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Israel Clinic for Oncology

In Israel oncology clinics successfully treated. Doctors believe that this is a common disease, recovery from which is possible. This is achieved by using well-conducted survey complex and therapeutic procedures. Of great importance is the timely treatment in the clinic. However, even in patients with stage 4 cancer in Israel are helping to improve the quality of life for as long as possible.

Largest Oncology Institute is located in a private medical complex Assuta. It consists of offices, each of which is carried out the practice in accordance with the specialization. For more information, please visit the official website of the Israeli Cancer Center - our company is an approved representative. This fact is noted in the appropriate certificate, which spelled out the right to operate the clinic faces.

We enter the Israeli association of medical tourism companies, and are proud to be able to provide immediate expert assistance, please contact us to people and help them to believe again in life, where there is no place of pain and disease. If you find yourself face to face with a terrible diagnosis "cancer", do not despair. We offer the best Israeli hospital services in Oncology - use the chance to regain health.

Benefits of treatment oncology at Assuta

Assuta facilities are located in Israel, and serve more than one million patients per year. It employs more than 1,500 leading surgeons of the country. Each year, the clinic performed more than 98,000 surgical and 630,000 outpatient procedures. Assuta has recently been re-accredited by the Joint Commission International, in recognition of the quality in the world of medicine and the services provided in the hospital.

We offer service in the leading medical center of Israel where the diagnostic and therapeutic practice based on professional standards of medical care. Each doctor of the clinic in Israel for the treatment of cancer before starting their duties, are subject to strict selection.

The Assuta are receiving the best doctors, recognized experts in the leading hospitals of the world. Here the use of new technologies and methods of connecting the effectiveness of traditional approaches and author's scheme. This leads to the development of individualized treatment protocol for each patient appealed. The Assuta you never see the same therapeutic regimens. The clinical picture is to use the services of doctors human being scrutinized. Based on it, and the age, concomitant diseases and systemic therapy protocol developed for the forthcoming period.

Carefully observe the oncological clinic of Israelprinciples of quality and a leading position on the market of medical services. Assuta Hospital for important impeccable reputation, so it takes a lot of maintenance. Equipment, medical clinics composition used in the medicinal formula materials and are recognized as the best of the existing alternatives. The Assuta treat cancerous conditions:

  • stomach;
  • prostate;
  • brain;
  • leather;
  • blood;
  • lungs;
  • breast;
  • pancreas;
  • uterus and cervix;
  • thyroid gland;
  • tongue, and other organs.

We offer a high level of comfort during treatment and rehabilitation abroad. You will note this fact, both in the clinic and in the institutions of sanatorium recovery, if you decide to undergo rehabilitation in one of the resorts on the shore of the Dead Sea.

On what parameters clinic for oncology treatment is selected

Since Cancer Center in Israel has not only Assuta, patients can choose at what institution they seek medical profile. The records come from several factors:

  1. The professionalism of the physician, his achievements in the field of interest, and the level name in the medical environment. As the competition between hospitals Israel is high, every one of them tries to offer its services to patients from doctors who are considered the best in the business. Assuta also offers diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of almost all well-known oncologists in Israel. In private practice clinic organized by leading physicians, many of which are headed by oncology departments in other medical institutions (hospitals).
  2. Equipping the medical center. Due to the previously mentioned competition, the technical component of oncology clinics is high. However, only large private centers can afford to buy the latest news and hardware systems for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Assuta Hospital is equipped with advanced equipment to the fullest. This laser, robotic, radiation equipment and much more. Through this therapy the patients takes place in a comfortable environment and a favorable result. In addition, equipping the recovery department of the chambers, the hotel complex allows for rehabilitation at an accelerated rate, with a high level of comfort.
  3. The absence of language barriers. Most of the medical staff knows Russian language and communicate with patients from Russian-speaking countries on an equal footing. This ensures that the patient's psychological stability, not disturbing because of a misunderstanding of what is happening. If the doctor does not speak Russian, patient care is provided in the translation and adaptation of not only Dr. speech, but also received at the hands of the documents.

Cancer Treatment in Israel Assuta Hospital offers oncologists world-class experts. It employs more than 30 specialists, heads of health care facilities department, centers, departments and institutes of oncology practice. It physicians, surgeons, radiologists, and other specialties chemotherapists doctors.

Assuta among doctors: Professor Ofer Spielberg, Baruch Klein, Ella Naparstek. Famous in the whole world department radiosurgery, which uses new techniques of care to cancer patients (IGRT, IMRT, SBNT). Oncology Institute Assuta actively engaged in scientific and research activities with educational institutions and medical clinics, the purpose of which is to develop new drugs and therapies.

Department of radiotherapy and radiosurgery

This Assuta Hospital department implemented an effective treatment regimen of cancer pathologies. It is headed by Dr. Svetlana Zalmanova - the expert of the international class. The department practiced a holistic approach, in which the combined efforts of physicians and allied health professions to achieve a better result. Schemes and protocols are strictly personal. The institution of physicians: Daphne Levin, Avi Hefetz, Rafael Feffer and others.

Onkokliniki studying in Israel, it is difficult to find the same level of equipment comparable to Assuta. In the hospital operating a linear accelerator, the speed of which exceeds the known analogs of irradiation 4 times. Accuracy focus its beam is breaking all records, which allows processing of tumors without harming healthy surrounding tissue even slozhnodostupnyh places. Procurement cost of such equipment is more than 7 million. Dollars, so let this equipment can afford not every clinic.

In the accelerator there is another feature - its beam can easily penetrate to great depths, leaving no chance of the cancer cells remain in the periphery of the treatment area, and save anomalous activity that must be stopped. This technology complies with another valuable exposure standard - malignant neoplasm being destroyed from within. Previous treatments per tumor exposed from the surface layers, often without affecting the underlying layers of modified tissue pathology.

The equipment is equipped with video sensors system that allows you to track the position in which the patient and provide control over the healing process. If a person's body position at the time of the procedure varies, machinery shut down to wayward goal ray does not cause harm to healthy tissue, capturing them in their processing area.

Appliances fitted with tomography and X-rays, creating a zone of influence scaling up to the smallest detail. It is the patient during the procedure, improving comfort. A striking example - treatment of one of the areas of the brain. In earlier times in radiation exposure at the tumor, had to put on a sick person a mask of metal with a high weight, which caused inconvenience for the patient.

Thanks to modern equipment was replaced with a metal plastic, that practically does not create discomfort during the procedure. Moreover, the results of processing by means of a linear accelerator striking - the percentage of full recovery after sessions close to 90 out of 100. Previously, such results to oncology practice is not reached.

Use new equipment in radiosurgery. With it removed tumor and metastases in tissues. Conducts Oncocenter procedure in Israel once again the session is not required, since the extraction of primary tumor is completely removed and blocked cellular activity, generating further growth of the affected structures pathology. This innovation has become a good alternative to traditional surgery.

Additional and significant advantage of the new approach - during the operation of the linear accelerator, there is no pain, so does not require any anesthesia. This is especially valuable if the patient is intolerant of anesthetic drugs. Assuta - oncological clinic in Israel, the highest category, there are processing any authority at any stage.

No less well equipped and the other branch clinics. In the center of hematology blood cancers, for example, are treated with the help of genetic engineering and development of immunological drugs of the last generation. Here to help children and adults to get rid of the terrible signs and consequences of cancer in the body. Assuta applied in cryosurgery, heat treatment, Robot da Vinci for minimally invasive operations.

Organization of treatment in the oncology center of Israel - Assuta

We offer services in the leading clinics of the country at an affordable price in the shortest time. Turning to us, you get:

  1. Modern high-precision diagnosis of the disease with new renderers.
  2. Effective treatment of the following directions: classical and radiosurgery, chemotherapy, radiation exposure, and so forth.
  3. Personal support patients during their stay in the medical facility - from consultation to discharge. oncology treatment in an Israeli hospital is held under the strict supervision of our doctors. The patient can only carefully follow the recommended procedures and schedule of doctors taking the drugs in order to achieve the best result.

In addition to the program of correction of the disease you get carefully painted with a plan of rehabilitation and recovery, so that you in the short term return to normal life.

Cancer clinics in Israel - the price of the procedure

To learn more about the private oncology practice in Israel, the cost of the procedures, please call us. Do not rely on random numbers on the Internet. Each clinical case is unique, so the protocol of diagnosis and therapy designed individually for each patient has addressed to us. Approximate cost of the procedures:

  1. Oncologist Consultation - $ 600
  2. Mammography and ultrasound - $ 485
  3. Gastroscopy - 1080 $
  4. Biochemical analysis of blood - 280 $
  5. Revision of pathology - $ 680
  6. Biopsy - $ 610
  7. PET-CT - 1670 $

To find out the price of the operation, for the treatment of prostate cancer, blood and other organs, drop us an email, attach the existing survey documents. We will promptly contact you, we will recommend specialists in your profile, calculated the amount of services rendered by the clinic. Working through the conclusion of a formal contract, we will observe its commitments, protecting the patient's risks.


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