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Radiotherapy in Israel

radiation therapy

The operation of each medical institution involved in the diagnosis and cancer treatment in Israel, Necessarily requires the presence in the hospital radiology department with a radiotherapy unit. This is one of the most effective methods of treatment of cancer in Israel today. The majority of medical institutions of post-Soviet space is not enough financial resources to equip clinics radiological equipment quality with minimal radiation exposure to healthy tissue. Many compatriots prefer radiotherapy in Israel: Israeli hospital equipment meets international standards of efficiency and safety. For irradiation are used new methods of IMRT and IGRT and the way the internal irradiation of the tumor with radioactive material - brachytherapy.

The goal of radiation therapy - prevention of further tumor growth almost in all locations, preventing metastasis of the tumor, and the presence of metastases - their inhibition and regression.

The techniques of radiation therapy in Israel

In Israel, the radiotherapy is carried out remotely or by contact. When teletherapy, using special equipment, the flow goes directly to the ionizing radiation on the tumor as possible trying not to affect healthy tissue. Tumor cells have the ability ultrafast division, however are extremely sensitive to radiation exposure. Radiotherapy conducted in Israel by foreign exchange. This allows you to gradually irradiated tumor cells everything, trying to inflict minimal damage to healthy tissues. exposure rate is 5 days, with 2 days break. Full exposure program is from 2 to 5 of these courses.

Patients sent for radiological treatment in the clinic Assuta , Consult oncologists, radiologists, clinical tests, other research - according to indications.

Before starting teletherapy held high-precision computed tomography, which most accurately determines the location of the tumor process. This allows physicians to customize the installation so that the radiation emissions have been directed precisely at the tumor tissue.

If not a fixed location of the tumor is very difficult to achieve the standard setting accurate radiation exposure. For tumors movable in Israel IGRT uses an innovative technology which during the procedure renders the tumor and surrounding tissues using marnitno resonance imaging. This allows most accurately in a certain period of time to direct the radiation fluxes. Thus, it is possible to leave healthy tissue without radiation exposure.

Brachytherapy in Israel

In the clinics of Israel, in addition to external radiotherapy, is used and a method in which the radiation source is in direct contact with the tumor tissue. The undeniable advantage of this method is that the therapeutic effect is achieved a relatively small dose of radiation, which affects only the tumor cells. This increases the effectiveness of treatment and reduces the risk of exposure of neighboring tissue.

Brachytherapy is used alone and in combination with other methods of cancer treatment in Israel. Brachytherapy combined with external beam radiation therapy - it allows you to achieve maximum effect. Postoperatively brachytherapy is carried out to the complete destruction of the remaining tumor cells in the body. The use of brachytherapy in treatment of cancer in Israel not only as fully as possible to rid the body of cancer cells, but also to preserve the health of a whole.

Intensive modular radiation therapy (IMRT)

Radiotherapy for IMRT technique is considered one of the most highly efficient and accurate. The superiority of the method over the other is that during irradiation is possible to adjust the intensity of radiation directly to the session time. Like other methods of sparing irradiation, IMRT technique tends to cause minimal damage to healthy tissues surrounding the tumor.

cancer treatment by ionizing radiation in Israel is carried out at the highest world level. Clinics are equipped with supernovae equipment, the medical staff of the highest caliber. Radiotherapy in Israel - a guaranteed cure for cancer in the early stages and long-term remission in advanced cancer.

The doctors involved in treatment with radiotherapy true professionals. the best among them are:

Prices for radiotherapy in Israel

Assuta Hospital has long applied radiotherapy for the treatment of various cancers. To calculate the cost of the treatment we need, first of all, know your diagnosis. Send us your medical records, and we can calculate the cost necessary for you to radiotherapy. Check out the prices for certain services provided by the clinic Assuta:

  1. Consultation radiologist - $ 650
  2. Radiotherapy - $ 16,000
  3. SIRT (selective irradiation method) - 73600 $
  4. Radiotherapy (1 box) - $ 155
  5. Simulation of radiation - $ 1145
Plan your treatment may include certain procedures. It all depends on the complexity of the disease. Professional Assuta Hospital doctors help you in the treatment of tumors.


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