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Melanoma Treatment in Israel

The diagnosis of melanoma is more and more people put annually. The disease takes the features of the epidemic. Learning that you have skin cancer, do not lose heart - the treatment of melanoma in Israel will return the opportunity to enjoy life and forget about the disease and its manifestations. Assuta Hospital applies advanced therapies for correcting negative cancerous conditions. Private medical complex has all the features - professional medical staff, the latest equipment, consumables.

In practice, Assuta Hospital - leading treatment technologies that have proven effective over the years, as well as innovative approaches copyrights.

Choosing Assuta, you take the right decision. Complete the treatment under the supervision of the best specialists in the field of melanoma therapy. This is one of the few clinics, where the choice in favor of the doctor makes the patient. Not having its own staff, the hospital invited to work on the basis of their world-class experts from Israel and other countries.

In this case, the cost of treating melanoma in Israel much lower than in Europe. A clinic infrastructure is focused on the comfort of patients and accompanying persons. RELAX-own hotel in the area is equivalent to the level of a luxury five-star hotel.

Melanoma - facts, stats

Melanoma is difficult to name only cancerous skin lesions . The disease can attack any body parts - eyes, nails, oral cavity. It occurs irrespective of age, race or gender of the person. Experts note that melanoma is the leading cause of death from cancer in young women aged 25-30, the second leading cause among women 30-35 years old. Here are some facts that confirm the danger of this disease:

  1. Melanoma is 1% of all skin cancer cases, but in the majority of lesions without adequate treatment causes death.
  2. In 25% of the time the main target group of cases is under the age of 45 years.
  3. Since 1973, the incidence of melanoma has increased by 200%. This is the fastest growth among all types of cancer.
  4. Despite the frightening facts, treatment of melanoma has reached unprecedented heights. Increased the overall survival of patients in the 5-year period. This is facilitated by high-precision diagnosis of the state and improve the methods of therapy, including surgery, which is used robotic and navigational equipment of the latest generation;
  5. In 10% of cancer patients, melanoma observed in family history.

WHO says that in the world are diagnosed each year 232,000 new cases of the disease. Disease occur among women under 50 years more often, and after that age limit the risk of melanoma in males twice increases. The success rate of operations in Israel in the long-term patient survival is 93%.

Diagnosis of melanoma in Israel

Diagnosis of melanoma - a difficult task, because the symptoms are not always obvious. If you suspect a disease performed biopsies - taking tissue for histological analysis with the preparation of the study report. The main types of biopsies are as follows:

  • Fine needle aspiration - a needle taking abnormally transformed cells.
  • Shaving - cutting of the material.
  • Biopsy - removal of the hollow tool sample as a thin column.
  • Incisional - partial fence altered tissue.
  • Excision - cutting out tumors entirely.

In identifying high-risk examines the lymph nodes - it gives an understanding of the hearth exit beyond. The degree of a number of other factors influence the choice of diagnostic methods. It serves as a solid basis for determining the type of treatment, which ultimately affects the patient's prognosis. Identification of melanoma at an early stage could save your life.

In addition to physical examination of the skin at the initial stage of diagnosis, the doctor may use dermoscopy (surface microscopy). The method used for the study of pigmented or unpainted surfaces modified skin. Prior to the test failure can be treated with mineral oil to reduce the degree of light reflection from the dermis. The doctor then examines the plot using the dermatoscope, computerized digital images. The clinic Assuta use the latest equipment - the device visually scanning moles to determine a cancer pathology. Equipment examines noninvasively, it is based on Raman light scattering spectroscopy for the analysis of chemical reactions in the skin. With this doctor receives accurate and immediate results.

In addition to these methods for determining a treatment strategy melanoma in Israel can be carried out:

method of investigation

The essence of technology


Surveying using high frequency ultrasonic waves to produce images of internal body structures. It is used to screen nodes.

Chest X-ray

X-rays use small doses of radiation. Appointed to visualize metastasis in the lungs.


The profile X-ray apparatus for obtaining 3-dimensional images of cross organs, tissues, bones, blood vessels. Gives an idea of ​​the spread of melanoma to the lymph nodes, organs of the chest, liver, brain.

Blood chemistry

Measure certain chemicals in the blood. Shows how well the internal systems. It is used to detect internal anomalies. Helps set the stage melanoma. Increasing the level of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), for example, it does not show the best prognosis if the cancer has spread through the body.


It uses powerful magnetic forces and radio frequency waves to obtain images of organs in cross section. Computer modifies information into three-dimensional images. Appointed to check the spread of metastases in the brain or spinal cord.


Uses radioactive materials (radiopharmaceuticals) for detecting changes in the metabolic activity of tissues. With the help of the expert receives three-dimensional images.

Melanoma Treatment in Israel - the methods, techniques, options

Price melanoma treatment in IsraelThere are various options for melanoma therapy. The attending physician, with the support of a consultation of experts individually selected methods, accounting treatment protocol in Israel often combine traditional scheme with the author's method, which provides a more successful outcome.


Melanoma is removed by a procedure known as wide excision of the tumor . This means that the surgeon removes the border or the field of healthy skin around the lesion. Size capture healthy tissue depends on the volume of the neoplasm. For example, for melanomas thickness less than 1 mm margin of normal dermis that is excised is 1 cm.

This is done to make sure that cancer cells do not go around, not to give any future recurrence. For melanomas is made thicker than 1 mm 2 cm removal of healthy tissue. Before the surgery, the doctor will determine the order in the personal type of anesthetic to ensure patient comfort during the procedure.

An alternative embodiment is Mos surgery, when using a special tool the surgeon removes the tumor alternately removing thinnest layers each studying under a microscope. This approach is more gentle to the healthy tissues.

removal of lymph nodes

If cancer is found in the lymph nodes at the time of biopsy, performed their resection under general anesthesia. The procedure can be performed during wide excision of the tumor to avoid further injury. A pathologist then examines the nodes under a microscope to see whether they contain melanoma cells.


Assuta Hospital surgeons can close the small and medium sized incisions by stitching the skin edges of suturing. Large cuts are restored with the help of specialized reconstructive methods. In the clinic, private practice are the best plastic surgeons who specialize in the removal of defects created by melanoma in all areas of the body, even cosmetically sensitive, such as the face. They use techniques that help reduce the scarring on the skin. This helps to achieve optimal results.

Reconstructive techniques used on hands, feet. This prevents hardening of the muscles, allows you to save limbs flexibility. Plastic surgical technique depends on the location of the tumor, surrounding tissue volume removed. For a wide and shallow portion of the skin grafts are used, when a small portion of the upper layers of the less visible portion (upper thigh portion) is transferred to the place of correction.

For deeper lesions taken wider layer comprising body fat, muscle block. ear cartilage are moved, if required to recreate the shape of the body. After healing, red, or raised above the surface of the skin scar corrected steroids. Lasers remove pigmentation and discoloration.


Usually assigned to the inoperable tumors and metastatic cancer lesions. Delivered into the organism drugs (cytostatics) enter the bloodstream and affect cancer cells throughout the body. Moreover, experts are used Assuta regional processing of specific areas.

Individual chemotherapy protocol may comprise one or more drugs. These include dacarbazine, carboplatin, cisplatin, and other temozolomib. For regional processing using isolated limb perfusion or infusion. For neytrolizatsii side effects assigned to receive additional drugs - serotonin antagonists.

immunotherapy of melanoma

Biological attack for stimulating an immune response to the impact of cancer agents. As a basis for natural medicines are the products of natural origin and synthetic components. The purpose of this type of treatment of melanoma - to take control of the affected cells and suppress their activity and destroy.

The method used for the treatment of melanoma has spread throughout the body and as an adjuvant treatment. Among the drugs interferon alfa-2b, BCG, IL-2, ipilimumab. If the effects of having severe side effects, the rate is revised, the intensity varies.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is used after surgery as a means capable of destroying the remnants of cancer pathology in the body. With its help correct the pain symptoms. The course consists of short-term procedures, the number and frequency determined by the attending physician. When melanoma is a priority - external treatment of the skin. The newest linear accelerators allow the clinic to modulate the intensity of the beam, the force of impact, depending on the adequacy of the response of the patient.

Targeted therapy (molecular treatment of melanoma in Israel)

How much is the treatment of melanoma in IsraelMedicinal preparations formula focused on molecules involved in the growth of neoplasms. Usually their roles are the proteins.  Targeted therapy  is performed to reduce the impact of cancer pathology in the normal tissues, healthy cell structure. The indications for this type of treatment is a genetic mutation BRAF V600. Among medicines: Zelboraf, Dabrafinib, Trametinib. List of formulations for the modified C-KIT gene comprises Imatenib, Nilotinib.

How much is the treatment of melanoma in Israel?

If you compare the price of treatment in the clinic Assuta hospitals with Western countries, the advantage of the first option is obvious:

  1. In Israel, the diagnosis of melanoma will cost you from 300 to 700 dollars, and in Austria and Germany, the same set of tests will cost from $ 500 to $ 800.
  2. With the use of surgery price for treatment of melanoma in Israel is in the range from 3 to 10 thousand dollars, in the above Western countries from 5 to 15 thousand dollars.

If you differentiate by service type:

  • Consultation with a specialist to conduct dermoscopy - from 600 dollars.
  • Removal of a nevus - from 5500 dollars.
  • Histological analysis - from 750 dollars.
  • Blood tests with detailed formula - from $ 500.

Advantages of cancer treatment in Israel proved successful practice of medical care at all stages of melanoma:

  1. Assuta Hospital is internationally accredited certifying the safety and quality of treatment.
  2. The effectiveness of treatment in Israel - one of the highest in the Middle East and around the world.
  3. The Assuta serve you the best doctors in Israel, experts oncology industry.
  4. Operational diagnosis allows treatment to begin immediately, consisting of advanced methods and technologies.

Remember that melanoma - an aggressive disease, which is inherent in the risk of death. The tumor may develop in the structure inoperable in less than six months, affecting body metastases. If you decide to be treated in Israel, give us a call and find out how to do it with the maximum benefit.

Innovations in the treatment of melanoma (recent discoveries), drugs

Melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer, the proceeds of which are looking for scientists from different countries. In Israel, the innovations in the treatment of melanoma are developed each year. It is here that every clinic has a research platform where work is carried out according to the invention of new drugs, techniques and technologies. When working with melanoma is important to all - a true diagnosis, early detection of disease, adequate therapy and patient recovery forces. The doctors are doing everything possible to improve treatment rates of melanoma.

On the territory of Israel to allow a number of new drugs for melanoma approved for use. It:

  • Zelboraf (vemurafenib) - for inoperable tumors with metastasis in the body. Kinase inhibitor inhibits the growth of cancer structures, which is especially valuable when the operation is not carried out in certain circumstances.
  • Opdivo (nivolumab) - a drug used in the treatment of melanoma in Israel and the United States. It is indicated for inoperable tumors and after the termination of the response of the organism to other impacts.
  • Keytruda (pembrolizumab) - latest generation product for unresectable melanoma.

All of these tools can be purchased in Israel. many of them for the domestic medicine are, unfortunately, not available.

Consider the newest discoveries in the treatment of melanoma in the scale of world science.

Innovations in the prevention of melanoma

Statistics show that around the world every hour from melanoma kills 1 person. Since the disease can affect anyone, it should advance to take measures to prevent it. Do not forget about the fact that the earlier the disease is detected, the better the chances of a cure. In the early stages of melanoma treated, and often without the risk of recurrence.

Recently, researchers analyzed the records of more than 100 thousand patients who participated in the screening studies to identify skin cancer after treatment. About a third of them pointed to a disturbing their disorders that result in moles on the body again began to change shape and color. This is one of the most dangerous symptoms of skin cancer. Such a result, doctors have found encouraging, because the situation showed that the patients themselves monitor the suspicious stains on the skin and know that the changes - a good reason to visit a dermatologist.

Compilers screening questionnaire SPOTme found that precede melanoma, a rare use of sunscreen, a large number of burns and blisters on the skin from the bright sun, excessive use of solarium for tanning. However, all this can be prevented - wear protective clothing, applied to the body guard against burn cream with an SPF of 30, and the function of waterproof, avoid artificial tanning lamps.

New factors for melanoma

the latest discovery in the treatment of melanomaMade latest discovery in the treatment of melanoma, because in addition to sunlight and genetics influence the development of cancer has fat. Cancer cells love glucose, rapidly parasitizing the body when consuming large amounts of fatty foods. Studies in mice have shown that cancer is a BRAF V600E is growing faster in response to a diet high in fat. But lipid-lowering agents such as statins, inhibit the growth of cancer.

Although the results relate only to a single mutation and must still undergo clinical trials, they shed a lot of light on the feeding habits of the patient human melanoma. The discovery gives faith in the fact that for some types of mutations can develop a specialized power supply circuits that prevent or slow tumor growth.

Mutation BRAF V600E affects over 60% of melanomas, it is also observed in leukemia and colorectal cancer. There are several medications that are harmful to these types of cancer, but the body quickly takes countermeasures and develops resistance to drugs. In this case, the diet could be a serious support treatment.

Improving survival predictions

Doctors have been working tirelessly to improve predictions of survival of melanoma patients. Invent new drugs for the treatment of melanoma, the situation is changing in the desired direction. However, until now there is no single tool that can get rid of the dangerous disease. Studies concern not only medicines that can help. Examines the operational equipment and then what result they produce. For example, it was found that patients who had lymph nodes removed during surgery melanoma live longer by not taken measures than those to whom lymph nodes were not removed.

The experimental results have been published in The New England Journal magazine. Researchers believe - removal of the lymph nodes located near the original tumor, does not increase the overall survival of the human patient. This discovery makes it possible to reduce the number of surgical procedures worldwide.

The study involved 1900 patients with melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer. Tests were conducted in 60 hospitals with cancer. Results refuted the confidence of physicians in that a limited number of melanoma cells in lymph nodes is a direct indication of their removal. It could revolutionize the scientific world and deploy traditional treatment line in a vector. The new approach spares the patient, removes many of the negative side effects and gives the prospects for the development of additional therapies.

Despite of this discovery, we can not say that the excision of the sentinel lymph nodes does not influence the overall survival of patients. After examining the seized lymph nodes, doctors draw conclusions about the prevalence of cancer throughout the body, which allows you to assign an adequate therapy. However, the life expectancy of this fact has no direct influence. Furthermore, 25% of patients who have undergone deletion, develops lymphedema. In the control group, where resection is not carried out, such patients only 6%. Lymphedema - swelling that occurs when you remove or damage to the lymph nodes. Symptoms include solidification of the skin, infection, and limited range of motion of the damaged area.

The new drug from melanoma, stopping metastasis by 90%

Scientists from the University of Michigan discovered a chemical compound consisting of small molecules. It is based on the ability to synthesize the gene RNA molecules and specific proteins in tumor formations. This gene can prevent the propagation of melanoma. Chemical compound found in the development of treatments for scleroderma. It reduces tumor metastasis ninety percent. Tests were carried out until the rodents. In the early stages the risk of death was only two percent, in the later stages - eighty-four.

Immunotherapy - new in the treatment of melanoma

new in the treatment of melanomaimmunotherapy drugs have created a great stir not only among patients but also among doctors. In 2011 he made his debut ipilimumab (Yervoy) for the treatment of metastatic melanoma, a deadly disease. The drug was approved by FDA. Since then, other funds have entered the market - pembrolizumab (Keytruda) nivolumab (Opdivo), atezolizumab (Tecentriq) and avelumab (Bavencio).

This latest generation of immunotherapy drugs - monoclonal antibodies that allow the T cells of the immune system to attack the tumor. But in spite of the effectiveness of the risk of attack has immunity to healthy tissue, causing serious side effects.

Combination Nivolumab (Opdivo) and Lpilimumab (Yervoy)

Patients in the late stages of melanoma, in which the left brain metastases, were granted the right to life and may be able to overcome the disease. This is indicated by a new study presented in Chicago at the world's largest oncology conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), where every year there is more than 30 thousand delegates from all over the world. It was found that a new drug from melanoma this type exists. This combination of drugs Nivolumab (Opdivo) and Lpilimumab (Yervoy).

Research has shown that 79% of patients with metastatic melanoma to the brain receiving the combination therapy, six months after admission were alive and did not experience dangerous features approximation death. Statistics show that these patients live an average of 4-5 months after treatment. They are rarely allowed to participate in clinical trials, as their situation is pitiable. The experiment showed that the metastases in the brain - not a sentence. Now doctors can provide appropriate treatment that provides additional years of life and hope to defeat the disease. A new study suggests that immunotherapy should go first flank in the treatment of such patients.

Another great news - the immunotherapy had not been used for the treatment of mucosal melanomas. As shown, in vain. The drug Pembrolizumab - a new drug for melanoma - has proven effective in the fight against this type of cancer. mucosal melanoma is uncommon and affects 1% of all cases. The reasons for its existence are unknown, the prognosis is unfavorable due to late diagnosis, when the disease reaches its climax. The lifespan of the traditional treatment rarely goes beyond 1 year. However, new tests have shown that 19% of patients responded to treatment with a new drug. So far, the maximum duration of life after treatment is fixed at 27 months, which in itself is a record.

Combination pembrolizumab (Keytruda) and indoximod

New drugs for the treatment of melanomaAdding indoximod drug to FDA utrerzhdennomu Keytruda increased the proportion of patients with melanoma responding to treatment, compared to a monotherapy pembrolizumab. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Iowa.

While this intermediate results of Phase 2 clinical trial - 52% versus 33% of patients who received partial or complete response to this combination of drugs. This concerns, including melanoma eyes. Most patients received indoximod (1200 mg orally twice a day) with a standard pembrolizumab dose of 3 mg / kg every 21 days.

According to recent reports, during the observation period of 10.5 months, 6 of 60 patients had a complete response, 25 - in part. The most common adverse events were fatigue, diarrhea and nausea.

The adaptive transport melanoma cells

This is a type of immunotherapy , increases the activity of the immune system against cancer cells. Produced fence T cells, effective to combat cancer and subjected to an accelerated division is introduced into the patient blood stream. The patient's immune cells are reprogrammed in the laboratory so as to create a recombinant fusion protein that is malignant cells and destroys them.

This method is studied by researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) in Seattle in the treatment of metastatic melanoma in 10 patients. Two of them showed complete remission. Tests are continuing.

It is being developed and researched new medicines from melanoma, which show substantial progress in stopping the pathological processes in the body. After approval by the regulatory authorities will hope for recovery humanity after severe forms of the disease.

Our doctors:

Chaim Gutman  - surgical oncologist, accepts Israel cancer patients from Russia and CIS countries in need of assistance in the resection of breast cancer, melanoma, sarcoma, gastrointestinal tract. 

Yaakov Mashiach -  renowned dermatologist and specialist in the field of skin cancer. 

Shlomo Shneybaumone of the best cancer surgery in Israel. You can get to it through our medical services. 

Eli Sprecher -   

Yaakov Shechterknown oncologist in the treatment of skin cancer. P driver running in the clinic and Shiba takes Assuta.

While test the effect of miracle drugs can only be in the framework of clinical trials. Try a new drug from melanoma patients may be taking part in research programs of the Israeli clinics. This is particularly important for those who have lost all hope of healing.

Every year on the market there are the newest drugs that can fix things, prolong life and improve its quality. Never give up in the fight against a terrible disease. Quite possibly, it is not so and is incurable.


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