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Treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel

 Treatment of cancer of the tongue in IsraelIf earlier treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel were mainly people in the age, but now experts say - the disease progresses among young people. The danger lies in asymptomatic cancer at an early stage that does not allow time to diagnose it and seek medical advice. This increases the value of preventive visits to the clinic and the annual examination by a doctor, who may notice the disease at an early stage and to refer the patient to the treatment that would save his life and improve its quality.

Benefits of treatment in Assuta

The clinic Assuta treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel is conducted in accordance with the latest achievements of medical practice. The benefits of treatment in this clinical setting are:

  1. Modern equipment of laboratories, operating rooms, medical units and wards restorative practice that allows us to achieve the best results in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The use of robotic surgery, radiation therapy with intensity modulation, treatment of affected areas of the body radiation in 3-D format.
  2. Highly qualified doctoral composition. Given that Assuta - the largest private Hospital, there are practices of leading doctors and professors in Israel. Contents of treatment can be any specialist who has attracted your attention.
  3. Direct cooperation with leading universities and own their research base allows Assuta put into practice the latest developments, technology and medicines with the best results.
  4. Program Content Language cancer treatment in Israel are developing individually, taking into account the particular clinical picture of the patient, his or her age, state of health.

Assuta Hospital specialists are trained at major hospitals in developed countries and take on its site luminaries of medical practice for the exchange of experience and demonstrate innovation.

tongue cancer - what is it?

Like all malignant pathology of head and neck cancer of the tongue is common in older men with a long history of smoking and alcohol consumption. The patient has enlarged lymph nodes in the neck. This is often correlated with the human papilloma virus, however, is not always due to them.

Among the possible causes of release:

  • Tobacco - the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco.
  • Alcohol - excessive amounts of alcohol. Double the risk of creating a simultaneous use of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Viruses - exposure to certain strains of HPV (16.18).
  • The effects of radiation in the past.
  • Genetics.
  • Some foods with modified nature.

It is still not known exactly what causes cancer of the language. This combination of genetic predisposition and environmental factors.


Manifestations of the disease depend on the location of the tumor location. Most patients are difficult to swallow, there is a foreign body sensation on the tongue. This is because the tumor is located on the way of swallowing, there may be ulceration and bleeding. The growing tumor can cause pain.

If the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, there is a feeling of "lump in the throat." Likely a sign of pathology - pain in the ear (often localized on one side). Earache unexplained origin should be alerted and can cause treatment to the doctor. Of additional symptoms should be noted discomfort with wide-open mouth, a change in diction, weight loss. But do not jump to conclusions. The patient may experience some of these symptoms, but it is not a sign of cancer of language.

Access to a doctor

Seeking treatment for tongue cancer in Israel Assuta hospital, you will be taken to a professional consultation on your profile. The doctor will carefully study the medical history, conduct examination, which revealed features of the anomaly. Apparently the following questions, which should prepare:

  • How long do you have the problem?
  • whether health condition worsens or sensations have remained unchanged?
  • Do you have any data diagnostics, carried out earlier?
  • whether the treatment was carried out, from which it consisted procedures?
  • Do you experience pain, difficulty hearing, whether the weight to lose?
  • Do you have any chronic disease, whether the transactions were in the past?
  • It is characteristic for you are allergic to drugs?
  • It has old cancer patients? and so forth.

The more information is obtained from the patient, the easier it is to build an adequate treatment plan for cancer of the tongue in Israel with copyright and traditional technologies. Be sure to bring all the reports and images from the previous diagnosis and treatment. However, re-examination upon arrival at Assuta is mandatory. This is done in an objective picture of detail (of the imported tests taken). Diagnosis of cancer patients in the clinic performed for 3-4 days, so a lot of time on it does not go away.

You will find a thorough physical examination (in the throat, tongue, neck, ears, nose, nervous system response to stimuli). Among the physical examination and laryngoscopy indirect mirror examination.

Diagnostic methods in Assuta

For smaller tumors that are easily estimated by physical examination, imaging may not be necessary. For larger tumors, located in the base of the tongue that are difficult to see, you need to pass additional tests. This can be a CT or MRI scan, to view lymph nodes applied ultrasound. PET looks at the function of cells in the body. more:

  • CT - fast X-ray scanning, which gives a lot of information on abnormalities. CT scans can be performed with contrast medium to view the surrounding area.
  • MRI - a method based on the use of magnets, allows you to obtain images inside of the neck, lymph nodes scans. MRI provides more detailed information, but to spend more and cost more time. For people with a fear of enclosed spaces used sedation.
  • PET - in conjunction with CT or MRI helps determine the location of the active cell.
  • Ultrasound of the neck - a way to look at the vessels, structures and lymph nodes in the neck and thyroid. The doctor examines the nodules in the neck, said whether there is liquid inside them and other details. Under ultrasound can perform a biopsy.
  • Chest X-ray - a quick, inexpensive and easy way to look for spread of the cancer to the lungs.

Taken by biopsy material is sent to a laboratory where the pathology histology performed and cytological analysis of withdrawn tissues.

Treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel in the clinic Assuta

For small amounts of tumor lesions and no more than one lymph node is performed radiation therapy, surgery to remove primary tumors with lymph node resection affected. Removal of the tumor is performed using termakoagulyatsii, focused ultrasound ablation, laser coagulation. It may recommend chemotherapy. With a large amount of tumors and the spread of anomalies in the surrounding tissue there are several possible options for the treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel:

  • cytostatic drugs along with radiation;
  • chemotherapy followed by radiation;
  • the use of chemotherapeutic agents, and in the subsequent radiation and chemotherapy;
  • surgery (partial or complete glossektomiya - glossectomy with subsequent restoration technique), lymph node resection, the completion rate, and radiation chemistry.

These are just a few of the possible options. Before treatment, the doctor introduces a patient with multiple treatment techniques, talking in detail about their advantages and disadvantages. When running cancer stage practice application support techniques to improve the quality of life.

Doctors and prices 

Patients receive treatment from Russian-speaking countries can have the country's leading doctors. They include Dr. Pepper Rafael, Joseph Brenner, Ella now Yair Bar, Svetlana Zalmanova. This professorial structure - Gil Ron Ilan, Dan Fleece and others. As for the cost of the procedures, in 2016 the price of the treatment of cancer of the tongue in Israel is democratic and compares favorably with European prices by 30-50%.

The preliminary cost of the diagnostic program - 3610 dollars. This amount includes consulting leading oncologist, audit biopsy, blood tests (general, for tumor markers, biochemistry), imaging methods. Partial excision of language and single-stage plastic will cost 20 thousand dollars. To see the detailed cost of your treatment, you must send us the results of a study on the study. You will then receive a detailed response to the justification of the amount.

"I've noticed that a sore throat with one hand, that bothered me a bit. A few days later it's gone. A little later manifested swelling in the neck, which was sick, there was a strange numbness of the jaw. Daughter forced to go to the doctor, who, after a number of studies have confirmed the cancer. I was shocked. But after a few days decided to go to Israel. Appealed to Assuta, I agreed on arrival. Arrived, he came to the consultation, went through all the recommended procedures. Confirmed the diagnosis. the tumor was small, so carved, at the same time restored the language of plastic. It turned out gently. A year has passed, I feel good. Thank you very much. Igor Arturovich . Moscow. "


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