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Leukemia treatment in Israel

Today, the treatment of leukemia in Israel - not newfangled trend and the vital need for people who want to regain health. Leukemia - a group of cancers, the origin of which originates in the leukocytes - white blood cells formed in the internal structures of spongy bone (bone marrow). Working with rare forms of blood diseases, physicians of the clinic Assuta successfully corrected the consequences of leukemia and other benign and malignant hematological disorders.

We offer modern protocols of chemotherapy, transplantation of bone marrow and blood for our patients, as well as other treatments to provide the best results for cancer patients.

Our goal - to improve the survival and quality of life of patients. Now we are available for residents of Russia and CIS countries. For treatment in Israel, the cost is much lower than in European clinics. However, the quality of service is at the highest level, the provision of a health care professional. Call to get an answer to your concerns.

Leukemia - the disease etiology

White cells help fight infection, red blood cells help transport oxygen throughout the body, and platelets are important for blood clots. Most white blood cells live only a few hours or days. They are constantly being replaced by new cells, the old die. Leukemia occurs when the genetic material (DNA) of white blood cells is damaged or changed. These cells are subsequently not reach maturity peak, do not become fully functional. As immature reproductive structures of the bone marrow is suppressed, violated the normal formation of its components.

Doctors classify leukemia into types. The division is based on what kind of leukocytes involved in pathological processes - lymphocytes or myeloid cells and on the speed of disease development - rapid (acute leukemia) or slow (chronic).

Assuta clinic Experts use various tests for diagnosing, determining the type of disease. Carefully organized screening reveals anomalies in the behavior of cells and set the number of the various components of the blood, bone marrow transformation. Construct leukemia treatment in Israel using such therapies as chemistry, immunotherapy, bone marrow transplantation / hematopoietic stem cells. Patients can participate in a clinical trial of new techniques and drugs even before the treatment will be approved at the international level.

Classification of types of leukemia

Lymphocytic leukemiadevelops from T-lymphocytes, B-cells or white blood cells natural killer cells. Each of them plays a role in the body's immune system. Some produce antibodies, others fight infections, and some redirect the immune cells to destroy foreign agents. Myeloid leukemias develop from white blood cells granulocytes and monocytes. The first received the name of the packed enzyme granules are contained within. They secrete the enzyme, when faced with the invasion of bacteria or fungi. The monocytes become macrophages engulf and destroy these agents.

In acute leukemia, the malignant cells (blasts) are immature and unable to perform its functions. Chronic leukemias develop into more mature cell structures that can perform a functional, but not at full strength. 4 common types of the disease in adults, the most frequent AML and CLL. Pediatric oncology often allocates ALL (85% of childhood diseases) and AML (15%).

disease symptoms

Learn about what the patient needs treatment of leukemia, tests to help. However, the suspect unfavorable health condition can be on general grounds. Symptoms of acute leukemia usually occur suddenly, are often similar to the symptoms of flu or a viral infection. They can be severe enough that prompts patients to seek immediate medical attention.

With the development of chronic disease symptoms of the disease may not occur for several years. CLL and CML are often found during routine blood tests. Despite this, as the number of affected cells, they migrate to the bone marrow, causing serious health problems:

  • Anemia.
  • Bruising of the skin.
  • Bleeding due to low levels of platelets (components having critical for blood clotting, wound healing).
  • Infections caused by low levels of white blood cells.
  • Fever, night sweats, unintentional weight loss, fatigue.

Leukemic cells can invade the liver, lymph nodes and other organs, causing discomfort or dysfunction. These symptoms do not necessarily associated with the development of cancer of the blood. Importance has competent diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Risk factors

The main risk factor for leukemia - the impact of excess levels of radiation activity. In addition, to the instigators of the disease include:

  • Smoking - cigarettes contain dozens of cancer-causing chemicals. About 20% of cancer is due to tobacco addiction.
  • Radiation therapy or chemotherapy in the past - these treatments can cause mutations or changes in the DNA of cells, which can then lead to cancer.
  • Myelodysplastic Syndromes - about a third of patients with leukemia have a history of these disorders of the bone marrow.
  • Rare genetic disorders - people with Down's syndrome, Bloom, Fanconi anemia have a predisposition to leukemia.
  • Family history - if the treatment of leukemia relatives held in Israel or in other countries, there is a high probability that the leukemia therapy need close first-line patients (hazard risk is 2-4 times higher).

Many people with one or more factors in this list will never get sick with leukemia. However, increased attention to them to show it's worth to their own health.

Diagnosis leukemia in clinic Assuta

The medical complex Assuta being staged most accurate prediction at the time of admission. This makes it possible to develop effective recommendations to establish what will be the treatment of leukemia in Israel cost depending on the state of correction methods. We regularly check patients for a large group of genetic mutations, which are found in a wide range of leukemias.

Experts clinic performed a plurality of tests for the diagnosis of leukemia, to determine its type and subtype. This screen allows you to detect anomalies:

  • Cytogenetic studies - help detect chromosomal changes in cells.
  • Immunohistochemistry - the use of specialized antibodies to detect various types of cancer cells.
  • Flow cytometry - cell includes passing the laser beam for analysis.
  • Molecular genetic studies - highly sensitive analyzes of DNA and RNA to identify specific genetic traits atypical structures.

In conducting these tests, blood samples were collected by doctors and altered tissue. There are several procedures for the collection of materials. Blood tests can show whether the number of components of the composition in the normal range. Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy helps determine the number of immature cell structures (blasts) in the bone marrow. The doctor performs a biopsy by inserting a hollow needle into the femoral bone to remove a small amount of material for study. The aspiration of a small sample of output via syringe. If the diagnostician is diseased cells, it produces a lumbar puncture to confirm the presence or absence of abnormal cells in the cerebrospinal fluid.

For the treatment of leukemia prices are inclusive of all diagnostic procedures. In addition, the screening includes imaging techniques: chest X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET-CT to identify affected if changes in the bones or organs (kidneys, brain, lymph nodes). The physical examination is an important part of the diagnosis. The doctor produces palpation, checking the lymph nodes, spleen and liver tissue to detect swelling.

Innovation and traditional schemes in treating leukemia in Israel

The clinic Assuta you get a personalized treatment based on genetic information about your type of cancer pathology. complex, experts are constantly testing new ways to combat leukemia. This means that our patients have access to clinical trials of new protocols that are not available in other hospitals.

Used in clinical bone marrow transplantation program has one of the highest survival rates in the world. Treated patients leave positive feedback, noting the involvement of hospital staff to patients problems, providing support to patients and their family members, care, attention and understanding of the complexities that arise in the process of correction of abnormalities.

ALL - therapies

Standard approaches to treatment - chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. Pre-treatment includes induction, intensification, consolidation and maintenance. Among the drugs Imatinib, Dasatinib, Nilotinib in combination with other medicines chemistry. Assuta Hospital doctors have experience in the prevention and control of the state through the appointment of chemotherapy directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord - intrathecal chemistry.

Patients can receive high-dose systemic chemotherapy or cranial irradiation, in order to prevent the spread of cancer to the central nervous system. New combinations of chemotherapy, based on innovative therapies developed for pediatric patients, potentially more effective than previously existed. The encouraging results provide immunotherapy and targeted interventions aimed at mutable genes.

AML treatment

Treatment is based on the phases of induction of remission and postterapii. Among the standard preparations cytarabine, daunorubicin, idarubicin and other medicinal formulas. Some patients are advised by autologous transplant. Targeted methods are based on the results of clinical trials aimed at specific gene mutations and chromosomal abnormalities. This gene FLT3, IDH1, IDH2. Therapy has fewer side effects.

Monoclonal antibodies are used for targeting antigens. They can kill tumor cells by stimulating the normal functioning of the immune system to block the survival mechanisms of atypical structures. They serve as vehicles for the delivery of radioactive substances, chemical or toxins into the cancer cells. Furthermore, use of vaccines of protein fragments (peptides) to invoke an immune response.

treatment of CLL

The latest used combination chemotherapy. Sometimes applied localized radiation therapy that destroys cancer cells, as palliative therapy to control the enlarged lymph nodes and spleen. Appointed by stem cell transplantation, immunotherapy and new drugs, including Ibrutinib, idelalisib and other formulas.

treatment of CML

On par with standard regimens used innovative approaches based on the examination results of clinical trials. Here it refers target therapy with different doses and time of use of such medicinal formulas as Imatinib, Dasatinib, Nilotinib. Creating new options for blocking the mutated gene BCR / ABL. After stem cell transplantation in relapsed carried reinfusion certain types of leukocytes, which increases the strength of the body to fight against cancer.

Leukemia Treatment in Israel - cost, real doctors

Determine what to treatment of leukemia in the price Israel is possible only after careful consideration of the clinical picture of the patient. Much depends on the stage form of the disease, diagnosis and therapy plan. The average cost procedure in the following amount:

  1. oncohematology Consultation - $ 600.
  2. Total blood count - $ 250.
  3. Biochemistry - 270 dollars.
  4. PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  5. Biopsy limfouzla- 2400 dollars.
  6. Chemotherapy - 1080 dollars. (One session). Medications 350 dollars.
  7. Targeted therapy - 4800 dollars.
  8. Radiation Treatment - 140 dollars.
  9. Immunological effects - in 2300 dollars.
  10. Bone marrow transplantation with a related donor - 150 tysyach fraction.
  11. Bone marrow transplantation with an unrelated donor - 196 tysyach fraction.

Among the best specialists in the clinic to treatment of leukemia patients in Israel reviews focus attention on the following experts:

Dr. Kirchner ilya - hemato-oncology, successful The known treatment protocols The lymphoma, anemia, myeloma. It applies the latest diagnostic methods, targeted therapy, monoclonal treatment, bone marrow transplantation and immunostimulation.

Dr. Naparstek Ella - hematologist, an expert in the field of bone marrow transplantation, a supporter of immunotherapies for the treatment of leukemia.

Ofer Spielberg Professor - is convenient fluent in the Methods of correction of blood Diseases adults and children. practices stem cell transplantation, radiation exposure True Beam.

Dr. Odelia gur - the one's of Israel: best cancer hematologists. He is fluent in the methods of molecular targeted therapy. It is taken for treatment of complex cancer cases, blood losses, consistently achieving excellent results.

Examine the patient reviews on the treatment of leukemia in Israel to make an informed decision about sending abroad:

Natalia, 48 years old. Moscow

"Drove his son to Assuta treat cancer of the blood. Before diagnosed, it is often tired, complained of fatigue, pain in the ears, neck. At first, we put a banal otitis media in Moscow. But the situation with antibiotic treatment did not improve, so go for border. passed all the tests, received a terrifying result. We were assigned chemotherapy with dasatinib, overwhelming the Philadelphia chromosome. It worked. Later survived transplantation. grateful to doctors clinic for assistance. We believe in the good. "

Igor, 39 years old

"In Israel, gave hope for life. In Tomsk I was refused the treatment of cancer, so looking for any way. It was agreed in the Assuta. It has been two years since I was treated. The indicators are normal. I want to and I will live. Professor Ofer thank you! ".


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