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Treatment of cancer of the larynx in Israel

throat cancer treatmentLaryngeal cancer is the most common head and neck oncology in many Western countries. The Authority has extensive functionality, including breathing, voice production, swallowing. The aim pursued by the treatment of laryngeal cancer in Israel, - to provide the best oncologic control, optimization of operating potential.

Benefits of treatment in Assuta

  • Best shots of world medicine.
  • Innovative equipment.
  • The newest drugs, many of which are the result of clinical trials, taking place on the basis of scientific clinic sites.
  • Infrastructure, comfort at all stages of the service.

Assuta Hospital offers Russian-speaking patients to different treatment options. Depending on the size of the tumor, possible metastasis, health status and age of the patient, as well as its financial capacity, set an adequate treatment plan.

Laryngeal cancer - etiology, symptoms, risk factors

Larynx (voice box) is disposed in the upper part of the trachea (windpipe). The larynx contains the vocal cords, which produce vibrating sound. When cancerous lesions in the body rapidly grow the abnormal cells. Most cancers occur in flat cells lining the inside of the larynx. Symptoms include:

Enduring sore throat, cough

Unpleasant sensations when swallowing

A hoarse voice, the edited Voice

Pain sensitivity in the ear

Blood stained sputum

A lump in the throat

Among the causes and risk factors, experts say the next state, gender-sensitive and age-related criteria:

Age over 50 years

Men being treated for throat cancer in Israel is 4 times more likely than women

Tobacco use (95% of patients - smokers)

alcohol abuse

Acid reflux

Exposure to human papillomavirus (HPV)

weakened immune system

Intense exposure to wood dust, some chemicals

Diagnosis rakagorla in Israel

For the diagnosis of the doctor asks questions about symptoms, medical history. The specialist conducts a physical examination of the throat, paying attention to swollen lymph nodes. Among the main methods of diagnosis:

  • Laryngoscopy - examination of the larynx with the help of a laryngoscope (a thin tube light).
  • Endoscopy - the study of the internal structures of the endoscope. If necessary, a removal of tissue samples of lymph nodes for histological analysis.
  • Computed tomography (CT) scan - X-ray examination, which produces a series of images of the internal structures. Images are displayed on a computer monitor. For brighter displays used fabrics profile dye introduced through a vein or orally.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - a machine that combines the power of magnetic fields and radio waves software produces body images.
  • Biopsy - removal of cells or tissues that are later examined under a microscope for signs of cancer. Advantageously used fine needle aspiration biopsy.
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) - body scan to determine the prevalence of metastasis. Absorbing administering to glucose, the tumor is clearly distinguished at the photographs.
Innovative Diagnostic method in clinic Assuta is inspection using an optical fiber whose thickness hardly exceeds 0.2 cm. The physician introduces the fiber through the nostrils, noting changes in the internal structures of the nasopharynx. Simultaneously with this removal can be carried altered tissue cells. Arriving on the treatment of laryngeal cancer in Israel, Assuta patients are required to undergo a biopsy or biopsy test for the presence of cancer when the study materials brought.

israeli doctors

Private medical complex has no permanent staff, but is looking for the best doctors in the world. It is here that patients can choose the doctor, under whose control will pass therapies, rehabilitation equipment. Among experts in the treatment of cancer of the throat in Israel who are in private practice in the clinic, it should be noted:

  • Professor Ziv Gil - he graduated from the University of Medicine of Tel Aviv, trained in Miami, New York, Pittsburgh. It specializes in open surgery, endoscopic methods. Participates in professional associations cancer surgeons of Israel and the United States.
  • Dr. Avi Hifets - basic education at Tel Aviv University, training in leading centers of America. The head of the center ofthe correction of cancer of the head and neck in the Assuta, teaching in medical schools, printed in scientific journals.
  • Dr. Amir Aharon - shining reconstructive surgery, microsurgical techniques. He graduated from the Tel Aviv Medical University, trained in Glasgow, Toronto. He headed the department in Ichilov Hospital, Carmel. An active member of the scientific communities of America and Israel.
  • Dr. Moshe Yehuda - cancer surgery, reconstructive methods. Basic education - Tel-Aviv University, training in Canada, USA, France. Conducts endoscopic laser surgery uses robotic equipment.

Also among the eminent doctors said Dr. Uri Peleg, Raphael Pfeffer, radiologist Svetlana Zalmanov, Mark Vigoda and others.

Throat Cancer Treatment in Israel

Assuta Hospital specialists have successfully used new methods of cancer treatment. This maximizes the chances of cancer patients on the excellent results of corrective actions. Oncology is not simply eradicated from the body, but also the patient retains the ability to eat, speak, live a normal life. The revolutionary technology therapy include minimally invasive surgical techniques, the latest radiosurgery circuit targeted therapies chemistry. Depending on the type of cancer, the extent of its spread, apply a correction method or program complex therapy.


The revolutionary technology in the field of robotics and laser surgery have opened a new era in the treatment of throat cancer. Assuta surgeons have the most modern equipment to perform operations such as:

  • Minimally invasive or endoscopic surgery: the method allows you to remove the tumor through the mouth, without cuts and with little or no changes in speech and swallowing functions.
  • Transoral laser microsurgery (TLM): Flexible, hollow fibers pass CO2 laser energy, which allows surgeons to reach difficult areas and perform a 360-degree tumor resection.
  • Transoral robotic surgery (TORS): offers the benefits of computer technology, specialized surgical instruments and advanced three-dimensional images. The clinic Assuta da Vinci® Surgical System - one of the latest additions to operational practices.

Conducting partial laryngectomy removes the vocal cords and thyroid cartilage, keeping other vital structures needed for breathing, swallowing, speech playback.


It is used to shrink a tumor before surgery or destruction of abnormal cells after surgery. In combination with radiation used to treat inoperable tumors. Israel has given the modern treatment regimens with the least side effects on the body.

radiation therapy

The hospital uses a modulated radiation therapy intensity (IMRT), proton therapy. There are used all exposure techniques - brachytherapy, 3-D conformal treatment. Individual selection circuit and the method makes possible a tremendous impact on cancer structure, wherein the healthy tissue not in contact with the agent kills cancer.

biological therapy

throat cancer treatment in Israel with the help of the drug Cetuximab deserved special attention. Effect of the drug is aimed at deformation of cancerous cell growth processes, resource locking for their reproduction. Often combined with radiation when used to correct advanced stages. Let's say if you can not use the chemistry of people with infectious lesions of the body, kidney disease, heart.


As with throat cancer and its treatment affect breathing, hearing, speech, at Assuta apply the full set of measures for the rehabilitation and reconstruction. In particular, they include professional speech therapy, organ reconstruction using implants. Surgeons and oncologists work together with experts in the field of speech pathology, audiology.

After surgery personalized nutrition program applied (artificial support for the meal), speech therapy course for the restoration of the vocal cords. The clinic uses a unique equipment - "elektrogortan" through which the patient recovers faster and better opportunities lost.

Prices, reviews the treatment of laryngeal cancer in Israel

The cost of treatment in Israel is more favorable compared to the service in European clinics, the quality of services, equipment, professional staff are on a single level. Finding your way on the amounts you can cost diagnostic services and therapy:

  1. Oncologist Consultation - $ 600.
  2. PET-CT / CT of the neck - 1670/550 dollars.
  3. Blood tests - 80-280 dollars.
  4. Biopsy - 610 dollars.
  5. Chemotherapy (1 session) + drugs - 1080 + dollars from 360 dollars.
  6. Radiotherapy is one of the field (the number of fields defined by the doctor) - $ 220.
  7. Simulation (1 session) - 1205 dollars.
  8. Laringoplastika - from $ 15,000.
  9. Laryngectomy - from $ 50,000.


"Treated larynx cancer in Assuta Dr. Yehuda. Passed radiation treatment, surgery Da Vinci. Restores with the tube serving food, working with a speech therapist. In spite of serious illness and complex treatment, I am alive and well today feel. Igor, 54 years old ".


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