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Treatment of skin cancer in Israel

Assuta Hospitalis treating skin cancer in Israel for foreign patients at prices regulated by the Ministry of Health. Turning to us, you will get a detailed consultation, pre-pricing, length of stay in hospital and the forecast for the coming period.

When choosing a treatment for skin cancer in Israel, you take the right decision. The professionalism of the doctors of the country, rich experienceof oncological pathologies correction , The availability of new medicinal formulas and technical equipment of the clinic Assuta allow for a timely and effective therapy.

Types of skin cancer

Treatment of skin cancer in IsraelThere are two types of non-melanoma cancer - a basal cell carcinoma and squamous pathology. They are named after the type of skin cell, which develops oncologic process. Melanoma - skin cancer originating from moles. Cancer defeat basal cells - the most common variant. About 75% are of this type. Anomaly develops in the deepest layer of the epidermis, around the hair follicle. Cancer manifests itself in places exposed to the sun. These include mainly the face area, back, lower legs. Most often, there is a middle-aged or elderly people. This may be superficial, pigmented nodular or cancer. Over 50% of cases refers to the node type. Very rarely oncology becomes a secondary character, and spread to other parts of the body.

Squamous cell carcinoma usually grows faster than basal cell. Skin cancer treatment is conducted in Israel on the type of 20% situations arises in tumor cells keratinocytes. Usually localized to the head, neck, back of the hands and forearms. It can spread to nearby lymph nodes and other organs, causing secondary cancers.

All other types of skin cancer (1% of all cases) - is Kaposi's sarcoma, T-cell lymphoma, skin carcinoma, Merkel. Bowen's disease is a very early form of non-melanoma skin cancer type. It can occur anywhere on the skin and looks initially as a red spot, which causes itching. The most common on the lower legs, especially in older women. It can grow on moist body shells as a white spot in the mouth, or redness in the genital area. If you do not treat Bowen's disease may develop squamous cell skin cancer.

Symptoms of skin cancer, prognosis

Among the main symptoms that signal the development of the cancer process, it should be noted spots, sores. Lesions that do not heal within 4 weeks, you need to carefully examine. Particular attention should be paid to the spots and sores, pain, itching, forming scabs and bleeding. The earlier cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat. Consult your doctor if the skin appeared suspicious changes or have formed a mole that:

  • It becomes larger.
  • Changes color, shape.
  • Around it formed an atypical frame.
  • It loses its symmetry.
  • Hurts, it itches.
  • Crusty, looks inflamed.

Especially alert should mole with three (or more) different tints, impregnations black or dark brown color. In men, melanoma more common in the back, women on their feet. Statistics as follows:

Location location of the tumor



Head, neck















In rare cases it can develop melanoma on the eyes. When you are in the colored part (iris) becomes noticeable dark spot. If pathology develops within the eye, external changes can not be, but may appear distorted view. Defeat is easily diagnosed by routine examination by an ophthalmologist. In the presence of an abnormally swollen lymph nodes should immediately consult your doctor.

With regard to the forecast data, the statistics gives an insight into life after cancer staging diagnosis. Since the treatment of skin cancer in Israel, gives a high rate of healing, here tend to get patients from different countries. Almost always curable basal cell cancer, it rarely spreads to other parts of the body, so the number of deaths is practically zero. In some situations, the cancer can return, so it is important to monitor the patient after discharge, hold regular screenings.

Israeli doctors cure most people with squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, even in situations where oncology has spread to lymph nodes or other parts of the body. The result depends on the size of the tumor, its depth of penetration into the skin, the rate of growth of abnormal cells.

The attending physician with extensive experience - the best source of individual forecast. After studying your situation, he makes recommendations, as close as possible to the specific clinical case.

Diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer in Israel

Treatment of skin cancer in Israel reviewsDiagnosis is made by biopsy of lesions, when the doctor removes a piece of tissue for pathological examination under a microscope. Additionally, studies are conducted and blood samples can be assigned to other procedures in the professional discretion of the (genetic screening). Based on these data, a treatment plan. The main treatment strategy method is surgery.

mohs surgery

Removal of thin layers of the epidermis, which are successively examined under a microscope. If cancer cells are present in the skin layer removed, the otbrivaetsya next layer until the entire diseased tissue is removed. This surgical approach constitutes less scarring on the body than classical surgery. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis in the doctor's office under local anesthetic influence.


It is less invasive than traditional surgery. The physician uses liquid nitrogen or argon gas to the cancerous tissue to freeze, and destroy it. The process can be repeated on the results of the procedure. The method is safe for surrounding tissues. This type of treatment for skin cancer in Israel may be combined with other therapies, including classical surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiation exposure. Sometimes it is a surefire option if classical operation is not possible for medical reasons.

Laser surgery

Lasers use intense, focused beam of light to destroy the cancerous tissue. Laser destruction and immune response can lead to the formation of blisters on the skin, so the experience of operating doctor is paramount. The laser removes the skin in controlled layers, depending on the depth of the tumor. First, the upper layer is removed, then the next. Rays are used to treat cancer in slozhnodostupnyh places (between the toes), the open areas of the body. The therapy of precancerous lesions, benign tumors, removal of scars after surgical interventions.


Scraping tool (curette) and the electric current used for the destruction and burning of the surface layer of the skin. The abnormal area is treated with a rim surrounding tissue. This margin allows to obtain assurance that all abnormal cells removed.

traditional surgery

With a wide local excision of tissue is removed greater than in alternative methods. This treatment can take place under local or general anesthesia with sutures. If the removal is carried out a large skin formation, the graft is required for recovery. For skin grafts graft taken from another area of ​​the body, such as the inner thigh. Grafted skin is thin, so it is important that it was not damaged during treatment. To prevent infection is carried out scheduled maintenance and is assigned a course of antibiotics.

The only drawback of the method is that the grafted skin may be slightly different from the surrounding tissue. Much depends on the skill of the plastic surgeon. If it is professional then tell the difference would be almost impossible. It can be used flap subcutis. The doctor raises it to the surface. This fabric looks better than when transplanting. The technology is mainly used for visible areas such as the face.

If cancer cells are found in lymph nodes (the most common option for squamous cell skin cancer), they are removed. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. There are large groups of lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin. When Oncology develops on the scalp or face, can be removed lymph nodes on one side of the neck. Disadvantages of the procedure are in discomfort after surgery, recovery may take several weeks. After surgical treatment of skin cancer in Israel is assigned adjuvant therapy to reduce the risk of recurrence.


It uses high energy waves, like X-rays, to kill cancer cells. There are two main types of radiation treatment - external and internal. When skin cancer is typically used external exposure. First scheduling procedure is carried out (from 15 minutes to 2 hours using a specific patient). For this purpose, the data of CT (MRI), which shows the location of the cancer location and the surrounding area.

Radiologist puts markers on the skin, the patient at this time lying still. Then, lying on a comfortable couch, the patient moves through a special scanner. The protection of lead shields (eyes, nose, mouth) sensitive areas of the body are used. After scanning creates a treatment plan. Time on his compilation takes a few days to 3 weeks. This time period is required for wound healing after surgery.

A number of treatments is determined individually and independent of tumor size, type and location. Processing usually takes place daily from Monday to Friday for a few weeks. Or courses are given every third week, though someone enough one session. During the procedure, the patient listens to soft music, and the doctor is watching his condition through specialized sensors.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

Uses drugs and a special type of light to destroy cancer. The drug is a chemical substance which makes the cells of the skin more sensitive to light. This photoallergic agent, as the light may be a laser or other source. The medicine can be applied to the skin or administered intravenously. PDT is applied to basal cell carcinoma, Bowen's disease, solar keratosis, with extensive skin cancer with shallow penetration.

On an outpatient basis. Before the beginning of the session the physician removes the top layer of a tumor, causing the drug with a light sensitizing effect, and then focuses the light on the treated area. During the procedure may feel a tingling or burning sensation, local anesthetic eases this problem. After treatment treatment area is kept dry for 36 hours. In addition, the doctor gives specific care instructions.


The use of cytotoxic drugs to kill cancer cells. Different drugs work in different ways. It is produced in the form of a cream for topical application, vaccines for intravenous injections, tablets. The treatment lasts several weeks. Sometimes cream irritate the skin, making it red and inflamed. In this case, write out other preparations for the neutralization of the negative symptoms. Israel has used the latest generation of drugs, whose effectiveness is very high.

Innovation in the treatment of skin cancer in Israel


An international research team has found a way to use a genetically modified version of the herpes virus as a treatment of aggressive melanoma .

Virotherapy is still in the testing phase, but the results have been promising. The treatment was tested on 400 patients from different countries.

  • The body 1 of 4 responded to treatment.
  • 16% were in remission at 6 months.
  • 10% - in the "complete remission" (no trace of residual cancer).

Virotherapy led to increased survival.

new drugs

For the treatment of skin cancer in Israel apply innovative medicines, whose effectiveness has been proven by many tests. For instance:

  1. Zelboraf shown in metastatic melanoma in the later stages. If you can not turn to surgical treatment, Zelboraf can reduce metastasis, preventing, spread of cancer cells in the body.
  2. Keytruda Opdivo and used to treat inoperable melanoma after failure of targeted therapies (ipilimumab, BRAF inhibitors).

oncologists for the treatment of skin cancer, the prices for services

Among the well-known specialists who are native Israelis and patients travel from abroad, it should be noted:

  • Professor Yakov Shechter- developer of a unique method of treating aggressive forms of skin cancer, based on the immunological effects on the body. He organized a known melanoma correction center - Scientific Institute "Ella." Takes on difficult cases to his credit a number of situations, when it was possible to stop the disease process, even in advanced stages of destruction of the body, ensuring the utmost patient remission.
  • Dr. Yitzhak Tselinskiy - Cancer surgeon dermatologist who has achieved significant success in the treatment of various forms of skin cancer and plastic correction formed drawbacks appearance. It works using microsurgery techniques Mohs. Personally I operated Ariel Sharon with a difficult malignancy in the area of ​​the temple.
  • Dr. Baruch Kaplan - oncodermatologist, head of profile department at Sheba Hospital, backed by over 30 years of excellent experience. Practicing microsurgery techniques, conducting plastics of all kinds of difficulty.

Cost of service in the clinic Assuta formed individually, depending on the complexity of the treatment, the physician level, which will conduct it. The average prices are as follows:

  1. Admission onco-dermatologist - 560 dollars.
  2. Total / Biochemical analysis of blood - 260/280 USD.
  3. PET + CT - 1670 dollars.
  4. Revision of pathology - 690 dollars.
  5. Tumor resection - 5300 dollars.
  6. Analysis of mutation - 720 dollars.
  7. Histopathological examination - 680 dollars.

Reviews for the treatment of skin cancer in Israel

The main property of Assuta hospital - this reviews patients. Due to the appreciation of the professionalism of doctors, objective description of features of travel and treatment in the clinic, every year we raise the quality of service in the institutions of the clinical care of cancer patients in Israel:

Paul, 47 years old

"I was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer of the skin, when a small mole appeared on his forehead and began to quickly grow in size, changing color. The Assuta I did Mohs surgery under Dr. Tselinsky. It was all good. The doctor thoroughly cleaned forehead of cancer cells. Ranka get deep so the skin transplanted all healed now, under the bangs invisible, but if look closely, the skin tone is a little different, but I was told that with time it will take lot of people think that only melanoma -... a terrible cancer, but it is not .. Any cancer effects can be irreversible, so do not waste time looking for a good doctor and treat their disease, it does not become your last companion in this life. "

Elya, 35 years old

"When went to the treatment of skin cancer in Israel reviews of our compatriots had studied thoroughly. I chose Professor Schechter and his method of immunotherapy. Very grateful to the doctor for his attention, patience and, most importantly, a great desire to help save lives and peace of mind of their patients. I recommend unequivocally. "

Mariana, 51 years old

"I went to remove moles in cosmetology, before that I was forced to do a biopsy. It turned out that it's not just a mole, and cancer. They offered to go to the hospital, but after the horrors that I have experienced in our clinic, I do not even desire was not to go to here. phoned the clinic Assuta, suggestions I have formed one day chose my husband and best and went for treatment in Israel passed surgery and radiation liked the attitude and professionalism of doctors, and even the attitude to relatives -... they are not otpinyvayut and almost everywhere let together with t the wallpaper. It's worth it. "


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