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Treatment of duodenal cancer in Israel

treatment of duodenal cancer in Israel Russian patients prefer the treatment of duodenal cancer in Israel for several reasons. Comparing domestic and foreign medicine, one can not say that it is worse than in Russia. Many excellent oncologists - natives of the national school of higher education. However, the situation with cancer patients is not safe in Russia. The country occupies the fifth place in the ranking of mortality of patients with malignant tumors. At the same time the leader in the number of cancer patients in the total number of healthy population. According to statistics, in Russia annually fixed half of patients with a primary diagnosis of cancer. Most of them have the disease is detected at later stages, which worsens the prognosis. Banal shortage of drugs, shortage of experienced doctors and corruption in clinical settings complicate the situation.

Benefits of treatment of duodenal cancer in Israel

If funds are available, many patients are sent to the treatment of duodenal cancer in Israel, where the reception by leading oncologists public and private health centers, where there is a high-precision diagnostics and practice for innovative therapies.

After arriving at the hospital the patient within 3 days passes all diagnostic procedures. Upon confirmation of the disease, doctors develop an individual treatment protocol based on the age of the patient, stage of cancer, presence of concomitant diseases chronic. In practice Assuta appeal to both conservative therapy, and exposure to innovative methods.

Israel used ablative surgery, when doctors use every opportunity to avoid amputation and to preserve the body for further operation. Apply techniques of minimally invasive surgery, which is not practiced extensive incisions during surgery. On the patient's body after surgery is not ugly traces in the form of unsightly seams and hems.

The largest private hospital Assuta operates in the field of medical services since 1934. During this time, he accumulated a wealth of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer pathology. More than 85 thousand transactions take place here each year, more than 650,000 outpatient survey, one third of which is diagnostic - all this allows us to speak about the demand for services Assuta hospitals and impeccable reputation among medical tourists arriving in Israel from Russia and CIS countries.

Assuta Hospital Doctors

The Russian patients at Assuta have a unique opportunity - the right to choose a doctor who is treating duodenal cancer in Israel, which is enough to get acquainted with the portfolio of doctors and examine the practice of health care. The patient does not adapts to the conditions of the clinic, he has been active in the therapy program. Among the practitioners of bowel cancer treatment of doctors:

  • Professor Ilan Ron - a leading oncologist, the expert of a large medical center Ichilov, having his own practice in Assuta reception. After finishing Medical University, Ben-Gurion continued training program for oncology department at Tel Aviv institution of higher education. It is working in oncology for over 20 years. She trained in the UK. Included in the number of active members of professional organizations of Israel and America. He teaches at the Medical University of Tel Aviv. Publish in scientific journals their works on the topic of herbal medicine in oncology, brachytherapy of tumors.
  • Professor Baruch Klein - a leading Israeli doctor oncologist in chemotherapy. Supervises specialized department at Assuta, headed by Institute of Oncology Clinic "Beir". Practice approaches Palliative Medicine, specializes in treating the elderly. Of particular importance in the practice of giving care to patients quality of life of patients after treatment, psychological support during the rehabilitation period. It specializes in the study of protective preparations, ensuring adaptation to patients himiovozdeystviyu. Author developer of medicinal chemicals, medicine recognized Israel as a safe and effective drug treatment at the state level. He teaches at universities in Israel and publishes scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, is the professional associations of Israel, America, Europe.
  • Professor Moshe Inbar - star of Israeli medicine, recognized in Israel and outside expert. It specializes in the treatment of duodenal cancer in Israel, in the treatment of breast cancer, the urethra, larynx, liver, cervix, and other areas of oncology. Prepares doctors at Tel Aviv Medical University. He is a pioneer of European unification mamologist, the Israel Science Association for the Study of breast problems. I trained in the United States, Britain and France. The clinic Assuta is a private practice of reception and treatment of cancer patients.

Among oncologists authoritative Israeli clinic Assuta listed Professor Avidan Benny (Benjamin), Dr. Ron Greenberg, Dr. Svetlana Zalmanova Professor Joseph Klausner and others.

Arriving in Israel for treatment within three days, the patient undergoing diagnosis of disease by means of which becomes clearer etiology of the disease, especially the localization and distribution of lesions of pathological changes in the organism. Price for colon cancer diagnostic program - 3730 dollars. This amount includes:

  • consultation leading oncologist of Israel for destruction intestinal organs - $ 600.
  • a blood test for the detection of tumor markers - $ 120.
  • general and detailed biochemical analyzes of blood - 540 dollars.
  • PET-CT - 1670 dollars.
  • biopsy - 680 dollars.
  • Colonoscopy - 1460 dollars.
  • Chemotherapy - 1080 dollars.
  • SC-CT - 670 dollars.

According to the doctor's prescription may be additional methods of diagnostic analysis are recommended.

Reviews on the treatment of patients in the clinic Assuta easy to find on the Internet - on the Russian and foreign resources. Evaluation Israeli doctors patients - good help in making decisions about treatment abroad:

"I am undergoing treatment of colon cancer in Assuta. Chosen as a consultant Professor Moshe Inbar. Had heard about his professionalism, I did not know how to communicate with the doctor at this level. It turned out to be a good-natured man, which is the first communication. Accurately diagnosed my condition and prescribe treatment. Passed combination therapy, wherein waiting after surgery chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Three years have passed since then. I feel good. But for security reasons I go to scan every six months. Thanks to Israel, thanks to the doctors pulled me from the world. Zoya Pavlovna, 54 years old. Bryansk. "


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