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lymphoma treatment in Israel

Lymphoma - a general term for cancer of the lymphatic system. It is part of the body's immune system is made up of a complex network of lymph organs including the bone marrow, thymus and spleen. Faced with the terrible disease, the Russian-speaking patients choose the treatment of lymphoma in Israel, since the level of medicine in the clinical setting of the country makes it possible to stop the disease, restore health and strength.

Assuta Hospital (Assuta) - a leading private hospital in the Middle East. Treatment of cancer patients with lesions of the lymphatic system here gives a successful result in 90% of cases. Especially effective treatment in the early stages of cancer, however, and in the running - oncology is well adjusted. This makes it possible to improve the quality of life, return to the normal functionality of organs and systems.

The advantage of lymphoma treatment in Israel

Dignity therapy of oncological diseases in the clinic Assuta obvious. Among the main advantages experts have identified:

  1. High professionalism of the medical staff. Professors, doctors and average staff undergo training in the leading educational institutions in the world. Internship in the best clinics in Europe and Asia - a great opportunity to learn effective therapeutic approaches that combine authoring technology with traditional techniques.
  2. Private clinics financing allows to buy the latest models of equipment. The cost of many systems is measured in millions of dollars. The first to appear robotic Assuta, stereotactic, navigation, imaging systems.
  3. Scientific work and cooperation with higher education institutions allows for continuous training of physicians, learn from the successful experience of cancer treatment during his preparation for professional activities.
  4. The presence of JCI quality seal is a recognition of the work of the hospital at the international level, confirming the safety and effectiveness of services provided.
  5. Patients are free to choose from any doctor treated and observed. Visiting State of Israel turns on the light and the world of medicine.
  6. Developed infrastructure of hotel services in the clinic, where comfort and convenience are designed for patients and their accompanying persons. RELAX Hotel Assuta could easily compete with the leading five-star hotels HoReCa industry.

Working more than 10 years in the market of medical services of high quality, being an effective member of the Association of Medical Tourism Israel companies, every day we help patients from Russia and the former Soviet Union countries to find health at affordable prices. We carefully observe the interests of our clients at all stages of the service in the hospital. Turning to us, you get the opportunity to undergo diagnosis and treatment in Israel in a short time, from the best doctors.

All of lymphoma

The work of the lymphatic system is based on the circulation of fluid (lymph) in the body, which carries nutrients, and helps to filter out toxins and waste products, building a strong capability of resistance of bacteria, viruses and other disease agents.

Lymphoma - a few dozen types of cancer. Broadly speaking the disease is classified as:

Hodgkin's Lymphoma (HL)

Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL)

It occurs when white blood cells ( Bed and lymphocytes) are beginning to grow and divide abnormally. This Reed-Sternberg cells containing more than one nucleus.

It occurs when a Bed and - or T -cells are abnormal impetus to the development. NHL is classified into the following subgroups:

  • Low-grade cancers that develop over many years. This type of cancer is considered a chronic, treatable, but often relapse.
  • Aggressive cancer - intermediate class - a tumor grows quickly, within a few months, it is treatable and potentially correctable.
  • Beyond aggressive cancer - high grade, the tumor develops in a few weeks. Curable, often requires the use of chemicals.

The lymphatic system consists of nodes interconnected by a network of blood vessels throughout the body. lymphatic cancer can begin in almost any part of the body.

types of lymphoma

There are dozens of types of lymphoma that have common features, but treated and react to treatment differently. The most common:

Diffuse B -kletochnaya lymphoma

The most common type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. A fast-growing cancer, which tends to start in the lymph nodes of the upper body (chest, neck, abdomen. Armpits).

follicular lymphoma

The second most common type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It affects lymph nodes throughout the body, bone marrow. It is a slow growing tumor, may eventually be transformed into an aggressive cancer.

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

Pathology manifests itself on the skin rash, severe itching, dryness of the dermis, enlarged lymph nodes. Often manifested mycosis, Sezary syndrome.

Small lymphocytic lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

The same disease that occur in different parts of the body. MLL cells normally found in the lymph nodes, and CLL cells - in the blood and bone marrow.

AIDS-related lymphoma

Develops in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Burkitt's lymphoma

One of the fastest growing cancer processes, affecting both adults and children. Most often associated with viral infection, Epstein-Barr virus.

risk groups

Risk factors for the development of malignancy in the body of experts consider the following assumptions:

Immune system problems.

Transferred last treatment chemistry and radiation.

Elderly age.

Infectious processes - the herpes virus, chlamydia, hepatitis C.

The gender aspect - the men get sick more often than women.

Family history.

Nationality - Caucasians are more prone to disease.

Obesity, overweight.

Learn about the treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma in Israel you can in the corresponding article. As for the NHL, the number of people diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has doubled over the past 20 years. NHL is the fifth most common malignant cancerous lesions in men, the sixth in women. In this case, in men the incidence is 39% higher.

Diagnostics - the first step in the treatment of lymphoma in Israel

lymphoma treatment in Israel, the pricesLymphoma - a large group of cancers have similar signs. Since each patient's disease appears in its own way, to get an accurate diagnosis - a difficult part of the treatment. The differences between the tumors of lymphoma are specific and not always clearly expressed. Since lymphoma parasite on the immune system cells, it can be difficult to distinguish from infection.

It begins treatment of lymphoma in Israel with advanced diagnostic technologies. This powerful combination of highly skilled doctors, a lot of experience with the disease of a similar structure, the new equipment. Lymphoma is diagnosed by biopsy, which is based on the withdrawal of a small sample of the affected tissue or the entire lymph node, later studied by a pathologist under a microscope. Is performed with a needle biopsy or by surgical excision. The fabric is tested to determine:

  • type of abnormal cells;
  • Changing the size of the structures;
  • the degree of aggressiveness of the tumor;
  • markers on the surface of lymphoma cells.

The complex of tests to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Perform other tests to help identify the place of localization of cancer processes, the stage of disease:

  • Tests display (visualization): CT, PET and MRI scans.
  • Bone marrow examination.

These tests are used in the stage of diagnosis, but are appointed and to test the body's reactions to the therapeutic effects.

stage lymphoma

When lymphoma detected at an early stage, it is contained within the one or more lymph nodes. In the later stages of the cancer cells spread beyond the lymphatic system to the organs: the liver, skin, brain, bones, and other tissues. Oncology to classify as follows:

  • I Step I - defeat one zone of lymph nodes (one side neck, axilla);
  • Stage II - two or more zones on one side of the diaphragm (above or below the central chamber);
  • III stadiya- struck lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm;
  • Stage IV - a widespread disease, which appeared beyond the lymphatic system.

Each stage manifests itself in different symptoms, but found and asymptomatic disease.

lymphoma treatment in Israel

The cost of treating lymphoma in IsraelAssuta Hospital offers cutting-edge therapies to help their patients live a long, healthy, devoid of life of cancer. Doctors successfully combine traditional approaches with the author's technique, achieving good results.

combined treatment

Common method - combination chemotherapy. Often in conjunction with it are radiation, Targeted and immune therapy. This increases the success rate of procedures. Therapeutic protocol is based on data about a particular clinical picture of the disease, including information on the blocks:

  • type of lymphoma;
  • stage disease category;
  • response to a preliminary processing;
  • the primacy of the occurrence or recurrence;
  • general condition of cancer patients.

The only goal to which doctors are moving - to improve the chances of healing by providing low toxicity, minimal side effects.

Stem cell transplantation

For patients with relapsed aggressive lymphoma and transplantation - a good treatment option. Assuta is a recognized leader in the Middle East in the development of standards for transplantation to improve the long-term results.

Treatment of lymphoma, AIDS-related

Assuta is considered one of the world leaders in the use of stem cell transplantation for the treatment of patients with lymphoma, HIV or AIDS appears in someone's history. Applied a new form of gene therapy is to achieve long-term conservation counter agents.


The method uses drugs to treat lymphoma, to kill cancer cells or stop the processes of their development. Patients with advanced forms of cancer receive a combination of drugs and medicines to neutralize the adverse effects. In this case, for the treatment of lymphoma, prices are lower than in European hospitals by 30-40%, saving the budget, without compromising quality of care.


The method of motivation of the immune system to act against cancer cells. Immune cells patrol the body in search of disease and cancerous structures often find a way to avoid or suppress them. The Assuta used drugs that produce a specific response to the cancer - makes the damaged cells visible to the immune system. Clinical trials have shown significant achievements in the field of cell therapy CAR-T, resulting in complete or partial remission.

targeted therapy

Assuta Hospital is using new technology to detect genetic vulnerability in cancer cells and use drugs to stop their growth. Knowing how tumors behave and respond to different treatments, the doctor creates an efficient protocol for targeted therapy - to prescribe medication, works perfectly with this type of cancer. These include monoclonal antibodies.


Radiation therapy, which is conducted with the help of lymphoma treatment in Israel, kills cancerous pathology, reducing swelling. The Assuta new technologies. With it stored healthy tissue surrounding the anomaly. One method - delivery of focused radiation to affect the bone marrow. For each patient, the treatment protocol is individually designed to provide minimal side effects detrimental influencing cancer.

The cost of treating lymphoma in Israel, patient reviews

For the treatment of lymphoma in Israel are democratic prices. In this case, much depends on the level of the physician, under the supervision of that therapy you go from a set of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures. The cost of servicing the official quotation formed Clinics:

  1. consult a doctor - oncologist - $ 600.
  2. Blood tests, urine with a comprehensive formula - 80-280 dollars.
  3. PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  4. Revision - 610 dollars.

Diagnostics completes the last doctor's appointment and his appointment of treatment. Depending on the outcome of treatment is prescribed:

  1. Chemotherapy - 1080 dollars.
  2. Drugs for chemotherapy - 360 dollars.
  3. Removal of lymph node enlargement - 6850 dollars.
  4. Stem cell transplantation - 99 000 dollars.

Turning to us, you will get a preliminary calculation of the diagnostic procedures, the cost of treating lymphoma in Israel, depending on the treatment options. Patient testimonials confirm the high class treatment at Assuta hospitals network. Check out the history of the patient to ensure the correctness of the choice:

"Having begun his studies at the institute, I was faced with a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma. It has been treated in Moscow, and after 18 months the disease came back. I needed a stem cell transplant, and I went to Israel, Assuta hospital. When I came to the reception to my doctor, I again felt like a man. Full bruised feeling is gone. So much cordiality, humor, support, I have not experienced in a hospital ever again. This is not only to cure the cancer, but also created a powerful emotional shield, by which I no longer feel like an outcast, the terminally ill person. rear Camping Interests, desires, hopes, patient. I spent a week in the hospital, survived transplantation. Today, I graduated from college, I live my life, happy every day. Thank you so much! Maxim ".


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