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Treatment of urethral cancer in Israel

treatment of urethral cancer in IsraelAccording to statistics, the treatment of urethral cancer in Israel, most are women, since the pathology affects mainly the female body. Hormonal changes trigger tumor development. The earlier a tumor detected, the more successful treatment of cancer of the urethra passes in Israel, the greater the chance of a full recovery. In 82% of cases result help to achieve conservative therapies. Despite this, new methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients are being developed every year in Israel. Medicine does not stand still, research and scientific discoveries funded at the state level.   

Advantages of the treatment of cancer of the urethra in Israel

The clinic Assuta treatment of urethral cancer in Israel are the indigenous people of the state and foreign citizens. The medical establishment has proven its worth and is listed on the international level. Of the main benefits of treatment in Israel are the following:

  • Professionalism of doctors and medical personnel - in Assuta employs a large number of highly qualified professors and doctors specializing in the treatment of urethral cancer in Israel. Skill of doctors is recognized among the industry experts throughout the world, as well as among patients treated and are planning to issue a trip to Israel for the purpose of medical tourism.
  • Tech hospital equipment - highly precise diagnostic methods, advanced computer studies program, robotic instruments to perform surgical interventions. For example, in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the urethra in Israel using MRI, PET, ultrasound - methods detect minimal lesions of pathological changes. Applying radiation scalpel, doctors destroy the tumor without harming healthy cells, tumors located in the surroundings.
  • Minimally invasive treatments - Israeli medicine is aimed at the preservation of organs for any of the existing possibilities. But even if this is not possible, surgery is carried out sensitively and carefully, through minimal incisions on the body. After their skin healing is almost no trace. When amputation, which is an emergency measure and is held in very rare cases to save the life of the patient, the treatment cycle completes reconstructive medical procedures. Because of this damage is compensated and eliminated aesthetic defects.
  • Individual treatment protocols - therapy of cancer patients in Israel is based on the principles of personalization. Doctors avoid common treatment regimens, preferring individually developed methods. author's programs are often used innovative methods in combination with conventional treatment.

Honors Israeli medicine from the European service in hospitals is the cost of the procedures. Prices are compared with Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, America. The quality is on par with the world's leading centers of cancer treatment, and sometimes even exceeds them in practice, corrective measures.

Doctors for the treatment of urethral cancer in Israel

Before looking for a doctor for the treatment of cancer pathology, pass inspection in Israeli clinic. Over 38% of patients arriving from abroad, as a result of diagnosis convinced that the diagnosis of cancer put them wrongly. The reason for that - the lack of professionalism of doctors, lack the necessary experience, the diagnostic equipment. In Israel easily detect an error, make sure that there is no threat to health.

If you want to get professional advice on the treatment of urethral cancer in Israel, you can manually choose the candidacy of the doctor, which seeks to get there, or give us your feedback so that we picked the right oncologist specialization. Among the proven luminaries Israeli medicine:

  • Professor Haim Matskina - headed department of urology clinic Ichilov (Sourasky), maintains a private practice in Assuta. Leading urologist Israel, specializing in the treatment of urological tumors character. Professor conducts surgery with the use of sophisticated equipment and technical equipment. Basic education Matskina - Hebrew University. Known scientific development and educational activities. Trained in the United States, he is an active member of professional Israeli and American communities on the prevention and treatment of cancer pathologies. Engaged in treatment of urethral cancer in Israel, operates on patients with prostate cancer, bladder and other disorders of the genitourinary system malignant.
  • Dr. Alex Tsivyan - known in the field of laparoscopic surgical interventions in the treatment of cancer of the urethra, prostate, vulva. It uses methods of reconstructive medicine in vaginal surgery. Leading Israeli oncologist urologist. Basic education - from the First Leningrad Medical Institute. Increased the qualifications for the implantation of male loop. Trained in France, Portugal, the United States and Italy. The fluent precision diagnostic methods, laparoscopic ablation prostatectomy, thermal chemotherapy. Is the deputy chief of department of Urology Surgery Assuta Hospital. Author of scientific publications in specialized medical journals, current member of the professional community of Israel and America.

It is also known the use of innovative treatments for cancer of the urethra in Israel Prof. Avishai Sela and his colleague, Professor Mordechai Gutman.

The basic method of treatment of this disease is surgery. There are different types of surgical intervention, including transurethral resection and cystectomy . The operations are complemented by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy.

The cost of diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the urethra in Israel

Diagnosis of bladder cancer is suspected pathology includes a complex inspection procedures, including:

  • consultation leading Israeli oncologist;
  • PET-CT imaging method;
  • survey for tumor markers;
  • biochemical and deploy complete blood count;
  • audit biopsy.

Complex diagnostic program will cost 3610 dollars. All examinations before an accurate diagnosis occupy no more than three days. After that the doctor develops an individual treatment protocol urethral cancer in Israel, on the basis of which to calculate the exact cost of therapy. Pre find out the amount you can, directing available at the hands of the documents to the specified email address.

Studying the responses about treatment in Israel, pay attention to the feelings and emotions of people who received assistance Israeli doctors. This will help to make representation about the professionalism of specialists and human qualities of doctors who are no less important for patients undergoing therapy:

"I came to Israel at the Assuta hospital where I was advised to treat cancer of the urethra acquaintances who were previously observed Professor Matskina on a similar problem. I do not regret that I chose a trip here. The doctor really lived up better than expected. Fiddling with me from the first consultation, explaining all the intricacies of treatment, the consequences explained. The operation was quick and easy, I did not feel pain. He recovered a week later, and then discharged home. There was another three months passed chemotherapy medication. I want to express my gratitude for my life and hope, presented to my children that their mother is dead. It is very important for me. Thanks! Anna Viktorovna. '54. Tyumen. "




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