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Treatment of adrenal gland cancer in Israel

Adrenal cancer rare form of cancer that develops in the glands located on top of the kidneys. Organ consists of two separately functioning parts of the cortex (outer layer) and bone marrow (the inner part). The adrenal glands are involved in the production of steroid hormones such as cortisol (stress fighter) and aldosterone (blood pressure control). Most neoplasms arising in the adrenal glands are benign and are known as adenomas. Place their frequent localization - bark. Oncology body can be varied.

Assuta complex private health experts have great experience in the proper diagnosis of diseases and effective treatment is carried adrenal cancer in Israel with the particular type of tumor, and related factors.

Types of adrenal cancer

adrenal cancer treatmentThe tumor may occur in any part of the adrenal glands. Commonly considered three types of malignant tumors:

  1. Adrenocortical carcinoma is formed inside the outer crust layer. Such a tumor is detected, when it becomes larger and causes pain or rapid feeling of satiety, which leads to weight loss. These tumors produce large amounts of hormones, which can trigger weight gain, excess hair on the face, early puberty. If the tumor is greater than 5-6 cm in size, it is automatically put suspicion of cancer.
  2. Pheochromocytoma usually formed in the central part of the medulla oblongata. Its origin is connected with cells producing adrenaline. Adrenaline helps regulate body functions, including heart rate and blood pressure. The symptoms of this type of tumor associated with increased adrenaline and include sudden changes in blood pressure, excessive sweating, arrhythmia and wanton inner restlessness.
  3. Neuroblastoma - develops from nerve cells of the medulla oblongata. This type of cancer affects infants or children under 10 years. In the early stages it easy to identify where there was a tumor. In the later more complex. About a third of neuroblastomas begin in the adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands are the production center of regulatory hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisone. For this reason, the symptoms of cancer are associated with hormonal imbalance in the body as a result of tumors that secrete too much or too little of a certain type of hormone.

Symptoms of adrenal cancer

Some tumors have benign structure. They can grow big and press on nearby organs (such as the stomach), but does not spread throughout the body. In this case, the patient feels full after eating small amounts of food, it quickly loses weight. In malignant nature of the tumor symptoms may not show up until the cancer begins to progress.

Proven Scientific truth - treatment of adrenal cancer runs more successful in Israel, the sooner the tumor is detected. Therefore, it is important to listen carefully to the body's signals and do not ignore them when the body gives a sign of trouble. If symptoms are present, they will vary depending on the functional state of the tumor and the type of hormone secreted. Often warning signs of cancer are not obvious. Help to find the clarity of blood and urine tests. Increasingly, however, the cancer is detected when a person passes diagnostics for entirely different reasons.

Risk factors for the development of oncologyTreatment of adrenal gland cancer in Israel

The risk of cancer of the adrenal glands can be increased by certain lifestyle factors, environmental, genetic syndromes. Pheochromocytoma occurs predominantly in middle-aged people. When it occurs in children indicate a genetic connection. Neuroblastoma occurs in older people in 10% of cases, in other situations, it affects children and infants. There are also genetic syndromes marked by experts as risk factors for the development of adrenal cancer. It:

  1. Li-Fraumeni syndrome;
  2. Von Hippel Lindau disease;
  3. Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1,2 (MEN1, MEN2);
  4. Wiedemann syndrome-Bekit.

Smoking is also indicated by doctors as a provocateur of oncology.

Stages of cancer of the adrenal glands

stage of cancer is one of the most important factors in the evaluation of treatment options for the disease. The clinic Assuta, doctors use a variety of diagnostic tests to evaluate adrenal function and the development of an individual treatment plan. If you have been recently diagnosed oncology, our doctors treat the disease process to identify whether you have received the correct information in the diagnosis or make a mistake. Therefore, carrying out extensive testing on arrival to the hospital a mandatory part of the program stay within our walls. Describing the stage of the cancer, it should be noted the following information:

  • Stage I tumor less than 5 cm and has not spread outside the adrenal gland;
  • II formation step is more than 5 cm, limited outside the organ in which localized;
  • Stage III tumor has spread to nearby tissues or lymph nodes, the size of a neoplasm is not considered;
  • Stage IV tumor of any size, metastasis throughout the body.

Due to the information received, doctors choose the type of adrenal cancer treatment in Israel, which will be more useful and help restore health faster.

diagnosis of cancer

The clinic Assuta practice new and traditional approaches to diagnosis and treatment. We use advanced imaging tests to evaluate, which takes 3 to 5 days depending on the screening program. In the course of diagnostic procedures may include:

  • CT is often used tool for screening. It helps to decide whether surgery is needed. The procedure fits in 10-15 minutes. With the help of X-ray and the profile of a computer program created by three-dimensional cross-sectional images of body organs. CT provides detailed images of bones, organs, tissues. Some tests require the use of contrast medium into the vein. The procedure is painless.
  • PET-CT is used to determine the benign or malignant tumor nature, extent of pathology. The Assuta used four-scanner, which creates a detailed cross-sectional images of the body. It is also useful for radiologists in the planning of treatment in accordance with the patient's breathing patterns. Technology displays information about the structure, function of cells and tissues. Before scanning, the patient is administered a glucose solution with a small amount of radioactive material. The substance is absorbed by the tissues and highlights cancers.
  • Biopsy sampling of tissue samples from the affected organ pathology. When distributing adrenal tumors beyond biopsy is taken from the distribution area (it may be the liver). Pathologist examines the cells under a microscope. The test gives a more accurate diagnosis than with other techniques.
  • Ultrasound reveals the presence of a tumor and places of its distribution in the body. It reveals the structure and movement of organs (heart, liver, blood vessels, kidneys). The test does not use radiation.
  • MRI shows greater contrast of soft tissue than CT without using radiation. It is also used to study the brain, pituitary, spinal column. It performed for 30-60 minutes. Painless.

Treatment of adrenal gland cancer in Israel, the pricesTreatment of adrenal gland cancer in Israel

In an operation to remove a tumor the participation of leading surgeons and oncologists in Israel. Famous performing adrenalectomy such physicians as Dr. Andrew is necessary, Professor Jack Baniel, Dr. Daniel Kedar, Dr. Zohar Dotan, and others. When possible, the tumor removed using a laparoscope. This causes less pain, scarring, tissue injury, reduces the period of hospital stay and promotes faster recovery. Serious surgery takes place under several scenarios:

  • tumor is removed through an incision in the back (just above the kidney);
  • transabdominal surgery incision in the abdominal wall;
  • thoracoabdominal surgery intervention through a long incision from the chest to the abdomen. This is necessary when you want to remove a large malignant tumor. In the procedure the surgeon sees no interference organs, tissues and able to assess the spread of cancer.

When treating oncology surgeons Assuta embodiments discuss operation with the patient. The particular scheme depends on age, stage of cancer, and other factors. For many patients, surgery combined with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or taking hormones. They are carried out before or after surgery to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body and suppress their activity.

If necessary, doctors Assuta reconstructive procedures performed to restore the appearance of the body. The cost of treatment in Assuta democratic.

Price radiographic examination of US $ 490, US $ 400 from the PET-CT from 1780 dollars.

for treatment prices are determined after the protocol used, taking into account the procedures and therapies.


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