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Carcinoma Treatment in Israel

Carcinoma Treatment in Israelan increasing number of cases of cancer in humans every year. The structure of death causes oncological processes retain the second position, after cardiovascular diseases. One of the most common tumors - cancer originating from epithelial cells. The variety of forms and localizations of carcinoma due to the fact that epithelial tissue is a part of almost all organs of the human body.

Advances in modern medicine make it possible to radically solve the problem. carcinoma treatment program in Israel makes it possible to overcome a tumor at any stage of development.

Leading Israeli clinic specializing in the treatment of carcinomas, equipped with the latest international standards. For a complete and comprehensive diagnosis of tumors, as well as qualitative and radical treatment of carcinomas in Israel attracted leading doctors specialized clinics all over the world.

Years of experience and new methods of diagnosis and treatment allow to develop an individual program for diagnostic research and treatment interventions for each patient individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the development of the tumor and the state of health in general. Procedures are carried out taking into account the associated diseases, heredity and other important factors. Such an approach radically cures the tumor occurs and general health of the organism.

The effectiveness of the treatment of carcinoma in Israel

The statistical analysis of the last decades shows that the number of patients cured completely different from localized carcinomas growing steadily. In just a few decades, the percentage of such people has increased from 30 to 60. Every year reduced the mortality rate from these diseases. Remission in pediatric patients, with more than 80 percent of cases. After the treatment of carcinoma inclinic Assuta , The majority of patients permanently forget about the existence of their cancer.

These excellent results were achieved in medicine Israel without reason. It is obvious that the mere enthusiasm of physicians would not be enough. The country carried out purposeful measures to continuously improve the level of cancer care. Conducts research, develops high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer. In addition, not unimportant role plays and a positive mental attitude of the patient for which to create the most comfortable conditions, with him, if you wish, there are close friends, psychological assistance.

Particular attention is paid to the clinic Assuta treatment of cancerin children. Even hopeless cases, abandoned by doctors in developed countries, amenable to treatment in Israel. Children with cancer from the former Soviet Union - frequent visitors to hospitals in Israel. And it is not no professionalism of local doctors.

carcinoma treatment in Israel, the pricesIsrael Clinics own proprietary developments in the treatment of cancer and, moreover, does not compare, better equipped. The only obstacle to a complete cure cancer in Israel may serve for lost time.

In order to walk through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Israel, fill in the online application form on the corresponding website. All further organizational and technical measures will take the staff of Assuta hospital.

Initially Assuta Hospital staff met with the general state of health and the patient's medical history, the course and development of earlier diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Based on the data generated individual plan further evaluation and treatment options. On the basis of this plan, it calculates the cost of treating cancer in Israel for a given patient.

With the agreement of the clinic to take the patient to treatment, the patient receives full support from the medical institution staff. The sick person does not have to stand in queues, to make calls to clarify a particular time. Chores, from the acquisition of tickets for a flight to Israel clinics, accommodation in a hotel or hospital to organizing medical procedures take on employees receiving side. All medical procedures patient visits with the curator. After treatment, organized departure and, if necessary, medical support along the way.

Medical records, including the medical examination data, medical diagnostic procedures, a detailed description of the treatment to the patient or attendant upon discharge from the clinic. And provided a report on payments, with specific amounts for each procedure.

for the treatment of carcinoma of the price in Israel

The cost of treatment depends on many factors. The heavier the disease, the more expensive and longer treatment will be like. After confirming the diagnosis in Israel developed an individual course of therapy. prices are lower than on some of the procedures:

  1. Blood tests - $ 80 - $ 280
  2. Tumor markers (carcinoma-embryonic antigen) - $ 120
  3. Biopsy - $ 620
  4. gastroenterologist consultation - $ 560
  5. Oncologist Consultation - $ 600

For more information, fill in the online application form, and we will calculate for you the preliminary cost.


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