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Cancer Treatment in Israel

Cancer Treatment in Israel Assuta hospital chosen by people who want to get quality health care at affordable prices. Using the capabilities of medical tourism in the country annually sent over 30 thousand people with cancer pathology from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.

cancer treatment in Israel

Germany occupies the second place ranking among the countries where the treatment of oncology is famous for innovative approaches and high productivity. It comes every year 20 thousand patients who need emergency therapeutic care. Switzerland closes the top three. Like a precise clock mechanism which is known all over the world, the country's medical facilities offer the latest methods of cancer treatment. Of Russians are served only 10 thousand people annually.

The reason for the large separation of Israel in the treatment of cancer is a reasonable value of the services of doctors professionalism, the availability of modern equipment, the use of advanced methods of correction. ongoing work conducted at research centers in oncology research on the discovery of new treatments, medicines and healing techniques.

Cancer Treatment in Israel - indicators of success

Early detection of cancer pathology and provide adequate treatment of the patient's recovery. In 80% of cases, in Israel there is healing from cancer after traversed a course of therapy, developed individually for a particular patient.

If we compare the performance of treatment in Israel and Russia on the example of breast pathology, in the first case, the survival of patients is on average 12-13 years, in the second - 3-4 year. Agree, the conclusion about the quality of care is obvious. This situation can be easily explained - in Israel there are no problems with the preparation of highly qualified specialists, and there are no medicines that can not reach.

In Israel, scientists have been working intensively on the development of new technologies for the destruction of cancer cells. It first appeared many methods that give results. It:

  • immunotherapeutic techniques;
  • drugs based on genetic engineering research;
  • vaccines against cancer affecting the stem cells, and more.

In Israel's treatment of oncology clinics are beginning to those patients who can afford financially. This does not mean that the price of diagnostics and therapy is breaking all records. Compared with other developed countries, treatment in Israel costs by 20-50% cheaper, but also spending thousands of dollars.

The advantages of treating cancer in Assuta

Why do patients choose Israel, and every year the statistics clinic visits by Russian tourists is growing? The answers lie on the surface:

Surgery in the field of oncology in Israel aimed at the preservation of organs. If any of the existing possibilities, doctors try to preserve not only the body but also to its functions in full. There are a large number of minimally invasive surgical procedures, which produce fewer complications and a good cosmetic result.

After treatment in Israel, the rehabilitation period in times shorter than that in the Russian practice. After a short period of time the patient is ready to go home, after passing a screening milestones to whenever you need timely seek medical help to the attending physician.

Israel close, unlike most developed countries, where the treatment of oncology practice. The advantages visa-free entry, non continuous flight to your destination, welcoming attitude of residents to the Russians.

Israel more accessible. Doctors and medical staff in clinics owned by not only their own language. Many specialists are fluent in Russian, which removes the complexity of the language barrier.

Israel gives excellent opportunities for recreation. Patients who need cancer treatment, restore power more quickly after surgery, including due to the wonderful climate of this place. Israel - a resort of the Mediterranean Sea, the pearl of the Dead Sea.

More power plays faith. Holy pilgrimage to these places - spiritually strong route for tourists. On a par with the passage of the therapeutic courses for patients on the period of rehabilitation programs organized visits to the holy places.

Professional staff, trained in the best clinics in the world. Leading oncologists of Israel are among the experts of the Association for the treatment of cancer in Israel, America, Europe and Asia.

In Israel, organized by the accurate diagnosis using modern equipment, genetic tests and innovative programs. It is here that there was a personalized medicine and personalized oncology. And thanks to the conversion to a focal point, the patient is able to find a specific doctor for treatment in Israel and for a specific type of pathology. Cancer patient gets the best option available. He stays at the clinic and is not adjusted to the conditions of a medical institution. He is assisted by taking into account the genetic, physiological, biochemical factors, the study of the clinical picture of the disease.

More about Innovations Less Learn and Traditional practices and Innovations in the article " Cancer Treatment in Israel ."

When choosing a cancer treatment in Assuta?

cancer treatment in Israel AssutaCancer Treatment in Israel Assuta Hospital carries out effectively. The country is long and firmly took the leading lines in the correction of many types of cancer. It's better here than in the whole world, treat:

  • cervical cancer;
  • oncology breast;
  • liver cancer;
  • colon cancer;
  • bone cancer;
  • lungs' cancer.

This is eloquently statistics in the study of survival rates past patient therapy.

Of Israel is speaking, when doctors find it difficult to diagnose and identify the specific data on the tumors. Innovative equipment country, advanced diagnostic technology ensures accurate results. In most cases, the preliminary diagnosis of a cancer, which coincides with the data of the final histological and cytological studies placed before sampling by biopsy material. Because of this cancer treatment is started early, which allows a speedy and full recovery from the disease.

current cancer treatment involves removal of the tumor without substantial damage to the affected organ. Indicators therapy - one of the best in the world. Treatment in Israel - not cheap, especially when it is carried out on the observation at a top doctor.

Therapy is not confined to a single reception and a single operation. Typically, an integrated approach. Principles of complex treatment of cancer - stop the pathological process, organ preservation, prevention of recurrence, immune reconstitution, lifestyle adjustment for the prevention of complications in the future.

The process involves:

  • oncologists;
  • therapists;
  • surgeons;
  • psychologists;
  • radiotherapists;
  • chemotherapists;
  • immunology;
  • pathologists and clinicians adjacent profiles.

To be treated abroad, the patient will require long-term, which includes a stay abroad, travel for treatment and back. In just a few years of treatment procedures, the cost can be substantial. Therefore, at the stage of appeal to the services of leading oncologists important to understand the general figures, the assessment of their own capabilities.

Despite the figures, the flow of patients traveling to Israel for treatment of cancer, is growing every year. People are attracted to the high survival rate, the delicate treatment methods that give results even in advanced cases destruction of the body.

Cancer Treatment in Israel - Assuta Hospital

The high level of treatment in Israel is simply explained. Program correction of pathological states are funded at the state level. Funds for the development and introduction of new methods of therapy, drug formulas and advanced equipments come from the state treasury and other sources.

The research centers at Israeli hospitals being the development of biotechnology, surgical methods for correction of cancer, encouraged the creation of copyright himiovozdeystviya protocols and radiation therapy. Much attention is paid doctors genetics, cytology and ontological factors.

If you are being treated in Israel, you get guaranteed results for the money spent. All doctors oncologists are behind the profile training in the best educational institutions of the world. But choosing between the best advice of the oncologist and the average doctor, prefer the first option, since the consultant oncologist develops correction line, individual therapy protocols. Consultation with leading oncologists of the country will be more expensive, but the impact of this move significantly higher. Admission costs of $ 600.

Assuta Medical Complex, Which includes 11 institutions across the country, has a modern oncology department, equipped with advanced diagnostic and medical equipment. Where services are provided by only the best doctors in Israel. In connection with the private clinic status and contract system of work of doctors, for operations and treatment are invited leading experts of the country. This allows the patient to choose a doctor on their own. There are treated with the following types of cancer:

You can explore the portfolio physicians practicing cancer treatment. After consultation and treatment program for the patient goes hand at the reception to profile the doctor. When it comes to breast cancer, the cancer treatment in Israel Assuta Hospital in the breast practice Shneybaum Professor and Professor Moshe Inbar. Prostate cancer patient goes to the doctor or professor Matskina Dothan. Therapy of thyroid cancer is a professor or doctor Shenkerman Fliess. Heals rectal cancer doctor or professor Tulchin slave. Leading oncologists for the treatment of uterine cancer in Israel is Professor Grissar and Gili Ben Baruch.

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