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Diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel

For the diagnosis of breast cancer are different methods used in Israel. The exact set of procedures prescribed by the physician, based on the specific situation that a patient appealed. There are research programs which acquire more profitable than pay for individual tests, as they come out cheaper. Thus, the package of diagnostic procedures will cost from 1825 to 3730 dollars. The structure of the study will include:

  • consultation leading oncologist Assuta Hospital;
  • blood tests for the detection of tumor markers;
  • biochemistry, launched the formula blood tests;
  • audit biopsy.

The more expensive the survey diagnostics package includes biopsy and PET-CT. Prescribed by a doctor may recommend other treatments that will gather more information about the study of the tumor, learn its nature, stage, rate of spread of cancer cells throughout the body and other details.

Diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel - standard methods

Diagnosis of breast cancer in IsraelTo detect changes in the breast using the following surveys Forks:

  • Visual inspection of the doctor, palpation, medical history, family history - a doctor interrogates the patient's state of health, finds well-being, presence of chronic diseases. Palpable breast and lymph nodes for finding the changes that examines the possible causes of the disease, habits and preferences, which could serve as an impetus to develop the disease.
  • Aims at Mammalogy - radiological diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel is carried out on an innovative RUTH equipment.
  • US - profile equipment helps to get in the survey echoes are converted into images on a computer monitor - a sonogram. The picture can be viewed in real time, and later, to mark the change in the structure of the internal organs, if any.
  • MRI - using this method, the doctor diagnoses breast cancer in Israel, studying a series of detailed pictures of both breasts. Otherwise, the procedure is called nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Analysis of blood biochemistry - the study of blood on the content of certain substances. changes in the level, taken as the norm, says unfavorable condition of the patient and is a symptom of the disease.
  • PET-CT - a physician performs a computerized images of the mammary glands to identify abnormal activity of abnormal cell structures, to discover where the focus is location. The technology is used widely in the diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel, as it allows even fix the minimum pockets abnormalities - 2.8 mm. Nuclear imaging method combines positron emission tomography and computed tomography. During scanning, the patient is first administered a glucose solution with a small addition of a radioactive substance which is absorbed by the organs studied. The patient is then placed on the table, which goes into a tunnel scanner. Apparatus spots altered zone in the body, due to administration of contrast medium, it determines the tumor stage and its features. The procedure is painless and does not bring discomfort.

Biopsy - the exact method for determining cancer

Biopsy - a fence of material for cytology and histology. The doctor takes the cells (specimen) altered tissue, to later pathologist examined them under a microscope to identify signs of cancer. Biopsy different methods - excision, incision, broad tip and by fine-needle aspiration.

During the examination, the doctor removes a sample of tissue or fluid from the patient. A pathologist examines the cells, so that can tell whether the place of the fence fabric hotbed of the disease or become just another place for the spread of cancer variance body. Some types of biopsies carried out under the direction of images - such as ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging. This allows the doctor to collect the cells, located in the deeper chambers.

Depending on the type of biopsy used in the diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel, discusses the use of anesthesia to neutralize the pain. Compared with other methods of diagnosis, a biopsy is more accurate. Upon confirmation cancer prescribe additional tests to examine the atypical cells.

More about the Less Learn Different types of breast biopsies in Assuta.

Diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel - more research

Diagnosis of breast cancer in IsraelThe develop a Competent the To protocol for Treating cancer in Israel tumor Examined from all sides. With the help of methods of diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel receive the information:

  • of the velocity of propagation of malignant cells in an organism;
  • the possibility of metastasis in healthy organs and tissues;
  • the effectiveness of certain technologies Breast treatment ;
  • about the likelihood of relapse after primary therapy.

The following procedures can be assigned:

  • The test for measuring the levels of estrogen and progesterone - hormonal examination, which lets you know whether the cancer result of hormonal imbalance in the body and whether hormones lock stop the spread of disease.
  • Fish analysis of breast cancer- study of gene HER2 / Neu protein and appropriate nature. If the level of the norm is exceeded, treatment can be based on the use of drugs that target protein. This helps to stop the aggressive growth of the tumor;
  • Multigene tests to study tissue samples to the level of gene activity. With this method of diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel is possible to determine whether the cancer metastasize and whether recurrences after treatment possible.

Metastatic breast cancer analysis

Our doctors use radiofrequency ablation for patients with breast cancerwith metastases in the liver, endobronchial ultrasound system with metastases in the lungs and kyphoplasty - with bone metastases. Assuta doctors have extensive experience in the treatment of breast cancer with metastasis to other organs and parts of the body. Common space for the emergence of metastases - lung, bone, liver, skin, brain. If the diagnosis of breast cancer in Israel identifies the metastatic nature of the tumor, doctors use advanced techniques and tests in order to plan treatment.

Popularly holding bone scanning in breast cancer and bone scan, which gives an idea about the capture of the patient's bone cancer pathology. The method helps to identify the places where any metastases. This imaging test to detect cancer cells in the bones, found infection, arthritis, complicating the situation. During scanning, a small dose is administered substance in the patient's vein to spread through the bloodstream. A place of increased activity of cancer cells become visible on the monitor.

According to the general results of the study doctor will determine the treatment strategy, which brings the maximum effect. The clinic Assuta survey carried out in operational terms, often taking no more than 3 days. After waiting for test results creates stress and psychological distress. To ease the anxiety and starttreatment of cancer earlier, reducing the waiting time using the latest diagnostic equipment.


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