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Oncology Treatment in Israel

Today, more and more experts argued that the treatment of cancer in Israel ensures preservation of health. Contributes to obtaining such findings statistics according to which not save lives of patients after treatment in 98% of cases. The simple truth - the sooner the patient went to the doctor, the more successful is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation of patients. But much depends on the quality of care. In Israel, the effectiveness of the therapeutic process is based on:

  • On the use of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
  • On application of new materials of medicines.
  • On the development of author's techniques, individual methods of rehabilitation therapy on the basis of which an integrated approach is based correction cancer pathologies.
  • On the professionalism of the medical staff of clinics, skilled attending and consulting physicians.

Treatment in Israel prefers growing Russian and CIS medical tourists. Every year here is sent over 30 000 patients with cancer in Russia.

The clinic Assuta oncology treatment in Israel always effective. Here there are no insurmountable problems. The five-year survival prognosis appear credible figures. At stages I and II cure is achieved in 80-90% of cases of treatment. III and IV stages of cancer treatment in Israel can significantly improve quality of life and prolong the days of heavy patients as long as possible.

Psychologists say - the news of the cancer, learn to accept illness. This will allow you not to waste power, and concentrate energy on healing. But alone it is impossible to achieve recovery. We need the help of professionals. Having decided to go to Israel, you make the right choice on the way to the implementation of this goal.

Oncology Treatment in Israel

Assuta Hospitaloncology treatment in Israel offers at affordable prices. The medical establishment has a multidisciplinary laboratory, where all kinds of studies are carried out on a daily basis. In the country's largest hospital employs highly qualified doctors composition, which account for thousands of lives saved. Science clinics Center conducts research in the study of tumor markers, genetic mutations and other signs of early detection of cancers. In practice uses traditional and new methods of treatment of diseases.

Oncology Treatment in Israel - more about gene mutations

According to Israeli experts, the tumor - the result of a genetic mutation in the body. Genetic failure leads to the degeneration of healthy cells in atypical that a person's immune system is not able to identify yourself, since it is not perceived as foreign agents. This becomes the reason that cancer is spreading rapidly, localization of the tumor disperse to nearby tissues and organs, and the body appear metastases that complicate treatment.

Oncology in the country being studied from all sides. This contributes to finding new treatments. Pathology is expressed in a variety of types and forms. This carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma, glioma, teratoma, and leukemia. Each type of cancer has its place of localization in tissues.

Gender aspect in the formation of cancer

Scientists have proved that the kind of cancer pathology depends on the gender of the person. So, Oncology treatment in Israel in percentage terms as follows:

  • The first place in men takes lung cancer (27%), women's breast cancer (25%).
  • Runner prostate cancer (18%) and cervical cancer (17%) - according to the above aspect of the gender.
  • Closes the three skin cancers in the stronger sex (16%) and colon cancer (12%) in the weak half of humanity.

Other types of cancer are inferior in the number of patients under treatment in a clinic. If the appeal to the health center is overextended nature likely to develop metastases in organs. When advanced forms of the disease are located metastases in the lymph nodes, liver, lungs, spinal structure and bone.

Cancer Treatment - how to detect cancer

oncology in IsraelIn Russian clinics to detect cancer at an early stage it is not always possible due to lack of profile equipment and methods to detect dangerous pathology for discoverable abroad. Among the diagnostic procedures that precede the treatment in Israel, noted:

  • Methods of visual identification of pathology examination, specialized professionals.
  • Smears, blood tests for the detection of tumor markers
  • Mammography, PET-CT, ultrasound.
  • Complete blood count, biochemical research.
  • Biopsy - fence material structure of the tumor.
  • Cytology, histology, audit biopsy.

Oncology revealed in Israeli hospitals and its innovative method of rapid diagnosis of the patient's blood. Opening companies Savicell was the impetus for the study of the immunological status of the cells. As the first in the development of cancer pathology responding immune cells, specially organized study to determine the cancer in its early stages.

Innovation in the treatment of cancer in Israel

Today at Assuta treat oncology in this country go even experts healthcare industry. by world standards medicine in Israel is available, and the number of innovative developments in the field of detection and treatment of disease, is breathtaking. Since the research financed by the public purse and the money allocated in serious volumes, lack of discoveries there. Among the most recent achievements are marked:

  • Capsule Silencessed - dosage formula, aimed at the treatment of pancreatic cancer. In the creation of genetic engineering methods were used. Doctors sewed a special capsule in the cavity of the affected organ, which is left to cure for three consecutive months. During this period of healing substances extracted capsule into the tissue and kills cancer cells. Devastating impact on atypical structure does not harm healthy tissue.
  • Spinal surgery using the method NLT-spine - a technique constructive medicine directed at the implant through small incisions, not exceeding 2.5 cm in length.
  • In addition, the treatment of cancer in Israeli hospitals supplemented by new methods of accurate selection of drugs for people who have a malfunction of the protein molecules provoked health problems.
  • Among medicinal formulas sensation produced fatty sheath for concealing an analgesic drug. This masking reduces the damage the body harm from anesthetic effect and extend the utility of up to 60 hours of continuous operation. Topical application of the shell when it is necessary to treat oncology Assuta, accompanied by severe pain.

To the existing tools for the treatment of oncology added a new in Israeli hospitals. Scientists have invented an ultrasonic scalpel Bonescalpel, which cuts the bones without damaging the soft tissue located near, blood vessels and tendons without difficulty. The bone is cut with a scalpel without damage to the spinal cord.

Another innovation used in the conduct of Israeli operations, the unit became the O-ARM, based on the X-ray high precision robotic installation steps. Through innovative hardware doctor holding x-ray directly during surgery, which reduces the risk of erroneous actions.

This equipment generates three-dimensional model of the tumor, which simplifies control over the course of the operation. The navigation system allows you to raise cancer therapy to the next level. Without causing harmful effects on the body, the newest equipment allows us to perform complex neurosurgical intervention and other operational practices.

Innovative prostate cancer diagnosis method which is used in the treatment of cancer - percutaneous biopsy, in which during general anesthesia in a patient using the device profile, placed in the crotch, withdraw a sample of diseased tissue changes. The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that one approach the doctor takes up to 40 samples of matter. This increases the chances of early diagnosis and timely treatment. Until recently, the diagnostic tools for prostate cancer was present classic biopsy and PSA method. The fabric is withdrawn from the patient's rectum, taking control of the material is produced under the supervision of a physician ultrasound diagnosis apparatus.

More about the Less Learn benefits of indicators directory by success, Promising directions in the article " of The treatment of cancer in Israel ."

Treatment Oncology Clinic Assuta - traditional methods and new items of medicine

treat oncology in IsraelEvery year in the arsenal of foreign clinics, new methods of treatment of diseases. In Israel, on a par with conventional medicine, new treatment practices. In the classical cancer pathology correction approach is used:

  1. Surgical treatment of oncology - tumor resection with a complete excision of tumors and adjacent tissues, as well as palliative method. The second embodiment eliminates the complete removal of the tumor, implying partial excision of cancerous tissue.
  2. Chemotherapy destroys oncology through administering drugs into the bloodstream, depleting tumor. Medications block the ability to divide, overlap the delivery of nutrients to the neoplastic include atypical cells self-destruct mode. Chemistry used as the sole method of cancer treatment, and in addition to surgery and radiation. Chemotherapy is often the cause of side effects - nausea, vomiting, pain in the body, anemia, alopecia. To reduce the toxic syndrome, doctors try to treat oncology in Israel by sparing effects - via intraperitoneal, intrapleural administration of a drug, as well as through dosing in a subject close to the artery of the tumor. In addition, using a wide range of drugs and agents that reduce the potential side effects.
  3. Radiation therapy uses ionizing beam, which suppresses cancer cell viability. Used as an adjunct to other therapies.
  4. Hormone therapy Oncology in Israel is carried out when the tumor - the result of a hormonal imbalance in the body. Neoplasm responds well to changes in hormonal levels.

Among the new methods of cancer treatment in Israel popular cyber knife - Radio interference robotic system on the tumor. The method is applicable in difficult accessible areas that require high-precision impact on the focus of pathology and its boundaries. Suffice 5 sessions of therapy to the tumor was destroyed. Technology delicately handles surrounding tissue and organs, not hurting them. The use of cyber-knife does not require anesthesia - severe discomfort on stage there is no treatment. Method is used and when it is necessary to treat oncology in Israel, which gave metastases in healthy organs.

One of the newest and most effective methods of cancer treatment in Israel is a biological therapy, also known as targeted therapy, immunotherapy, it includes monoclonal antibodies, cancer growth inhibitors. These drugs are in any way affect the processes occurring in cells. For example, it is now being actively used in Israel nivolumab (melanoma and lung cancer), adestris (with Hodgkin's lymphoma, anaplastic large cell lymphoma), zelboraf (in metastatic melanoma), keytruda (melanoma).

No less popular method of radiofrequency ablation, where, due to necrosis of tissue heated die swelling. However, using such treatment oncology in Israel for all types of cancer pathologies. Effective method in lesions of liver, kidney, lung, rectum. Cancer treated in Israeli hospitals, and other methods, including brachytherapy, cryotherapy, photodynamic therapy, bisphosphonates and so forth. This choice of therapeutic techniques allows us to develop an individual treatment protocol with the choice of optimal treatment strategies in each case.

Assuta Hospital offers extensive diagnostic capabilities and treatment of the following types of cancer:

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