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Reviews of chemotherapy in Israel

Reviews of chemotherapy in IsraelThe word "chemotherapy" is a negative association in adults, most of whom did not even hurt oncology. The image of the accident, the pale, bald man, make every effort to fight cancer struck him, it is found in the motion picture frames on boards to raise funds for medical treatment abroad. Once in the bloodstream chemicals affect the body. However, for chemotherapy in Israel reviews of patients have slightly different than in Russia and CIS countries. Here we have learned to cope with the side effects of the therapeutic effect, normalizing life processes and facilitating the condition of patients.

One of the leading medical complexes is Israel Assuta Hospital. Advanced equipment, the best doctors, new drug formulas, clinical trials for the development of drugs - this guarantees a successful outcome of the treatment at any stage of the cancer.

Chemotherapy is held here on the individual to develop a scheme in addition to surgery to remove the tumor or as a primary therapeutic intervention.

Patients share their experiences, talking about the details of your stay in the clinic:

Lily, Kiev

"I'm 47 years old. I had ovarian cancer. After surgery, prescribed chemotherapy. Many heard and read the negative, but refuse dared not. From my own experience I would say that all this is tolerated. Yes, there were minor pain in the hands and feet (similar to the pain when weather changes - who suffered broken bones, I understand) partially fallen off the hair (but bald, I was not), in the mouth present taste of metal (which I struggled with the help of plastic utensils) Thank doctors -.. every day asking how to feel. twice to adjust the dose, give additional lek rstva by which I felt better in my doctor's advice, all the energy directed at the Leisure -. reading, resting, sleeping, crossword puzzles It was tough at times, but the result has justified itself Thank you. ".!.

Alexander, Nizhnevartovsk

. "While chemotherapy has not always been good I've got taste strain I prisledoval taste of metal But mashed potatoes seemed divine The water was terrible, but I tried to drink other beverages to quench your thirst -.... Juices, coffee, tea with additives . and other Another point -. nausea that rolled in waves with her helped to cope Zofran, which I appointed my doctor In general, there were no horror Doctors Assuta my respect complain about something, and once it is clear that... you want to help. And help, assigning to olnitelnye drugs or reducing the initial dose. "

Irina Maratovna, Tyumen

"My son is 36 years old and lives in Ukraine. A year ago, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the hospital, in the community did not help him. They said they live a long time will not. With my father sold the apartment, which remained from her grandmother. Send Grisha in Israel treated. There, he underwent surgery, then was appointed chemistry. If I am not mistaken, Avastin in combination with other drugs. Chemistry is held every two weeks. The deterioration of state of health is not. do not drop the hair, there is no loss of strength, although the doctor said it can be felt. We still have 11 procedures. Hopefully h of deterioration is not, after all we've been through over 12 fine. "

Olga, 32 years old

"I express my gratitude to my doctor -..... Irina Zhevelyuk smart, a real pro Passed chemistry under its control twice changed scheme as not feeling well Actually, changed as long as my feelings are not restored If all doctors to so attentive to his patients, would be less sick, and in general - poor people. "

Christine E., 44 years old

"Passed chemistry at Assuta. To remove the side effects worked with me a naturopath. I subscribed to my powder with L-glutamine. All rounds have passed" Hurray. "A small swelling of the legs and recurrent nausea I have in mind not borax. Such pobochki can survive only to regain health. "

Natalia, 46 years old

"I had to fight, yes, the fight against breast cancer, but I was lucky that on my side were the best doctors Assuta We won my illness, deal with it combined forces was 8 courses of chemistry with Herceptin From foreign experiences -.... Fuzzy vision, fatigue, eye twitching month. But every day, I told myself that everything will be fine. And today, I believe that these little things do not count when it comes to recovery. "

How is chemotherapy in Israel, reviews in detail tell. For each individual patient developed a protocol which contains a number of different series, various drugs combining scheme. To reduce the side effects of additional drugs are used. The treatment involved naturopaths, homeopaths. With simple but effective tools, they help alleviate the patient's condition, restoring him to live a normal life. Going to Israel for treatment, pay attention to the Assuta hospital. Private complex equipped with the latest generation equipment. On scientific grounds in clinical trials, making it possible to introduce new formula immediately after obtaining a positive result in the practice of correction of cancer.


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