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treatment of breast cancer in Israel

treatment of breast cancer in IsraelBreast cancer - a dangerous disease, the spread of cancer pathology. According to the National Cancer Fund of America, annual fixed 200 000 new cases of the disease in the United States, 40,000 people have died in the past year. A similar pattern - in all countries of the world. Indicators of the disease have risen over the past 50 years. In 1960, the diagnosis was made every 20 women, but today the disease is subject to one in eight women. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, then go through quality diagnosis for further treatment plan you can in Israel. A chance for a cure is always there. The main thing is not to lose time looking for the right doctor and make a quick decision about treatment.

The clinic Assuta treatment of breast cancer in Israel is carried out in accordance with international standards of medical practice. There are developed and applied new technologies and therapies. Patients come here from Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland and America. Reasonable cost of breast cancer treatment in Israel attracts patients from different countries. Compared with the same America service in the hospital for a fee costs are cheaper by 30-50%.

Facts about the terrible disease

To understand how dangerous the disease, study of the pathology evidence, look closely at the figures of statistics:

Breast cancer - the main cause of death for women 40-55 years old


patients - a woman younger than 45 years. At this age, the treatment of breast cancer in Israel is helping thousands of patients return to normal life. If you do not detect abnormalities in time and did not receive treatment, the cancer is developing rapidly, leaving no chance for salvation.


80% of the seals found in the breast - benign. However, it is necessary to examine the seal immediately. Careful diagnosis helps in accurate diagnosis.


patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer in Israel, self compacting found in breast self-examination result. Women and men encouraged to periodically probe the breast, that in the event of dangerous symptoms seek immediate medical attention.


patients with breast cancer have no family members with the disease. The family history is not a pathology, and it eliminates the factor of inheritance of the disease.

Unfortunately, the current practice of oncologic relatively ignorant in the matter of cancer. Incorrect treatment does more harm than tangible benefits. Services paid clinics in Russia are expensive, in Europe the cost figure is even higher. For the treatment of breast cancer in Israel are democratic prices, and the results are impressive. About 95% of patients seeking the services of Israeli doctors in the early stages of cancerous diseases, healed from a terrible disease forever forgetting the danger.

on prevention

According to scientists, more than 45% of breast cancer cases can be avoided by taking a number of recommendations. Confirm this paleo-anthropological studies of ancient people. The ancestors are not faced with cancer pathology. For the first time cancer loudly declared itself with the advent of atmospheric pollution, modified products, chemicals. This became the basis of the assumption that the oncology - artificially induced disease.

Patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer in Israel - not only women. Among them are men, though much more rarely. Disease is diagnosed more often in middle age. Due to the low prevalence among men, it became apparent in the late stages. In addition, men are rarely to be vigilant against the disease, do not pay attention to the seal in the chest, do not engage in self-examination.

Interesting fact! Israeli scientists have argued that the risk of disease is higher in men, employed in the petrochemical industry. For those whose professional activity is related to gasoline and petrochemical components containing fluids.

Types of breast cancer - an anthology of disease

Considering the typology of breast cancer, should be made non-invasive and invasive cancer:

  • Non-invasive - the tumor is localized clearly in the original place of education, the cancer cells have not gone on the surrounding area. The most common ductal carcinoma (DCIS) type 1 formed in the lining of the milk ducts. A noninvasive breast cancer is sometimes called the zero stage cancer.
  • Invasive cancer - cancer cells infiltrate or spread outside the membrane. Invasive cancer can come in I, II, III, IV stage, depending on the degree of spread of malignant cells in an organism.

In the treatment of breast cancer in Israel is taken into account the place of location of the tumor, the type of affected tissue:

  • Milk ducts - ductal carcinoma - the spread of breast pathology.
  • Milk-producing lobules - lobular cancer that develops in the lobules of the breast, where milk is produced.
  • Connective tissues (muscles, blood vessels) - Here the tumor is rare, but these cases are diagnosed.

The most rare and aggressive form - inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). The pathology occurs suddenly. It is often confused with an infectious disease, mastitis. Damaged breast becomes red, swollen, hot. This occurs due to blockage of lymphatics cancer cells. Often the treatment of breast cancer in Israel this type of patients arriving at later stages. In spite of that competent therapy creates the impossible. There are many stories of successful healing.

Inflammatory breast cancer occurs in 1-5% of cases of all malignant pathologies and common among young women. Very rarely IBC affects both men. Therefore, you must take extra care if these symptoms are found or there are signs of mastitis breast.

Symptoms of breast cancer

The most common signs, which may be suspected of a disease include the following:

  • lump in her breast, a lump by palpation, which is detectable independently;
  • nipple discharge, which are sometimes bloody character;
  • change in the size or shape of the breast;
  • changes in the breast skin, the appearance of redness, similar to ripples stretch marks, depressed dimples, similar to cellulite;
  • pain and discomfort in the chest;
  • inverted nipple, its peeling, obscure any changes in skin structure;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the armpits.

Upon detection of these symptoms should seek immediately to the oncologist to undergo diagnostic procedures. Timely treatment of breast cancer in Israel saved many lives. The less time developing the disease, the greater the chances of the restoration of health and the higher the survival prognosis in patients with a diagnosis of cancer. However, it is not necessary to raise a panic, if you have a lump in the breast. Remember that most education is benign. In addition, these symptoms may indicate a more unfavorable condition, which is also subject to the identification and correction.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel - the causes of disease

treatment of breast cancer in IsraelWhat causes breast cancer? Not inflammation - it is only the key process that prepares the ground for the development of cancer. There are many aggravating circumstances - from food to lifestyle. One thing is certain - inflammation in the chest causes the growth of breast cancer stem cells.

A big role in the pathology plays a synthetic hormone replacement therapy. The growth of estrogen in a woman's body increases the risk of cancer. It should be alert to take the drug, monitor health signs continuously.

There are a number of studies, according to which one of the risk factors in the development of breast cancer is mammography - a method of breast diagnosis , recommended to conduct after 40 years. It is known that ionizing radiation increases cell mutations that lead to cancer. Mammography - a directional radiation. When diagnosing breast tightly compressed. At the initial stage of development of a cancer may be the reason why the mutated cells begin to proliferate. American scientist Samuel Epstein argues that the premenopausal breast is sensitive to radiation, each passage of mammography increases the risk of cancer by 1%.

A simple method of diagnosis - breast self-palpation, which recommend experts oncologists. You have to feel your breasts regularly in search of change. Ideally - you need to hold them every month.

Assuta Hospital Doctors 

The best solution in the presence of suspected breast cancer - go to the clinic Assuta, where treatment is conducted by professional doctors. Upon arrival, you will need to be diagnosed. Comprehensive survey takes between three days and includes:

  • examination of the patient, consultative reception leading oncologist;
  • blood tests for tumor markers, and detailed biochemical composition formula;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • mammogram on an innovative RUTH equipment;
  • biopsy wall material for histology and cytology;
  • PET-CT, MRI.

The list of tests varies depending on the prescription program. According to the results leading oncologist clinic is individual therapy protocol.

Diagnostics, which precedes the treatment of breast cancer in Israel will cost from 1825 to 3730 dollars depending on the composition of the package of procedures.

When carrying out a mastectomy cost of treatment ranges from 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

The cost of treatment depends on the correct methods and duration of stay abroad. The clinic Assuta operate world-class experts in the field of oncology. Among them are doctors:

You can choose, to what expert you want to go for a consultation. Can you trust the opinion of Assuta professionals. After the examination the doctor will recommend a specialist consultant on the profile of your disease.

Benefits of breast cancer treatment in Israel

When deciding on a trip to Israel, please note the following facts. Only here:

  • Percentage of healing is from 95 100 to treatment with early medical services.
  • The lowest rates of complications and recurrence after treatment.
  • The predominance of nephron-sparing surgery. Doctors use the latest development of surgical practice, carry out operations aimed at saving organs and their full functionality.
  • Robotic equipment in surgical practice. The surgical treatment is attended robotic devices. Such as the da Vinci robot and so forth.

An important factor in the decision - Israel carried out all kinds of reconstructive medicine operations. Experienced doctors will restore the breasts to the maximum natural effect.

Many patients, going to Israel, try to get a consultation with Dr. Moshe Inbar. Leading oncologist it is known in professional circles and among patients skill, experience and expertise in clinical oncology. The Assuta Moshe Inbar maintains a private practice.

His fame spread far beyond Israel. With respect to the professor are in Austria, France, America, Britain, where he practiced treatment, and an internship. Professor part of the most reputable professional associations in Europe and Asia, taught in universities for students and oncologists engaged in scientific activities. The high competence Inbar says his qualifications. He has been seriously ill patients with a diagnosis of cancer of the breast, stomach, urethra, uterus, and other organs. If you decide to get to Moshe Inbar, for consultation, call us or send an e-mail address. Our experts will promptly contact you to clarify the details of the treatment in the clinic.

a team of doctors in the treatment of breast cancer in Israel - on the road to recovery

After passing through the diagnostic procedures aimed at detecting breast cancer, you will work with a team of experienced professionals, which includes:

  • medical oncologist;
  • cancer surgeon;
  • radiation oncologist;
  • a professional in the field of chemotherapy;
  • and possibly a number of other specialists.

In addition, the team includes oncology nurse and a registered dietitian. If your mood does not allow to hope for a quick cure, you may need help of a professional psychologist or therapist.

Choosing the right medical team - the key to successful treatment. Before undergoing therapy consultant oncologist will bring you into the swing of things, explain the upcoming treatment of nuances and subtleties, designate objectives, expected results, forecasts, potential side effects.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, identify their problems and concerns. Do not forget that doctors only develop options for correction of health. The choice is yours. Treatment options depend on the stage of the disease. Influence on the composition of therapeutic procedures are:

  • the size of tumors;
  • the results of diagnostic tests;
  • the patient's age;
  • health status, presence of chronic diseases;
  • family health history.

At stage 0 breast retained. Held lumpectomy to consolidate the results of the method of radiation treatment to destroy any remaining cancer cells after surgery. In rare cases, a mastectomy followed by administration of drugs that suppress pathological processes in the body.

In step 1, 2 and 3A performed surgical excision of the tumor with radiation therapy . Depending on the situation, held a mastectomy with removal of axillary lymph nodes. Many patients decide to make a bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstruction of the removed organs for their own reassurance. By decision of the doctor performed chemotherapy before surgery to reduce the size of tumors. Also held hormone therapy in combination with other methods.

In step 3, 3 B, C is the treatment with cytotoxic agents, further include other correction methods. Mastectomy can be realized with the elimination of the lymph nodes, radiation treatment. In very rare cases it is possible to save the breast by removing the tumor. After the surgery is performed chemotherapy, targeted therapy, practiced hormonal drugs. It - measures against the possible recurrence in the future.

In step 4 practiced radiation therapy, cytotoxic drugs, hormones and combined methods. The ongoing correction of the disease is aimed at preserving the life of the patient. If you are interested in breast cancer treatment in Israel, the prices of procedures and residence abroad at the time of the passage of the therapeutic course, consult our specialists. We guarantee a quick review of your treatment and make the most detailed answers to the questions to us.

The clinic Assuta you will find professional medical composition, modern equipment, advanced technology for treating cancer , comfortable service. Many physicians are fluent in Russian, which excludes confusion barrier and on contact with experts. For a detailed answer to your questions, please send to our address the existing documentation on hand to confirm your diagnosis. We will promptly reply to a query.

Examples of requests for treatment in Israel
urgent treatment of breast cancer in Israel
  • Mr. *****

     My mother in '54. She complained of feeling Weed chest. He says that a small tumor from her for 20 years, but never bothered. Unfortunately, only now it is reported that over 1.5 years, the tumor began to grow in size, that prompted her to contact the Oncology Center. I handed over the analysis, waiting for results. But the doctor said previously that there is a suspicion on oncology. to be honest - it's a nightmare and horror for me, because Mom is the only value in my life. Perhaps it will not sound patriotic, but treatment in Russia in general, and especially cancer, I am skeptical. The whole world knows that the best practices and the results speak exclusively Israeli doctors and clinics in the matter. Please, help!!! I am ready at any time to arrange Moms trip to Israel for carrying out all necessary tests and treatment, without wasting time waiting for and double-check the results of our doctors. I need the best clinics, the best doctors, the best treatment and the best results! Known fact that pull in these areas is strictly prohibited and played every minute of paramount importance. 

confirmation of the diagnosis of cancer of breast in Israel
  • Mr. *****

    Prompt service costs Assuta to establish the diagnosis (revision of PET-CT and, if necessary vertebral biopsy for verification) and the resulting treatment recommendations. My mother 69 years old. In 1989, she underwent surgery to remove the breast. Biopsy before surgery did not. Histology after radiation therapy of tumor cells not obnaruzhila.V November 2016. by CT she was diagnosed with spinal metastases. it was not possible to establish the source of metastasis. Did PET-CT whole organism stsentigrafiyu, colonoscopy, fibrogastroscopy, mammogram, puncture thyroid, ultrasound of the abdomen and kidney assays exception of myeloma. The tumor was not found. The doctors on the basis of a consultation is currently diagnosed -retsidiv breast cancer. Once in 28 days makes a dropper zolendronovoy acid. Furthermore it was discharged kapetsitabinum 0.5 8 tablets per day for 2 nedeli.Bespokoyat periodic pain in the hand and between the scapulae, numb fingers. Cervical vertebrae 6.7 and 1.2 rib practically destroyed. Besides PET CT showed accumulation of the drug in 1.4 and rib bones of the pelvis. 

treatment of breast cancer (T2) in Israel Assuta
  • A*****

    My mother breast-cancer diagnosis (T2). She '61. IHC Results: estrogen reception positive in 0%, 0% progesterone tumor cells. Status HER2 3+. Ki-67 index of 50%. Interested estimated cost of diagnosis, chemotherapy and surgery in Assuta. 

Israel interested in rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment
  • H *****

    I did radical resection of the left breast, held chemistry from 2 to 4 designated (canceled by allergic reaction), adopted 16 radiation therapy sessions. Is it possible you have to undergo a course of rehabilitation? complication after radiotherapy, inflamed moknet seam vospalen.bolevoy sndrom, radikalnaya resection, swelling, maroon breast, hormone therapy, the tumor responds well to the hormones.


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