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Glioblastoma Treatment in Israel

Glioblastoma - primary brain tumor. The most common malignantgliomadifferent aggressive nature, the prognosis for the future is not as promising as in other cancers. In this regard, the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel, the largest private clinic Assuta, significantly increases the chances of survival after therapy. The medical establishment is famous for the best doctors, the new technologies and drugs used in the treatment process.

We offer restoration of health experts at an affordable cost, you will always find on our site. According to the approved prices for foreigners surgery to remove the tumor (craniotomy) will cost from 33 thousand dollars.

Own practice in the hospital is organized in such luminaries of medicine, Professor Zvi Ram, Dr. Svetlana Zalmanova, Kaner Andrew Blumenthal Court and many others.

Do not waste your time thinking, please contact the clinic today. This will allow you to get a competent and effective treatment of malignant brain tumors in a timely manner.

Glioblastoma - rapid cancer takes the lives of

Glioblastoma Treatment in IsraelMedical statistics show that primary glioblastoma develops in 60-70% of cases of brain damage, while in 30-40% of cases the tumor is a secondary character appearance. Overall survival patient depends, to a greater extent on the molecular state of the tumor and treatment of the patient and the sending of additional factors (age, health).

The typical patient who comes to the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel - a white middle-aged man. However, the disease occurs in all age groups, including children. Doctors believe 100% correlation with the use of alcohol, tobacco, using glioblastoma has mobile phones. Its causes are not fully understood. It is only known that the disease can provoke effects of radiation and gene disruptions. Symptomatology it is not too extensive. The most striking signs of trouble are:

  • Headache that has plagued man constantly. Its intensity is different - from the tedious nagging pain to severe migraine attacks. But most pronounced pain on waking.
  • Cognitive problems - distraction, forgetfulness, impaired speech and articulation.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Sharply manifested intracranial pressure.
  • Seizures.

When these symptoms necessarily an immediate visit to the neurologist, in some cases, planned visits are not possible, since it requires emergency care. Glioblastoma develops in glial cells, have small inclusions of necrotic tissue surrounded by anaplastic cells.

This is the most common type of brain cancer 4 class. It can occur in any part of the brain. But most often develops in the frontal and temporal lobes.


glioblastoma treatment in Israel, the pricesThe Assuta presented innovative treatments for glioblastoma in Israel - using advanced diagnostic tools, imaging tests, and laboratory evaluation, doctors evaluate the situation from all sides, paving the way for the creation of a competent and effective treatment of the disease. A comprehensive health assessment takes 3-5 days, after which the expert group is developing therapeutic protocol including advanced medical procedures and technologies, combined with integration services of oncology practices to reduce side effects and maintain health at the proper level.

A thorough and accurate diagnosis - the first step in developing a treatment plan. A group of doctors during the course of therapy uses imaging tests for monitoring tumor size, monitoring response to treatment of the body. If necessary, the treatment plan can be adjusted during the implementation of the original of the minutes.

The overall diagnostic plan includes the following tests:

Physical exam, study the state of healthAngiography
Biopsylaboratory tests
Nuclear medicine, bone scansOther imaging techniques

Whenever possible, carry out a complete surgical removal of the cancerous tissue. If resection is threatening neurological function, a doctor performs a biopsy, removing a small amount of diseased tissue for further study. This gives a chance to properly assess the tumor. For tumors located in inaccessible areas or critical areas of the brain, using a special needle.

The doctor picks up a sample of tissue or fluid. A pathologist examines it under a microscope, revealing whether cancer cells. Biopsy shows whether the cancer has begun at the location of the tumor, or come from other areas of the body. Biopsy under ultrasound, CT or MRI, if there are difficulties in conducting diagnostic (eg, a large depth location of the tumor). Depending on the type of biopsy is used anesthesia, the patient does not feel discomfort.

Among the laboratory tests performed genomic tests glioblastoma. It helps to find DNA changes that trigger the growth of cancer cells. By identifying mutations that occur in the genome of malignant cells, can understand what caused the abnormal changes that can stop them. Considered rational conduct molecular profiling of tumors. tissue sample is tested for the presence of various enzymes, proteins, and genes to determine the most effective treatment.

Recently, the spread was another test - determining the nutritional panel, in which patients are assessed for nutritional deficiencies (vitamin D, iron). With the identification of the patient builds up a diet to maintain quality of life. For the diagnosis of a variety of laboratory tests are used to collect blood samples and thorough review.

During angiography, X-rays make multiple detailed images of cerebral blood vessels. This test is used to plan surgical treatment of glioblastoma in Israel, when will conduct a resection of the tumor, located near the area of ​​the brain where there is a large amount of blood vessels. The test used for embolization (closing) of vessels supplying tumors, to perform surgery. To determine whether the cancer has not spread to the bone structure, helping nuclear medicine - bone scan using nuclear imaging. In order to identify the exact location and size of the tumor using imaging techniques (MRI, CT, US, PET).

During the first two days after your arrival at Assuta, we will carry out a full range of diagnostic tests, carefully examine the medical history, symptoms. The doctor will conduct a medical review, neurological examination, asks some questions, check vision, hearing, motor skills, memory, and other processes.

Glioblastoma Treatment in Israel - the methods, techniques, practices

glioblastoma treatment in Israel reviewsSurgical resection requiring craniotomy is usually the first step in the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel - operation involves the removal of the tumor tissue to reduce the pressure in the brain. The Assuta used minimally invasive surgery for patients with tumors in hard to reach places. It uses the six-step Pillar-approach, combining the latest advances in neurosurgery. With him even inoperable tumors can be treated. The method includes mapping, GPS navigation technology, the use of complex optics, instrumentation, resection. During the procedure, neurosurgeons provide access to a tumor the size of a coin. Special navigation and specialized tools allow the surgeon to safely navigate through the natural folds and the delicate fibers of the brain.

In addition to surgery are turning to radiation therapy using the latest technology IMRT and stereotactic systems to chemotherapy and targeted therapies with the latest generation of drugs. The clinic Assuta doctors are doing the impossible - they often heal even those tumors, prognosis which was extremely unfavorable.

Prices for treatment of tumor in Israel

Glioblastoma - is one of the most difficult to treat diseases. Therapy and surgery is assigned a doctor and depends on the complexity and stage of development. To know the exact cost of treatment in Israel, you need to leave the application on our website. Below is the cost of individual procedures:

  1. neurosurgeon Consultation - $ 560
  2. Complete blood count - $ 260
  3. Histopathology remote biopata - 1170 $
  4. Craniotomy (removal of the tumor) - $ 35790. The price includes all analyzes craniotomy, rehabilitation, doctors' fees.

It is best to assess the degree of qualification of doctors, the level of care our patients can be on reviews.

Testimonials about the treatment of glioblastoma in Israel

"After glioblastoma mom did not respond to radiation, it was decided to put it on the target therapy. It's amazing, but the swelling has decreased by 65% ​​after 4 treatments. We recommend operation, but we are afraid. However, every day I am convinced the professionalism of doctors Assuta, so I think that everything will go well and for the operation. Mom is still alive, and this is the great progress for us. After all, in Russia in our case would not even take. larisa, Yaroslavl. "

"My husband was in the Assuta through surgery to remove glioblastoma. It was scary, but all went well. On the head of even traces almost gone. Thank you so much! Nelly, Moscow"


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