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Treatment of eye cancer in Israel

treatment of cancer eye in IsraelThere are several types of eye cancer, among which experts identify melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, lymphoma, and retinoblastoma. Oncology strikes the eye and surrounding tissue apple. Most often, patients come for treatment of eye cancer in Israel with melanoma. The danger is that the symptoms are not always visible to the careful examination of the organs of vision by an ophthalmologist.

Benefits of treatment of eye cancer in Israel

The clinic Assuta physicians focused on personalized patient care, so apply advanced treatment with the least impact on the body in the therapeutic process. The main task of specialists - to ensure successful treatment , keep the eyes and vision in situations where this is possible. Another tenet of the medical staff is to restore the perfect appearance of the patient after treatment.

When the diagnosis leading doctors clinics are discussing options with the patient pathology correction. They depend on the following parameters:

  • type of cancer;
  • the location and size of the tumor;
  • Oncology degree prevalence in the body (metastasis);
  • age and health of the patient.

The treatment protocol is tailored to the needs of the patient and the medical possibilities available to doctors in Israel.

At present, equipment Assuta Hospital - one of the best in the world. Qualification of doctors recognized experts in all countries. And the cost is minimal procedures. If you compare the prices for treatment in European clinics, the cost of Assuta less than an average of 40%, and the technology is not inferior and sometimes superior used in America, France, Great Britain methods.


Cancer Eye Symptomatology process includes the signs of reality distortion. When the concentration of view may appear:

  • double contours and shadows on objects;
  • flickering flashes of light;
  • spots, disturbing look at particular sites;
  • spots on the iris, whites of the eyes;
  • temporary or permanent loss of vision;
  • protrusion of the eye, the appearance of the eyelids irregularities and seals;
  • pain and discomfort, fatigue feeling appearance under ordinary conditions.

Some of the symptoms can also be found in everyday life, their presence does not necessarily indicate a developing abnormalities. Do not ignore the visit to the doctor in case of warning signs.

What is melanoma, and where does it come from?

Melanoma - a cancer that develops from melanocytes cells responsible for skin color. These cells usually develop into skin layers, but meets the pathological process in the eyes. Most eye melanomas appear in the choroid - uveal melanoma. Less commonly begins in the conjunctiva - conjunctival melanoma. Anomaly occurs when pigment-producing cells divide too quickly. At this point, there is a tumor.

Until the end it is not known what triggers ocular melanoma, but doctors distinguish a number of factors that increase the risk of developing the disease:

  • Light color eyes - people with blue, gray or green eyes higher risk of developing melanoma than the dark-eyed people.
  • White or pale skin.
  • Unusual birthmark - irregular-shaped spots or moles are very bright.
  • Solarium - there is reason to believe that UV radiation tanning increases the risk of eye melanoma.
  • Excessive sunlight - increases the likelihood of skin cancer and is a risk factor for the development of ocular melanoma.

It increases the risk of disease with age. Most cases are diagnosed in people over 50 years.

eye cancer treatment in Israel - the main methods and techniques Assuta

Treatment of eye cancer in IsraelIn the treatment of cancer are different methods used eye. the operation is considered to be one of the main ones:

  • Conserving surgery - is used to correct the tumor century, cancer, orbital or conjunctive area.
  • Iridectomy - removal of the iris (the colored part) of the eye.
  • Reconstructive surgery of the eye - experienced surgeons Assuta whenever possible restore the function of the eyes, eyesight, improve the cosmetic effect after surgery.
  • Enucleation - to treat certain types of cancer of the eye has to be removed. This is done in severe cases, with uveal melanoma or retinoblastoma.
  • Orbital exenteration - the removal of the eye, eyelid, surrounding skin, orbital muscle, fat and nerves. Sometimes it is necessary for aggressive cancers orbit or sinuses, recurrent cancer of the eyelids or the conjunctiva.


The laser uses an intense, focused beam of light to destroy the affected tissue disease. Sometimes this method is used for the treatment of uveal melanoma.

radiation therapy

  • This brachytherapy where tiny radioactive seeds are placed inside the body near the tumor. Convenient method for the treatment of uveal melanoma.
  • 3-D- conformal radiotherapy - several beams make an exact copy of the tumor. It is used for treatment of orbital tumors.
  • IMRT - therapy with the specific forms of neoplasms. It performed well method in cancer and eye orbit Century Oncology.
  • Gamma Knife - Stereotactic radiation surgery. Spot beams of radiation are used for certain types of tumor - eye orbit and tumors of the skull base.

In the treatment of eye cancer is also used proton therapy. Cryotherapy is used - extreme exposure to cold kills the cancer cells. Cryotreatment appointed in conjunction with surgery to treat melanoma conjunctive.

Conducted on the basis of the research base of clinical experiments have allowed the use of monoclonal antibodies in the fight against cancer. They work with the immune system, helping the body fight with cancer. The traditional type of treatment is considered to chemotherapy. Eye drops used in conjunction with surgery. In the treatment of uveal melanomas frequently used photodynamic therapy that combines laser or other light sources with a light-sensitive device to kill cancer cells.

Doctors and prices in Assuta

Among the Israeli doctors, well-known in Europe and Asia, effective techniques therapy of oncological diseases of the eye, said Dr. Victoria Vishnevskaya-Dai, Svetlana Zalmanov, Jacob Peer Professor Moshe Inbar and others. When you call the clinic reception are the leading doctors in the field of ophthalmology and eye oncology. Referring to Assuta, you can not worry that you will get the best treatment for adequate money.

Cost of democratic procedures. Compared with the United States, Germany, Austria and England, it is 30-50% lower. Names of doctors, leading reception and carrying out treatment at Assuta, known throughout the world. Here are treated with eye cancer in Israel, give patients hope for a favorable outcome and meet the expectations of people who have entrusted the health doctors.

Find out the exact cost of diagnosis and correction of eye cancer, you can by writing us an email with the application of analyzes and conclusions that have been given to you under the supervision of a doctor earlier. It is also necessary to send information about what kind of treatment you passed after detecting an anomaly. We will contact you within 48 hours and give a detailed answer to all questions.

On average, the diagnosis rates are distributed in the following terms:

  • Medical consultation - from $ 600;
  • Blood tests (biochemistry, expanded on tumor markers) - from $ 900;
  • Revision biopsy - 680 dollars.

Do not put off the decision for tomorrow, please write or call us today to tomorrow to go to Israel for the passage of health recovery programs.


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