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Treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel

In recent years, treatment of colon cancer in Israel has reached unprecedented heights. Experienced doctors, innovative technology, own methods of therapy and effective drugs - all this creates a solid platform for the treatment of disease.

Treatment of cancer of the intestine in Israel Assuta Hospital shows 99% healing in the initial stages of 100% of patients seeking the services of a cancer center. If a late stage, the skill of Israeli doctors help patients to put on their feet, to improve their quality of life, its duration ..

About the disease

Treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel Colorectal cancer (bowel cancer) is formed from epithelial cells of the colon and rectum. Pathology is observed equally among men and women.

Among organ tumors secrete:

The most common - a type of colorectal lesions of the colon. Advantageously diagnosed by physicians and Kaposi bowel adenocarcinoma.

In patients older than 65 years of bowel cancer is diagnosed more often.

The complexity of the diagnosis is that the initial stages of the tumor itself does not manifest. Over time, it increases in size, grows through the intestinal wall, closing the body lumen and spread to nearby tissues. Sick person may disturb pains in the abdomen, disturbance of bowel movements, stool with blood, weakness.

Israel clinics have modern medical diagnostic equipment, allowing to identify bowel cancer in the early stages of malignant process and start early treatment.

Possible range of diagnostic procedures for bowel cancer in Assuta:

  • barium enema - X-rays of the body with the introduction of contrast;
  • colonoscopy;
  • sigmoidoscopy;
  • biopsy;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • computed tomography in combination with positron emission tomography;
  • ultrasonography;
  • blood tests.

After clarification of diagnosis, patients undergo a comprehensive therapy.

Treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel

Treatment of intestinal oncology at Assuta is held in accordance with the best international standards of medical practice. If necessary, the team of doctors during the examination and therapy include gastroenterologists, geneticists, gynecologists, urologists, psychotherapists.

Treatment for colon cancer is carried out both by the conservative model of care, and in accordance with the latest technology oncology practices. After receiving the results of the diagnostic control is carried doctors consultation chaired leading oncologist clinics, which decide which correction techniques are adequate in a particular clinical case. Therapy selected taking into account external factors - the stage of the disease, the patient's age, state of health, the extent of the cancer cells in the body. In the treatment of colon cancer are used:

  • radiofrequency ablation;
  • Methods cryotherapy, atypical structures frozen with liquid nitrogen;
  • chemotherapy with the introduction into the body of medical preparations suppressing tumor growth and destroy infected cells;
  • targeted therapy - targeted killing of cancer in the body with the help of drugs without harming healthy tissues, organs;
  • Radiotherapy - ionizing radiation blocking cancer in the body and destroy remaining after surgery active sites.

Medicines are selected personally by doctors for each patient.

At stage 4, the treatment of colon cancer in Israel is aimed at extending the life of the patient. Prediction of survival at five years period here rarely exceeds 5-8%. Stenoses doctors restore intestinal permeability using stenting and the imposition of colostomy. The main method used by palliative therapy reduces pain and discomfort of the patient.

Surgical treatment of colon cancer in Israel

Surgical treatment of colon cancer in IsraelOne of the main methods of treatment - surgery with excision of the affected areas of organs. In most cases, doctors try to keep the gut when fully functioning, resorting to minimally invasive techniques. For operational purposes, successfully apply technology and robotic radiosurgery equipment, enabling high precision during manipulation and low complication rate.

Surgical treatment of colon cancer in Israel - colectomy clinic Assuta performed by laparoscopic or open access. During operation are removed and regional lymph nodes.

Laparoscopic colectomy is performed in the presence of small-sized mobile tumor and absence of metastases. This sparing surgery - the patient recovers faster after surgery.

When running the process and metastases in other organs of the patient is shown open access operation (laparotomy) followed by the imposition of colostomy.

With the defeat of a large segment of the colon resection performed this piece with anastomosis, nearby lymph nodes are removed.

Rectal cancer at an early stage Israeli oncologists use transanal resection method. Operative intervention is carried out through the anal orifice, without cutting the anterior abdominal wall.

Modern surgery clinics of Israel is practicing a new method for removing tumors - transanal endoscopic microsurgery. If the location and stage of malignancy does allow sparing surgery, traditional surgery is performed open access.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are used in the clinic Assuta for preventing tumor recurrence after surgical treatment, as well as to slow the spreading and reducing the size of tumors prior to surgery. Radiotherapy is performed with 3D radiation, the rays from multiple sources is treated exactly the tumor, and on the principle of modulating, when the pre-compiled form tumors, to integrate its relief in the treatment.

In combination with traditional methods of treating cancer in Israel is carried out an immunotherapy with monoclonal antibodies and cancer vaccines.

Treatment of colorectal cancer in Israel - the specifics and benefits

intestinal lesions occupy second place among malignant pathologies of the digestive system. Timely diagnosis - the key to successful treatment. The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is amenable to the therapeutic process, the less difficulty arises in the course of therapy, the faster the cancer and less likely to relapse.

Every year for the treatment of colon cancer in Israel and the correction of certain malignant pathologies comes more than 25 thousand patients. The difficulty lies in the fact that more than half of them have a history of unsuccessful therapy attempts disease at home. And this is - lost time, lost opportunities, wasted money spent. Assuta Hospital doctors are taken for the treatment of bowel cancer at all stages. For patients this means the preservation of life, improving its quality.

As acknowledged by oncologists, statistics colon cancer has 3000 patients only on the territory of Israel. Leaders in the development of the disease are Russia, Canada, America. The root cause of disease doctors see that people began to live longer, unlike their parents and ancestors. Increased life expectancy and failure to comply with the basic rules of prevention - that is the source of all ills. Cancer develops mainly in older people, but there are cases when the disease affects the young organism.

Why do patients choose Israel? The answer to the question is obvious - it is here that the medicine has a full arsenal of aids. The Israeli clinics and research departments of universities each year to develop new diagnostic methods and authoring technologies help cancer patients. It should be the treatment of colon cancer in Israel is 30-50% lower than in Europe and the United States. This is a significant fact, since the remaining criteria the country is not far behind, and in many respects superior to the clinic located there.

Moshe Inbar - the gold standard of Israeli medicine

The undeniable advantage of treatment in Assuta is the ability to consult with leading oncologists of Israel, to get help from them and competent support. Inspects arriving for bowel cancer treatment Moshe Inbar. People are willing to wait for the professor, if it is busy or absent due to unforeseen circumstances. Consultation with Moshe is more expensive than that of its peers, but there is an explanation:

Professor Moshe Inbar - the flagship of cancer medicine in Israel, Head onkootdeleniem Assuta Hospital. Basic education - Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He trained in Israel, France, United Kingdom, United States of America. Thanks to his authoring became available combination therapies of cancer pathologies.

More than 45 years, Professor working in Israeli hospitals, and raises the prestige level of Israeli medicine. It is recognized in all countries of the world, he is one of the most respected leaders of professional organizations, which seek to enter the medical workers of other countries. To this dream to get to the lecture, students leading medical educational institutions.

Professor Inbar has reached in its work impossible. He manages to heal the hopeless patients. It is difficult to find a specialist who could be compared with the results of Moshe treatment of patients with cancer of the intestine, breast, stomach and other organs.

Statistics shows the following picture:

  • More than 85% of patients professor returned to normal.
  • More than 80% of people treated for colon cancer Moshe Inbar, preserved organs affected by the disease.
  • More than 3,000 patients have been under the supervision of Professor radiotherapy procedure authoring program that saved their lives and help restore health.

Patients were observed and lechivshiesya Moshe, leave from Israel, filled with a sense of deep gratitude. Professor takes on clinical cases of varying degrees of complexity, accurately diagnoses where there are doubts among the other doctors and appoints competent treatment protocols in compliance with the principle of organosohraneniya in any of the existing possibilities.

The clinic Assuta operates many good doctors of various specialties. It employs leading oncologists, on each of which you can easily find information on the Internet. Among the sought after specialists in colon cancer treatment in Israel appear Dr. Hagit Tulchinskaya Professor Ron Greenberg, Dr. Yehuda Kariwa and other experienced doctors.

Prices for the treatment of colon cancer in Israel

In oncology, there are plenty of colon cancer diagnostic techniques, through which you can know the exact location of the tumor location, boundaries tumors, the specificity of its structure, the degree of the body and spread to other organs. However, the exact composition of diagnostic procedures in each case determined by the physician. Practice surveys Assuta shows that diagnosis often takes a record three days. During this time arrived for the treatment of colon cancer patient undergoes a basic program of surveys, including:

  • biochemistry and full blood count - 540 dollars.
  • audit biopsy - 680 dollars.
  • PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  • donating blood to determine tumor markers in it - $ 120.
  • biopsy - 610 dollars.
  • colonoscopy - in 1460 dollars.

Ends consultation program surveys oncologist (600 dollars.). Cost traveled procedures and advice is 3730 dollars. This amount includes not only stay in the clinic, but also:

  • meeting at the airport;
  • translation available on the cards and the results of the survey into Hebrew for the Israeli doctors acquainted with previous data;
  • Transfer to the place of passage of examinations;
  • full support for the period of stay in the Assuta.

Patients undergoing diagnosis in the clinic Assuta, note that pleasantly surprised by the reception in a medical facility, the physician and the speed of passage of the appointment procedure. All this we can see in a review of the treatment of colon cancer in Israel:

"When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we were in shock, did not know what to do or who to turn to for help. Friends advised to undergo treatment in Israel, a colleague of mine went there in a similar situation, and have denied his diagnosis after delivery of analyzes. We went. Pre-written off by e-mail with Assuta, then phoned and talked with Russian operator (which was a pleasant surprise). He answered all our questions, found out when we arrive to arrange a meeting and transfer to the clinic Upon arrival we were taken to a place of residence Comfort, cleanliness and convenience -.. even in a time of severe emotional wounds that can not be overlooked On the advice we got to Hagit Tulchin Gone are the.. recommended inspection, handed over analyzes. Three days later, all the documents were ready. In two we started the treatment. Anya found bowel cancer III degree. We did chemotherapy. Then we went through the operation, completed all the radiation. Recovery was not fast, but with eac h passing day Anya was recovering. First came the gleam in his eyes, then flush, then began to grow hair. Today, I, as always, I admire his wife. We fly to Israel permanently, to be screened, but that's okay after 4 years and have not found what I'm immensely pleased. Thanks to the doctors for what they do. Sergey. 48 years. Dnepropetrovsk. "


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