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Fish analysis in breast cancer

fish analysis in breast cancerGo fish analysis in breast cancer clinic Assuta offers. Fluorescent hybridization, otherwise referred to as FISH (FISH) - a genetic test, which gives an idea of ​​the nature of the tumor. Studying neoplasm FISH method, the physician will know whether the cancer is positive or negative with respect to the gene HER2. Present in the cells of the body copy of the gene to stimulate the growth of abnormal cancer cells. After the passed diagnosis, the doctor will be able to make the most detailed treatment plan.

The modern laboratory complex Assuta Hospital conducts FISH (FISH) analysis to assess the cancer pathologies the chest:

  • The unique test gives an accurate picture of the nature of the tumor, its peculiarities.
  • Private hospital has powerful resources to achieve results.
  • We have the best doctors of Israel, diagnosis and treatment are carried out on individual schemes.

Call to find out how to arrange for treatment. Restore the health of the largest hospital in the Middle East.

Fish test for breast cancer - the mechanism of cancer development

Receptors HER2 gene responsible for producing HER2 proteins which are receptors present in malignant cells. When activated receptors in cancer cells is signaled necessity of division and multiplication. Normally, HER 2 receptors regulate the growth of breast cancer cells, keeping healthy balance in the tissues.

However, it is proved that HER 2 gene is excessively produced in one of the five cases oncology. This means that instead of just one copy of the gene is present in humans the gene from each parent. This explains the excess of HER receptors in the body, causing uncontrolled and aggressive growth of the tumor.

Go fish analysis in breast cancer is necessary in order to see how the cause of disease in the body is associated with abnormal production of receptors. You need to know whether the HER2 positive or negative type of cancer. There are treatments that are specifically designed for the receptor HER 2 positive breast cancer. The analysis allows to save time in the search of effective methods of influence.

When the reaction is carried fish in breast cancer, the physician uses the profile colorants for visualization of chromosomal abnormalities. Damage to the studied tissue solution makes it possible to see the anomaly. The advantage of FISH analysis is that it can be used to detect genetic abnormalities that are too small for examination under a microscope by alternative methods.

Another advantage of the test - the results of the patient receives at the hands of a few days, while other methods provide alignment of a few weeks. Determining addition to with In breast cancer fish's test Used in the diagnosis of cancerous Diseases of the bladder , the when Determining leukemias .

types of tests

To determine the positive or negative nature of HER2 Assuta Hospital doctors to refer patients for testing in its own laboratory. There are two types of tests:

  • Immunohistochemistry - IHC reveals large amounts of protein. During the test, a pathologist examines the tissue under a microscope using special colorants. Further tests are not required for 1 + 0 or by indicator. Result 2+ is considered uncertain, in which you must go through further testing. Score 3+ confirms negative scenario.
  • COULD test (hybridization) - the next step in suspected oncology. It is important that the analysis is conducted experienced pathologist that would eliminate errors in the interpretation of the results. There are two main types of dough - fish study in breast cancer, and the method of the light field. Test is positive Fish the Definitive method of diagnosis .

Very rarely fish analysis is vague or ambiguous. Under such circumstances require another biopsy and new fish response in breast cancer to confirm the diagnosis.

How the fish test for breast cancer - Patient Guide

For diagnostic status competent HER 2 doctor performs a biopsy, in which process removes the samples altered tissue pathology. In most cases, a local anesthetic, to neutralize the discomfort. Subsequently, the extracted tissue is sent to a lab for testing, where it operates a pathologist. It is important that the laboratory is respected in the medical community because of the accuracy of the diagnosis of the patient's life depends directly. Proved that the fish test for breast cancer - a safe procedure. It does not require a lot of time, certain procedures other than biopsy and further traumatization of tissues.

Why was originally performed IHC testing? It is easier and more affordable. However, if the tests are inconclusive, FISH testing necessary to conduct. In rare cases it is possible to repeat biopsy sampling. But it really is very rare. If the analysis of fish in breast cancer showed HER2 positive result, you will be assigned an effective treatment for HER2 positive cancer. Despite the fact that this is an aggressive form of disease, the outlook for people with this diagnosis have improved significantly in recent years. This is due to new and effective treatments for breast cancer in Israel, aimed at HER 2 receptors.


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