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Treatment of breast cancer in Israel

The number of people who are being treated for breast cancer in Israel is growing every year. It is facilitated by the this the advanced medicine of the country, the latest technology of therapy and Rehabilitation. In 95% of the time to use the services of doctorsclinic Assutawomen get rid of aggressive disease, restore life and failing health. It looks attractive cost of treating Israel breast cancer - compared with European and US clinics service goes to the 30-50% cheaper.

The causes of disease development

Treatment of breast cancer in IsraelIt is a mistake to believe that the treatment of breast cancer in Israel are held exclusively by women. In men, the disease is also found, but much more rarely. The etiology of cancer is a clear scheme. As a result of abnormal mutations of glandular tissue cells begin to grow uncontrollably divide, causing tumor growth. Unnoticed time the tumor is gradually losing distinct features of the location, spreads in the body.

Changed pathology tissue begin to grow into healthy organs of the body spread metastases - tumor foci secondary character. The simple truth - the earlier the treatment of breast cancer, the more likely the eradication of malignant disease, the less damage is applied to the body for therapeutic impact and faster the recovery period.

The reasons because of which the emerging disease is still not well established. Designated list of factors that can adversely affect the health of the mammary glands. However, the disease is not always a result of these factors, the disease develops in the absence of direct communication with them.

Doctors recommend a particular sensitive about their own health, if you:

  • Crossed the threshold of the 40th anniversary, have a history of chronic diseases of internal organs, in violation of the reproductive system.
  • Apply hormonal agents for the stabilization of health, pregnancy prevention and other purposes.
  • Suffered chest injuries and mechanical lesions (falling, shock, bruises).
  • You have an increased risk of genetic transmission of the disease. If your immediate family been treated for breast cancer in Israel, Russia or other countries, annual breast examination should be carried out very carefully by you.
  • We survived the radiation effects on the body.
  • You suffer from extra kilos on your body.
  • Sooner passed puberty, later gave birth to first child or your attempts to get pregnant failed.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol in uncontrolled amounts.
  • Have diabetes, you do not relax, to recuperate, not enough sleep and do not eat vitamin-rich food.

These factors are often the instigators of mutational changes in the genes BRCA 1, BRCA 2 - the most common genetic cause of malignant disease in the body.

Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Israel - the methods, techniques, solutions

For diagnostic purposes, it is recommended annually by examination of the body to detect anomalies. Women after 40 years, doctors advise to do mammograms - X-ray of the breast. If the treatment of breast cancer in Israel is preceded by diagnostic procedures, Assuta Hospital doctors to refer patients for further examination, following which develops individual therapeutic protocol. Among the proven consistency of methods:

  • PET-CT;
  • tests for determination of tumor markers in the blood;
  • biochemical blood analysis;
  • detailed analysis of the general plan of the blood.

Biopsy is recommended as a reliable method of determining the nature of the tumors. To do this, the patient made a fence diseased tissue pathology, which is sent to a careful study of pathology. Subsequently, experts carried out on the basis of material histological and cytological tests.

In addition to these methods are recommended ultrasound, MRI, thermography. Assignment list may vary, much depends on the specific situation with which the patient is addressed, as well as co-factors of health status.

On average, the diagnostic program will cost from 1825 to 3730 DOLLARS .

This includes advisory reception leading oncologist clinic, which on the basis of analyzes provides recommendations on the organization of the therapeutic process.

Different and the cost of treatment of breast cancer in Israel, which depends on the method of correction of the disease, a set of procedures, duration and intensity of the treatment process. In the treatment of breast cancer are used:

  • lumpectomy - 12,000 dollars.
  • mastektomiya- 13,400 dollars.
  • Chemotherapy - 1080 dollars.
  • radiation effects on cancer cells - from 140 dollars.
  • targeted therapy;
  • hormonal courses.

If the cancer is detected in a timely manner, the proliferation of cancer cells has not been transferred to the active step, clinics, doctors use Assuta organosberegajushchih operations in which the body physiology is not disturbed, organs minimally traumatized and stored for further operation. Amputation techniques used in extreme cases of breast cancer treatment in Israel when it comes to maintaining the patient's life. Clinic doctors - professionals who seek to maintain the breasts in any of the existing possibilities.

If the cancer has spread in the body, metastases gone beyond the primary tumor, radical mastectomy is performed, followed by a mandatory appointed chemotherapy sessions, courses of hormonal drugs, immune-boosting treatments. Combinatorial methods of complex treatment of breast cancer in Israel to help kill any remaining cells in the body with abnormal cancerous pathology, prevent complications. In recurrent doctors use radiofrequency ablation, radiation and cytostatic treatment.

Arsenal of modern medicine today is impressive. Researchers have developed a newer medications that created robotic surgical techniques improve existing treatments of diseases. Until a few years ago to travel abroad to undergo examination or treatment can only afford one. Today, breast cancer treatment cost Israel became available, the flight and the paperwork is straightforward.

Assuta staff works every day with thousands of patients from abroad. The hospital employs a large number of Russian-speaking doctors and health workers, making it easier to adapt and removes communication barriers.

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Type of breast cancer treatment in Israel

The method


hormonal therapy

Hormonal treatment slows the growth of abnormal cancer tissue in the body. Doctors alter hormone levels by different methods - operational, beam, taking specialized medication. Imposed on persons with positive hormone receptors, for the patient being tested. Performed hormonal treatment of breast cancer in Israel after surgical excision of the tumor, in order to suppress the remaining cells in the body. Frequent cases of hormone before surgery when the tumor is necessary to fix the initial position for successful resection. It applied to reduce pain, to reduce the risk of complications. For treating appointed antiestrogenic drugs, aromatase inhibitors, ovarian ablation (surgical, radiation, drug).



Oncologist surgeon excised breast portion affected cancerous pathology. The procedure relates to methods and organ-sparing surgery. Upon completion of breast cancer treatment in Israel with the help of the exchange rate of lumpectomy radiation exposure, including 5-7 treatments. This eliminates relapses afterwards and suppresses the rest of the body the malignant cells. Possible combination with chemotherapy. Compared with mastectomy patients retain the chest, at the same time proved that the effectiveness of equivalent methods. Organ-use approach may be in the early stages of cancer and small areas of the scene. The decision takes physician considering the state of the patient, the extent of tumor, stage of the disease.



Action rays directed at the destruction of the tumor. Appointed radiation exposure after surgery and chemical treatment to neutralize the remaining cancer cells in the body in order to prevent recurrence. Claimed radiation treatment for breast cancer in Israel, in combination with other methods:

at stage III cancer pathology;

after lumpectomy, mastectomy;

as a palliative effects to eliminate severe pain and control symptoms of cancer spread.

irradiation dosage is determined individually taking into account the individual characteristics of the individual patient. radiation source may be external and internal (brachytherapy). Appointed by the radiation effect in 2-3 months after surgery. In some situations, it is carried out simultaneously with chemotherapy.



Full breast resection. Is the treatment of breast cancer in Israel radical method in extreme cases. Technology surgery over the years has changed. Today, surgeons remove the very gland and lymph nodes, while preserving the pectoralis major muscle, which allows you to apply reconstructive medicine after completing the course. Mastectomy performed on noninvasive cancer at stages III disease topically to step III after chemical exposure, in the presence of multifocal tumor, Paget's disease. In clinical practice Assuta modified embodiment of treatment of lymph node where they are excised together with a gland. Simple mastectomy is performed without excision of nodes. Also known sparing operation with preservation of the skin and subcutaneous - retaining the nipple, areola and skin.


Targeted therapy

Targeted treatment of breast cancer in Israel is used to inhibit the activity of cancer cells in order to control the situation. Preparations are selected individually, taking into account the patient's condition. Conducted targeted therapy combined with hormone treatment, receiving cytotoxic drugs. Used in common tumors, as well as for neutralization of bone marrow suppression after chemotherapy. The drugs aimed at suppressing mutant HER2 gene protein uncontrolled growth stimulating superficial cells of mammary glands. To get rid of HER2 overexpression used trastuzumab (herceptin), pertuzumab, trastuzumab, lapatinib, everolimus, and other drugs that have proven effective in practice. To reduce the adverse reactions of the body to the treatment used colony stimulating factors.



Systemic effect on the body to kill cancer cells. Applied chemistry in the treatment of breast cancer in Israel after surgery, when there is a risk of relapse due to remaining in the body of cancer tissue segments. Used neoadjuvant chemotherapy before mastectomy or lumpectomy to reduce the volume of cancer size. The method is also used in the treatment of relapses, pain relief, control of the situation. The scheme is chosen individually by the attending oncologist. This process is well proved in the treatment of I, II stages of cancer with a high risk of complications, if necessary, tumor suppression, when it is impossible to conduct the operation under aggressive forms of pathology with receptor-negative character. At step 0 chemistry disease is generally not practiced since the risk of disease after excision of the breast lesion is extremely small. The initial stages of the disease is rarely adjusted using a single drug. To improve performance drugs are used in combination.

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel on four stages

Many patients with skepticism relate to therapy on 4 stages of cancer pathology. However, doubts are unfounded in this case. Proper treatment of breast cancer in Israel will benefit the patient's condition and will extend his life. An advantageous method of therapy considered complete medication, which is contained in the protocol reception gormonosoderzhaschih chemicals and medicines. Sensitive metastatic forms of cancer and to suppress recommended using targeted therapy.

Least toxic type of treatment is considered to hormone therapy, but the method rezultativen not in all situations. It gives the minimum negative effect on the receptors for estrogen and progesterone. Radiotherapy is used to neutralize the pain due to aggressive tumor metastasis to bone. Controversial is the question of the duration of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel in metastatic cancer. Doctors confidently say - you must guide him as long as possible to contain the disease and improve the patient's condition. The therapeutic process can take from a couple of months to several years.


"I first felt a lump in his armpit a couple of years ago, but did not attach any importance to this. I thought pulled muscle in training. But the seal was harder than a lot of scared me eventually. I went to the district, he sent me to the Oncology Center At the hospital, order tests, after the date that it became clear -. I have 2 breast cancer stage type B. It was scary, bad, terrible I did not want to be treated in hospital with. gray walls, and some like to make repairs I decided to -. go to Israel a few days studying the Internet, chose Assuta Large clinic with history I went there, without a moment's hesitation Admission led Dr. Moshe, very grateful.... . Warm, sincere person He sent me for tests -. the diagnosis was confirmed I had a double mastectomy, completed the course of treatment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy After treatment, went in a headscarf, was completely bald Look in the mirror... at myself could not, thinking that life came to an end. Today, I remember this is all like a bad dream. In my case, all ended well. He returned to Russia after the treatment, the family then there is some kind of special atmosphere. I cherish and love. It's nice. Thanks to Israel. I know that this trip has brought many benefits. Darya. 43 years. Novosibirsk. "

Examples of requests for treatment in Israel
Organizatsiyalecheniya breast cancer in Israel
  • L *****

          Colleagues, good afternoon! I ask you to help in the organization of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel, two patients (scanned documents, histology in attachment) Thank you for your prompt response. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation.  

  • Evgeni (MsAssuta)

    Since you sent documents familiarized Dr. Reference is now resume In the continuation of a call, I send you the approximate location plan: Pre-we conducted a survey in order to establish the scope of the disease to date denPo arrival the patient goes to the consultation to the oncologist (later it would be her doctor, who will oversee it all on the stage of treatment) doctor prescribes the necessary further examination without which it will be impossible to start treatment (see the attached fi le) .After the results of further examination, maybe two scenarios: 1. the results are unambiguous and require chemotherapy and radiation terapiya2. Her-2 receptor does not give an unambiguous pattern and need doobsledovanie FISH, to determine whether reception of biological lecheniya.Vopros surgery melon currently not relevant .Himioterapiya 1200 $ session (depending on protocol); Usually need a minimum of four sessions. Once every 3 nedeli.Luchevaya therapy possible fields of 6 X 25 sessions to 8-9 X 30 fields sessions. (Depending on the aggressiveness and degree of spread of cancer). The cost of the irradiation field from 160 to 185 $ for pole.Neobhodimo bring glass blocks and a description of them. All glass blocks are numbered, identical numbering has imprisoned histopathology, it is necessary to verify these numbers, if they are different, then there is no point in auditing and the need to re-biopsiya.Prodolzhitelnost examination and treatment purposes 4-5 days. 

  • Evgeni (MsAssuta)

    On the second occasion it is operational lechenie.V any case, Dr. now wants to get diagnostic results, and only then will a final decision on treatment strategy.

Treatment of breast cancer in Assuta in Israel
  • WITH *****

    Localization: FABRIC right breast with the tumor. INVASIVE CARCINOMA NESPETSEFICHESKAYA G3 ALVEORALNO-scirrhous structure, with a lot of swelling. Embolism PAROSVETAH vessels, lymph PLAZMOTORNAYA INFILTRATION moderately expressed, cr in situ NO necrosis to 5% TUMOR WITHOUT EXPLICIT nodulation. SAY, CAN YOU COME TO ON operation after undergoing chemotherapy at home in clinics, since the course has already started. STAGE T4dN3m0 G3. If possible, what will be the breast cancer treatment in Assuta and about how much it costs 


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