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Treatment of cancer of the sigmoid colon in Israel

Sigmoid colon is represented by department, rolling in the rectum. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer after lung cancer and breast pathology. About 4% of the population suffer from this disease.

Timely screening and diagnosis in the early stages able to turn back time. The earlier treatment begins the sigmoid colon cancer in Israel, the more successful the outcome of therapy.

Assuta Hospital has helped save the lives of thousands of patients from different countries. There is carried out a professional diagnostic and therapeutic services aimed at saving lives and restoring health to use the services of doctors patients.

Advantages of the treatment of sigmoid colon cancer in Israel

Treatment of cancer of the sigmoid colon in IsraelThe advantages of treatment in an Israeli hospital Assuta is necessary to note the professionalism of hospital doctors. As a private medical facility, there are practices of the best doctors in Israel, to which you can get an appointment and further treatment. Assuta is equipped with the latest technology. This equipment research laboratories, operating theaters, intensive care units and other medical boxes.

In the practice of the treatment applied advanced methods of medicine, used robotic equipment. It is worth mentioning, and the prices for treatment of sigmoid colon cancer in Israel, which compares favorably with European hospitals. The preliminary cost of cancer diagnosis program of the sigmoid colon to make 3730 dollars. It includes a oncologist advice, blood samples (unwrapped, biochemistry, for tumor markers) diagnostic imaging methods and audit biopsy. The amount of treatment can be found, it will be spelled out when the correction program and the methods to resolve the problem.

Reasons for sigmoid colon cancer

sigmoid location determines the causes of cancer in the intestine. On a small interval accumulate stool which irritating effect on the mucosa, by acting on its surface in feces toxins. Among other reasons, it should be noted:

  • Weak peristaltic activity - contributes to the long-term uphold the feces. The reason for reduction of activity may become a dietary factor, when used in food products, poor in fiber but high in fast carbs. Can provoke the problem of taking certain drugs.
  • bowel disease - polyps on the walls, papillomas, ulcers and other structural changes.
  • Smoking and alcohol intoxication.
  • The age factor - patients older than 50 years the risk of disease increases significantly. The person starts to move less, there is a natural mucous atrophy. All this gives an undesirable result.

Do not do without the genetic factor. It is recommended to undergo an annual preventive check-ups by a doctor, if at the nearest related there were precedents line with the development of bowel cancer.


Symptoms, which treated patients for diagnosis and treatment of sigmoid colon cancer in Israel, include the following conditions:

  • Bleeding from the anus or blood mixed with feces. People are often attributed to the manifestation of bleeding hemorrhoids, pushing back the time a thorough diagnosis in the early stages. Doing this is impossible, you need to see a doctor immediately if the appearance of the blood of the sphincter.
  • Iron deficiency anemia, fatigue, pale skin.
  • Bloating, pain, nausea, belching, vomiting.
  • Weight loss, change in frequency and nature of the chair.
  • A feeling of incomplete evacuation after defecation.

Studies show that the average duration of symptoms - from the start of their symptoms prior to diagnosis was 14 days.


Symptoms of sigmoid colon cancer may occur because of other diseases and have a non-specific. For example, few people develop the habit of going to the toilet "on the clock". Therefore, before prescribing the treatment of sigmoid colon cancer in a patient is sent to Israel passage of diagnostic procedures. This is done even if the diagnosis is carried out previously in another clinical setting due to the need to eliminate possible errors. The Assuta diagnosis takes 3 days, on the fourth doctor develops therapeutic protocol based on the information received.

The main research method - endoscopic examination. Intestine viewed via the flexible lip, is inserted through the anus. Sigmoidoscopy allows you to explore the left part of the intestine (rectum and sigmoid). Sedation for this study is not required.

To investigate the bowel also performed colonoscopy anesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. By the time the session takes half an hour. If the diagnosis is difficult, the doctor recommends additional imaging test (CT) to conclude its consideration of the remaining unreached parts of the body.

Endoscopic techniques allow visible clinical picture, and producing a material sampling for laboratory analysis (biopsy) if necessary. Polyps can be removed immediately using heat - diathermy. Because of this, a colonoscopy is usually the first study. Before carrying out the procedures intestines cleaned using a laxative or enema. If the CT is performed, to detect small lesions in the gut tissue is difficult.

Another method - contrast barium enema X-ray radiation, in which you can identify the tumor. Currently, this method is used less and less, giving more modern techniques. With the help of ultrasound the doctor finds out whether the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. If you are using MRI, the doctor receives a three-dimensional model of the intestine with the designation of pathology.

Treatment of cancer of the sigmoid colon in Israel

In the early stages surgery is an effective method of therapy. Various types of surgery include:

  • Laparoscopic colectomy surgery - minimally invasive surgery, where the doctor makes a few small incisions, through which with the help of specialized tools remove the affected area, modifiable nearest lymph nodes. Operation is conducted under the supervision of a miniature video camera that provides visibility to the surgeon.
  • Robotic colectomy - the surgeon controls the robot remotely, producing operation.
  • The open colectomy - is performed through a single incision in the abdominal cavity. Otherwise, the operation is called a partial colectomy, segmental resection or hemicolectomy.

Radiation therapy is used for palliative care and pain relief. Often combined with cytotoxic drugs. Chemotherapy is used as part of a treatment plan to reduce the tumor preoperatively. It is used after surgery to kill the remaining abnormal cells. To prevent the spread of cancer of the body is carried outside the hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

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