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The best clinics of Israel Oncology

The best clinics of Israel OncologyPut aside the usual association with the word "hospital" when it came to Assuta Hospital. Considering Israel's best clinics of Oncology, you are bound to aktsentiruete it their attention. The largest private center holds a leading position in an environment of medical institutions in the country and the world. Accommodations here can rightly be compared with the excellent five-star hotel.

Infrastructure features and equipment of hospitals are on top. All this is complemented by highly skilled doctors and advanced technologies used in the work. Scientific laboratories Assuta cooperate with leading clinics and institutes in Europe. new drug formulas, innovative equipment, methods of diagnosis and therapy, patient rehabilitation program developed here annually. hospital departments are high-quality medical services to the highest standards of providing medical care.

Surgery in the best clinics of Israel Assuta Oncology

In Assuta highest level of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Here operates one of the largest cancer institutes in the world. To determine the pathological changes of cancer in the body are used advanced tools and laboratory tests. These include imaging, endoscopy, ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, biopsy, cytology, detection markers, and more. Do not miss the leadership position is difficult because the clinic is applied between a high level of competition. Assuta In such a situation is impossible. Best Israeli clinic for oncology can afford to buy the latest generation of equipment. Equipment operating here, presented in the best medical institutions in America and Europe. Its level is very high. Assuta prices in one of the most democratic. This explains the popularity of the hospital among the natives and foreign visitors.

In the treatment of malignant tumors such methods: surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and more-heat. Surgery is the best cancer center in Israel is carried out using electrocautery, scalpels, cryodestruction, a laser beam, using them as an independent method, with 1 and 2 stages of malignant process. At this stage, the Israeli doctors to easily prevent abnormal changes without giving them a chance to cause irreparable harm to the body. When it comes to the 3rd and 4th stage of cancer, the treatment protocol is being developed taking into account the external factors of the best oncologist. Here successfully overcome any disease, to maximize the quality of life of patients. The professionalism of the doctors and new equipment allows in most cases to provide treatment without the pain and discomfort, without causing inconvenience.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the best oncology clinic Israel

The Assuta irradiation course is conducted remotely and in direct contact with the tumor. To do this, use the new equipment. The flow of ionizing radiation affects the tumor without affecting healthy tissue. This stops the cells from dividing abnormally fast, blocking the growth of the pathology. On average, radiation therapy lasts for 5 days with 2 breaks. Duration of the program up to 5 courses of this treatment. Each patient is treated individually. Before starting EBRT held precision CT that indicates the boundary of the tumor. This makes it possible to customize the installation so that the stuffing radiation occurs only in abnormal tissue. Equipment used in Assuta, often can not afford other oncological hospitals in Israel, although many medical centers aspire to that level.

In Assuta successfully applied IGRT technology in which the tumor is visualized using magnetic resonance imaging and other new methods of diagnosis. If you want to place the source of radiation in the vicinity of tumors, brachytherapy is used. The advantage to a small supply of the radiation affects only the tumor cells. However, brachytherapy is often used together with a conventional exposure to a larger and speedy effect after surgery. The goal - the complete destruction of the cancer activity in the body. The methods of treatment include gentle and IMRT. Its advantage is the possibility to adjust the intensity of radiation directly into the session. It uses the best radiation oncology clinics in Israel for the treatment of cancer :

  • brain;
  • stomach and pancreas;
  • breast;
  • liver;
  • thyroid gland;
  • cervical, ovarian, and other organs.

Our company is the official representative of the hospital ( and is part of the Israeli Association of Medical Tourism Companies ( newfiles / UNIMS-ISMTA_member.pdf). We offer hospital services directly, without undue markups and tariffs. Having signed a contract with us, you will get a treat organization as soon as possible (significantly reduce the time spent, in comparison with the direct appeal) at a price provided directly by the international department of the clinic.

Chemotherapy Assuta uses new technology introduction of anticancer drugs. A striking example - administering the dosage of the formula directly into a tumor necrosis purpose of atypical cells. Chemoembolization is applied when the artery feeding the tumor are administered microspheres with cytostatics. Thanks to the method of blocked blood vessels, the effect of damaging agents. Chemotherapy in Israel - Guaranteed results and minimal side effects.

As the price of Assuta services, it should be noted that identical situations can not be two people, and each is unique clinical picture. Phoned us and get answers to their questions. Mail us your documents confirming examination and the patient's condition to get the approximate calculation of the amount to the services of the clinic for diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation. If you are interested in consulting leading oncologist of Israel, we organize Skype broadcast, during which you will get a world-class expert opinion. This is important before taking decisions on the choice of treatment options and obtain forecasts according to the severity of the disease.

We value the reputation and Sway are proud that with our help, Cancer Hospital in Israel is getting closer to people who applied to us. Stories of healing, gratitude, and reviews in our portfolio - the best proof of flawless years of practice:

"When lying in Assuta, the impression that I got on some spaceship. So weird looks all the equipment that doctors use to diagnose and treat cancer. Addressed to the official coordinator with 2 degrees of breast cancer and the great fear for his life. Until now, I admire how quickly I was able to reassure and configure recovery. And grateful to my doctors, with whom fate brought me in the walls Assuta. 2 years after the operation, I can say that it is healthy. And I want to catch a lot in my life, because I like her immensely. Elena, 39 years. "


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