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Treatment of brain tumors in Israel

In treating brain tumors, doctors use in Israel microsurgical techniques. Jeweler operations preserves brain function and quality of life of patients.

Benefits of treatment in the clinic Assuta:

  • highly skilled professionals who constantly improve their level and exchange experience, including with foreign counterparts;
  • individual approach to the development of treatment programs - the combination of various treatment protocols;
  • advanced surgical approaches - microsurgery ensures the safety of healthy brain tissue;
  • the latest techniques of radiation and chemotherapy;
  • modern medical and diagnostic equipment Medical Center.

The cost of treatment you can ask consultants Assuta Medical Center. Treatment of brain tumors in IsraelThe treatment plan is made individually, taking into account all the subtleties. In the price are the prices on some of the procedures:

  1. Consultation of the oncologist - $ 600.
  2. Consultation neurosurgeon - $ 560.
  3. MRI - $ 1470.
  4. Histopathological examination - $ 1170
  5. Blood tests - from $ 80.
  6. Removal of the tumor of the brain (craniotomy) - 34 000 $.

Submit your application online, we will give all the necessary information about the prices, therapy and rehabilitation in Israel.

What are brain tumors?

They can be benign or malignant. The first are able to grow and put pressure on the surrounding tissue, but does not apply to them. Cancerous tumors same germinate into adjacent structures.

Primary tumors mostly not metastasize, but some of them create lesions in the spinal cord.

Types of brain tumors

Information about the type of tumors to help decide on the best treatment option brain tumors in Israel.

  1. The most common glioma. There are several types of it: astrocytomas, glioblastomas, oligodendrogliomas, and ependymomas. Some of them grow slowly, others quickly.
  2. Meningioma develops in the lining of the brain and in most cases is benign.
  3. Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. Rarely affects the brain. This swelling is called primary CNS lymphoma.
  4. Acoustic neuroma - a non-cancerous formation, developing in the auditory nerve. Another benign brain tumor, can be considered gemagioblastomu. It occurs in the cerebral vessels.
  5. Neoplasms affecting the pituitary gland that helps control the levels of hormones and are benign lesions.
  6. Tumors of the pineal gland - germinomas and teratoma are rare.
  7. Medulloblastoma - malignant tumors affect children more often than adults.

Symptoms of brain tumors

Symptoms develop slowly and quietly, or for a short period of time, generally determines the type of neoplasm. Tumors malignant and benign nature may develop similar symptoms.

Some of the symptoms are due to location of tumors. With growth, it begins to affect the surrounding tissue and prevents its normal functioning. Sometimes the tumor causes swelling, causing different symptoms.

  • Headaches - frequent manifestation, they are rarely the only symptom. The pain is mostly a dull, steady and sometimes throbbing. For most people, there are headaches from time to time, usually due to stress or strain. But if they are saved, or changed their nature, need to see a doctor. It is extremely important to see a doctor if the pain awake at night, in the morning, especially when the cause nausea.
  • Tumor can increase intracranial pressure. Other causes may be swelling around it or blocking flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Common symptoms of high pressure are headaches, feeling sick and vomiting. In addition, the possible double vision, lack of clarity of thought and balance problems. The pain is worse in the morning, when a person coughs, sneezes or bends.
  • Seizures often noted in tumors of the brain. Should you experience such attacks, the doctor prescribes anticonvulsants. There are different types of seizures, with loss of consciousness, biting of tongue or cheek. In other cases, people feel weird smells, and feelings. After the attack, as a rule, there is fatigue.
  • Changes in personality and behavior can affect thinking and memory. Sometimes family members or close friends notice it first.

Some of the symptoms are due to location neoplasms. They occur as the tumor interferes with the normal operation of the brain. We list a number of these problems:

  • The frontal lobe - changes in personality or behavior, lack of coordination in walking, or weakness in one side of the body.
  • The parietal lobe - problems with speech and understanding problems in the process of writing, reading and performing simple calculations, numbness or weakness on one side of the body.
  • In the temporal lobe - Difficulty with speech or memory.
  • The occipital lobe - problems with vision or partial loss.
  • In the cerebellum - the lack of coordination, double vision or blurred vision, unsteadiness or difficulty with speech.
  • In the brainstem - dizziness, staggering and poorly coordinated movements when walking, facial weakness, double vision or difficulty with speech and swallowing.
  • In the pituitary gland - the various symptoms associated with hormonal changes - irregular periods, infertility, weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, mood swings. The tumor in the pituitary gland may cause tunnel vision due to pressure on the optic nerves.
  • The nerves that control hearing and balance (auditory nerve) - acoustic neuroma is able to provoke hearing loss. When the diagnosis of neurofibromatosis people often completely lose their hearing.

Diagnosis of brain tumors in Israel

Treatment of brain tumors in IsraelA doctor in the clinic Assuta selects the most appropriate test for the particular situation. Possible types of surveys:

  1. blood tests and chest X-ray. Blood tests let you know more information about the general state of health. Chest X-ray studies the functioning of the lungs.
  2. MRI may be the first type of brain examination. This type of diagnostic uses magnetic properties to create detailed images. Before the procedure removes any metal objects. Performed the injection of contrast agent for a clearer and clearer picture. Sometimes assigned by magnetic resonance angiography to examine the state of the blood vessels of the brain. In some cases, it carried out nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to examine the reactivity malignancy.
  3. CT through a series of X-rays creates three-dimensional images of the brain. Scanning takes only a few minutes and is painless. It can be applied injection of contrast medium in the absence of asthma or allergy to iodine.
  4. A biopsy is needed to determine the type of tumor. First it is held MRI or CT - brain scans to determine the localization of the tumor. Then during a biopsy is made a small hole in the skull. By fine needle surgeon removes a small piece of tumor. When the malignant tumor is located deep inside the brain, stereotactic biopsy is performed. Sometimes the procedure is performed during an operation to remove the tumor. Usually after that you need to stay in hospital for several days.
  5. PET scans using low doses of radioactive glucose measuring activity of cells in different parts of the body. This method for the diagnosis of brain tumors in Israel allows to determine whether the tumor is growing, whether it is malignant or benign. The radioactive substance is administered intravenously, scanning is performed after a few hours. Cancer cells are more active, and this is evident in the study. This method is not often used in the diagnosis of brain tumors in Israel.
  6. SPECT (single photon emission computerized tomography) is similar to PET, but examines the state of the blood flow inside the body. It is similar.
  7. An angiogram is performed to investigate the brain blood vessels supplying blood to the tumor injection use colorant and X-rays. The dye is introduced through a catheter that is positioned in an artery in the groin area, arm or neck. , A series of X-rays. An angiogram is performed by CT or MRI.
  8. Lumbar puncture is sometimes carried out after the diagnosis ependymoma, to find abnormal cells in the cerebrospinal fluid. The doctor uses a local anesthetic for pain relief lower back and gently inserts a needle into the spinal column. Then take a small sample of cerebrospinal fluid. The survey is usually conducted on an outpatient basis, it only takes a few minutes. With increased intracranial pressure operates lumbar puncture, it is likely to be assigned later during the therapy.

Treatment of brain tumors in Israel

A group of doctors working with a patient develops treatment programs. The choice is influenced by such factors as the type of tumor, its size and location. Perhaps it will be a combination of several methods:

  1. Surgery - the main method of treatment of brain tumors in Israel. Type depends on the size and position of the neoplasm.
  2. Radiotherapy uses various types of ionizing radiation to destroy the abnormal cells with causing minimum harm to health.
  3. Chemotherapy in cancer treatment involves cytostatic agents in influencing the growth and division of cancer cells, but the specific harm is healthy.

Patients with slow-growing tumors without symptoms should give preference to active surveillance, or regular monitoring and to start treatment after the tumor begins to grow.

Symptom control is an important part of treatment. Patients may require steroids reduce swelling around the tumor. This facilitates the symptoms of the disease and improve well-being. In some patients there is a need for taking drugs to prevent seizures.

Surgical treatment of brain tumors in Israel

Treatment of brain tumors in Israel, the cost ofSurgical interventionis the main method of therapy of the disease. However, some tumors can not be removed, either because they are located in inaccessible places, or the risk of brain damage is too high. In such situations, other methods are used to treat tumors of the brain in Israel.

Selection operation caused neoplasms value and its position. Surgery is carried out:

  • To remove the sample to confirm the type of tumor.
  • For a complete resection of malignancy.
  • Removal of the tumor as possible.
  • To reduce the increased pressure in the brain due to accumulation of fluid.
  • For the introduction of chemotherapy directly into the brain.

Any kind of brain surgery is very demanding procedure. Only highly specialized surgeons perform such surgery in specialized medical centers. This is Assuta clinic. Here the use of new technologies and modern equipment, allowing to make work safer and easier.

The patient previously told in detail about the operation, the possible risks and benefits. If there is a possibility of brain damage in the course of the procedure, the doctor will give an explanation how it can affect. Potential effects depend on the areas of the brain that are involved. If the benign nature of the tumor, before making a decision, the patient can take the time to think.

Radiation therapy of brain tumors in Israel

Radiotherapy struggling with cancer by ionizing radiation. New technology development and limit the harmful effects on healthy tissue.

Irradiation in the treatment of brain tumors in Israel apply:

  • If you can not use surgery.
  • After the surgery, when the tumor is not removed completely.
  • After surgery to reduce the probability of the return of the disease.
  • With chemotherapy in highly malignant glioma.
  • When a low-grade tumor recurred after surgery.

external radiotherapy

Performed at the Institute for radiotherapyand radiosurgery at Assuta Hospital in a series of short, daily sessions. Therapy is conducted on weekdays 5 times a week, in some patients - three times. The duration of the treatment of brain tumors in Israel varies from two to six weeks. The determining factors are the type and size of the tumor. Before the start of radiotherapy doctor will discuss the plan with the patient.

stereotactic radiotherapy

Stereotactic treatment is available only in some specialized hospitals and is not suitable for all types of brain tumors.

This type of radiation therapy provides higher radiation dose compared to external irradiation. By small tumor directed radiation beams with different angles which intersect at the point malignancy. This provides a very accurate dose and less impact on the surrounding healthy tissue, reducing the risk of undesirable effects. The main indication are small tumors that can not be removed surgically.

Recommended therapy as one of the treatments or as the sole method.

stereotactic radiosurgery

This type of radiation therapy is prescribed as monotherapy, the procedure lasts about 30 minutes. Surgical interventions are not activated. Sometimes this type of treatment is called the gamma-therapy under the name used linear accelerator - the Gamma Knife. Using the diagnostic scan is determined by precise machining area. During the procedure used stereotactic frame, which with the help of markers indicate areas of treatment, in addition, thanks to her head is still in the process of therapy.

Chemotherapy is the treatment of brain tumors in Israel

Treatment of brain tumors in Israel, the cost ofChemotherapy- a medication that is used to kill cancer cells. It is used to treat certain brain tumors and relapses. There are many different cytostatics, but not all of them are used to treat brain tumors. Apply drugs able to pass through the natural protection of the brain (so-called blood-brain barrier).

Basic chemotherapy in the treatment of brain tumors in Israel:

  • temozolomide (temodal®)
  • procarbazine, lomustine, vincristine - alone or in combination.
  • carmustine.

Part cytostatics enters the body orally (temozolomide, lomustine, procarbazine), others - intravenously (vincristine, carmustine). After a course of treatment should be a period of rest for several weeks before you begin the next - all this cycle of treatment. Its duration is determined by the host cytotoxic drugs, most often it is 4-6 weeks. A doctor at Assuta will explain in detail how chemotherapy, how long it lasts.

Another method cytostatic treatment - placing the implant (Gliadel, Gliadel®), containing carmustine chemotherapy drug in the brain. Sometimes it is implemented with newly diagnosed malignant glioma high during operation. After the implant will dissolve within two to three weeks, the drug goes into the brain. The patient may be recommended a course of radiation.

Some patients recommend the chemotherapy drug temozolomide in conjunction with radiation therapy. The indication is basically a highly malignant glioma. The medicine is taken on a daily basis throughout the course of irradiation, which usually lasts 6 weeks. This causes more side effects, so it requires the appointment of good health. After completion of the combination treatment followed by a break, and then assigned to receive temozolomide for five days every four weeks during six cycles.


Alexander, 51 years old

"The first time I was diagnosed with brain cancer stage II, 44 years after the loss of co-ordination. The operation in Russia has given a chance to hope for healing. It has been a course of chemistry and radiation therapy. It suffers from side effects However, the symptoms worsened through the year I could not sit back hands, so decided to go to Assuta and it did at the hospital was treated by the best surgeon -.. .. Professor Shimon Maimon owe him my life Once passed all the same course on the chemistry and radiation processing, however, to compare my state that was ... Russian yes do not presume After the first session felt sick -. I adjusted the dose Further there was no hint of severe pain, vomiting Everything went well after 5 years after treatment, recovered and returned to normal life I want to give advice -.... do not waste time, when you are diagnosed with cancer. I want to live, and it is possible if you are treated by a doctor of extra class. Good luck to those who will pass t he difficult path of healing! "

Irina, 54 years old

"My husband had never been sick And in 57 years, his right side of his face." Wilted "fell down He could not even his own name to write with his right hand We suspected that the consequences of micro stroke But the survey found that this lymphoma -... Cancer B cells in the frontal lobe. Treatment of brain tumors in Israel immediately decided to go in Assuta. My friend was served here on gynecology, so we know that the level of medicine is very high. We were assigned chemotherapy and radiation rate. We stayed in total in the hospital for two months. Today, Eddie can sign the papers, th face took on the former expression is very grateful to doctors for the professionalism I do not know what to do if lost someone close shame one -... why in our country there is no such equipment and the careful attention of doctors to patients problems Because we are all people, and. we want to live as long as possible. "


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