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Reviews for the treatment of breast cancer in Israel

Reviews for the treatment of breast cancer in IsraelThe clinic Assuta annually visited by hundreds of patients for the treatment of breast cancer in Israel, reviews about the doctors of medical institutions, the methods of treatment and rehabilitation in the Internet are ubiquitous. One thing unites them - thanks to the doctors, saving lives, and the joy of transformation. Many patients after treatment changed themselves, their diet, lifestyle, attitude to friends and relatives.

From the meeting with the terrible disease no one is immune. But decided not to give up, seek help from a professional Assuta oncologists, cancer patients won an unequal battle with the disease. And today they leave reviews about the treatment of breast cancer in Israel, to share their own experiences to show others ill that there is a solution.

Thousands of words of gratitude addressed to the doctors who saved the life gave hope to the well-being, returning health. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, do not waste time, call the clinic, make an admission. Believe in a favorable outcome, contact the professionals, tune in to win. It is not far off.

Review of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel - Oksana. Pskov

"I am a psychologist, I treat people. Every day gives them hope. When I learned that I had cancer, I was only 35 years old. I decided to believe in than to persuade others. I decided to fall in love with the disease, to accept it as a temporary test. Many will say that it is strange. But I seemed to know what to do. As if someone had led me by the hand. Take the disease - not to accept. And I struggled. Having read reviews about the treatment of breast cancer in Israel, I have decided to be treated at Assuta. Wrote a letter to the clinic, I want to get to the doctor Inbar. I was told the next day. I figured their finances and decided to go. He has been diagnosed, the diagnosis was confirmed. Cancer Stage III B. Sometimes I wanted to cry away from Russia. I began to think that will not be home. But I bravely struggled with the negative in the shower. I experienced a relatively quiet news that will have to undergo a double mastectomy. I convinced myself that the new breasts will be better than the old. And beautiful. The doctor immediately outlined that in my situation survival prognosis - 49%. Every day I was talking with cancer, trying to persuade him to leave. My treatment plan consisted of three chemotherapy drugs delivered in fractionated doses every three weeks, eight weeks of radiation with TomoTherapy and two chemistries. Upon completion of the procedure was a hysterectomy with removal of the uterus. At the same time I performed acupuncture, massage, change of feeding programs. With my illness I fought on all fronts. I consulted a naturopath recommended me to certain foods and feeding schedule. She prescribed dietary supplements that reduce pobochki from chemistry and radiation therapy. The only thing that upsets me - I was away from my family. But on the other hand they did not see me at the time of illness. Through the first nine weeks of treatment, she came to me, my mother brought her daughter. They spent a week with me. It was quite an event for me. Today, 5 years have passed from the date of treatment. I share my story in the hope that someone will help her. I said goodbye to cancer and I know that he will not return. Take illness, feel it, and then say goodbye to her. Do not give up at the time of collision with the disease. And then all will be well. "

Review of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel - Helena. Kiev

"My name is Maria and I am 41 years. I live in Ukraine. My first encounter with cancer came when I was 30 years old. Then the death of my friend, a wonderful person, a doctor. He saved the lives of others, but could not save her. Five years later, I learned that I had cancer. It seemed to me that the world has ceased to revolve, life stopped. I decided to go abroad. It makes a treatment at Assuta. I have been diagnosed while still in Russia, in which established invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 2. I still remember the feeling of numbness and desires to the last shout, that the doctors were wrong once again. But he survived, fractures suffered. I was crying and praying at the same time, silent and prayed, cried and prayed. It was scary. She looked at her son and realized - I have a reason to live. For consultation came to Professor Moshe. He reassured me and said that I should not blame themselves for cancer and to try to discover the causes of irregular life. It was the first glimmer of hope. During the treatment, I was faced with different doctors - chemotherapists, radiotherapists, surgeons. I owe my life to many - doctors, nurses. I recall with gratitude every minute of your stay in the clinic. I was treated as a representative of an ancient dynasty. It was so unusual and enjoyable. I want to say to all - not afraid to deal with cancer. If fate has chosen you, then, as it needed. Believe that the disease is curable and does not stay with you for life. I remember treated as if behind a veil of events. Today it all seems far away. Annually pass screening for 4 years, but so far all is well. T-T-T afraid maleficiate. But I believe that all is well. Do not doubt that you and everything goes. "

Review of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel - Vitali. Khabarovsk

"My sister and Novosibirsk. She - my hero and my inspiration. This strong woman suffered breast cancer while pregnant. My sister was fighting not only for his life but for the life of the unborn baby. Where to find so much energy, how to survive this horror? The history of salvation - eternal ode to the heroism of the doctors who had a hand in the rescue of a young mother and her child. "

Review of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel - Natasha. Orsk

"Cancer - it's scary, it's painful. It seems that this is the end. End of happiness, life. End of the world. In fact - this is the beginning. And every time cancer diagnosis takes its prey on a journey of learning and self-discovery. When a man has nothing to lose, he becomes the present. I survived, I breathe, I love, I believe. Once upon a time, I came across the reviews and read the story of a strange woman, from which goose bumps. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought about this story, and I thought that everything will be fine. I went to Israel. Not right away. First was like in hospitals, posobirat all the negativity in the queues at the reception, in the consultations. And I realized - I can not. At that time, I read a lot about medical tourism and decided to go to Assuta. I know about how much the treatment will cost. I went. I do not regret. It was all - surgery, chemistry, radiation, hormones. I have not broken and weathered. I want to tell everyone, let my review of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel will be your hope, faith and truth. Believe that the disease recedes. With skillful actions of doctors doing the impossible, that the patient is asleep, you can wake up healthy. Not right away. Not suddenly. But gradually following to its goal, step by step, listening to the advice of doctors. Thank you cute Assuta and my family doctor, who saved my life. Do not forget this time. I do not forget what you have done for me. "

Review of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel - Zinaida. '44

"It is always believed that the best doctors in Russia, but when faced with illness, I realized that to professionals do not get in a short time. And every day on account of a cancer patient - eternity. In order of everything. I was 40 when I found a lump in the breast. Outside it was in October, I had just finished a course for young mothers, where they showed how to perform self-diagnosis of breast. After that, I probed the chest at home and immediately felt something was wrong. Thought that catching up passion and decided to pass. That did not happen. I went through a mammogram, the doctor said that I have dense breast tissue, but it is about anything else does not say. We need to go further investigation. Went into oncology residence, held biopsy confirmed tumors malignant character. Talked with patients, looked, how to communicate with them doctors. Excuse me, but I did not come to the comforting conclusion. It has become so sick, even howling. Returned home, I found the reviews of the treatment of breast cancer in Israel, decided to go. He has been diagnosed, the diagnosis was confirmed. I recommend chemotherapy to reduce the tumor size - 3 rounds. But after the first round of the tumor decreased, and it was decided to do the operation. I strongly suggest a mastectomy, but I strongly highlighted the lumpectomy. Metastatic cancer is demanded eight months after surgery for chemistry. I, as always, advised the complete removal of the breast, but I knew that recovery from this operation difficult and it was against. Then I still decided to take it. But my surgeon listened to me and said that he needed a clear edge of the tumor to make lumpectomy. I did radiation. With regard to the treatment I say that the complex was chemistry. I could not get up from the sofa, how I was wrong. In the mouth, painful sores appeared, his head is constantly spinning, vomiting, hair povylazili. Thanks to doctors for maintenance therapy, she became the impetus of wanting to recover. I want to note that the staff Assuta very compassionate. I was treated with understanding and a sincere desire to help. In Russia, unfortunately, this feeling for a long time has been lost. Do not let cancer take hold of you, fight. Resist, argue with the disease. And it will recede. It has been 7 years since the treatment, I am alive and well. I love to travel and see the world with eyes wide open. Thanks to my doctors for what they have done the impossible. Grateful to them without measure. "


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