting of embolization procedures and local chemotherapy.

Also, this method is used to prevent the spread of disease from the liver to other organs in patients awaiting transplantation. In step D himoembolizatsiyu not prescribed because it is able to degrade pathology symptoms.

Development of the procedure

The catheter is inserted into the femoral artery and fed to a main blood vessel supplying blood to the liver. Therethrough administered chemotherapy, or microspheres, saturated cytostatics. Furthermore, in a vessel which nourishes a tumor placed embolizing substance retaining the medicament within the malignancy. The duration of 1 to 2 hours. The patient remains in the clinic overnight. the procedure is repeated several times if necessary.

Side effects

As the drug enters directly into the liver, decreases the number of side effects. The most common of them - the post-himioembolizatsionny syndrome (abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, etc.). It can last for several weeks.

ethanol injection

In the treatment of liver cancer, if there are a few small tumors may be successfully used alcohol injection. Under the control of ultrasound or CT administered ethanol into the tumor, which results in dehydration of cells and blocking their blood supply. In most cases, local anesthesia.

Immunotherapy - Sorafenib

This is one of the first drugs used in this form of cancer. Sorafenib gives blood supply of tumors in the liver and impairs their growth. In pill form. In a number of cases assigned to the advanced stages of the disease.

Palliative therapy

In the treatment of liver cancer in the later stages of the main task - to relieve symptoms. May designate strong analgesics (morphine, codeine), drug therapy, radiation.

Prices in the treatment of cancer of the liver in Israel

A diagnostic program:

  • Medical consultation of the oncologist - $ 600.
  • blood tests - 540 dollars.
  • Research for tumor markers - 240 dollars.
  • Revision of pathology - 680 dollars.
  • PET-CT - 1670 dollars.

Additional procedures:

  • US - 330 dollars.
  • MRI - 1480 dollars.
  • Scintigraphy - 380 dollars.
  • Biopsy - 3 $ 300.
  • Laparotomy - $ 14 200.
  • Angiography arteries - $ 5 100.


  • Partial removal of the liver - $ 56 220.
  • Whipple - 51,100 dollars.
  • Transplantation of a new body - 340 thousand dollars.
  • Operation irradiation + - 49.8 thousand dollars.
  • Catheter Portakat - 4 $ 500.


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