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Treatment of colon cancer in Israel

The question of where and how to treat colon cancer is becoming increasingly important in recent years. Unfortunately, the growth of bowel cancer increases every year. But medicine does not stand still. With timely diagnosis, treatment of colon cancer in Israel to 80% of patients ensures a favorable outcome. In 20% the diagnosis of colon cancer, delivered to the CIS countries, is not confirmed. A taped just polyps, and inflammation of the large intestine. How can we explain such high rates? First and foremost - accurate diagnosis, current medications, and certainly the most experienced experts.

The clinic Assuta for diagnosing colon cancer using PET-CT with modern, allows you to see not only the tumor is in the early stages, but its spread throughout the body. And to confirm or refute the diagnosis - cancer. Assuta oncologists also used in the scheme of treatment of colon cancer, a new method, which is not used anywhere in the world - hyperthermal chemotherapy, which is administered intraperitoneally, ie directly in the affected areas of the tumor. If you are diagnosed with - cancer of the colon, the Assuta professionals to help you cope with the disease and return to usual life.

Treatment of colon cancer in Israel

In the selection of therapy for the treatment of colon cancer in Israel. It plays an important role stage of the cancer process, the location of the tumor and its type.

Surgical. This method for many years considered the primary. Depending on the stage of the tumor and its location is chosen type of surgery.

  • Local resection - carried out at the initial stage of the cancer process. The operation is minimally invasive methods.
  • Resection of the bowel or total resection. After this intervention is usually applied kalostoma or ileostomy.

Chemotherapy. It can be carried out prior to surgery in order to shrink the tumor and after surgery, that would stop the development of metastasis. Chemotherapy is also used when surgery is not possible. Chemotherapy in the treatment of colon cancer, using the most modern drugs with minimal side effects. Very effective is considered hyperthermal intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. Together with himiolecheniem carried out detoxication treatment, in order that would reduce toxicity of chemotherapy.

Radiotherapy. It is carried out using the latest installation of a focused action. This allows you to act directly on the tumor cells without affecting healthy tissue. Such therapy has a double effect and minimal chance of complications. Radiotherapy is often used in conjunction with himiolecheniem, but in some cases it is used, and as a separate form of therapy.

Targeted therapy. This type of therapy is often used in conjunction with chemotherapy. To date, the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy is the gold standard treatment for colon cancer in Israel. There are several types of targeted therapy:

  • Monoclonal antibody therapy. Effective in colon cancer.
  • Drugs that inhibit the creation of blood vessels in the tumor. Thus, power is disrupted tumor and cancer cell death occurs. These drugs belong to a group of substances - angiogenesis inhibitors.
  • Drugs that disrupt the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. By blocking the enzyme - kinase. Effective even in the most severe cases, and in the presence of extensive metastasis.

Non-surgical treatments. Recently used in cancer treatment in Israel. Many oncologists see the future exactly these latest methods.

  • Cryosurgery - freezing cancerous tumor with its subsequent degradation.
  • Radiofrequency ablation - evaporation of the tumor with the help of energy waves. Used in the presence of metastases in the lungs and liver.
  • Ethanol injection directly into the tumor. Kill cancer cells. In recent years, this method of treatment of colon cancer is becoming more popular in Israel.

Palliative care. This symptomatic treatment aimed at eliminating the pain symptoms and restoration of physiological functions. It is applied on the terminal stages of the disease, when all other methods will not have the desired effect. In this treatment include pain therapy, palliative surgery, work with a psychologist.

For the selection of the optimal variant of treatment requires accurate diagnosis. The clinic Assuta diagnosis takes 3-5 days. During this time you to specify the type and stage of cancer and pick up a suitable treatment regimen for you


Diagnosis of colorectal cancer in Israel

  • Colonoscopy - This procedure allows you to detect intestinal oncology at the earliest stages. Carried out with the use of anesthesia. The patient is not experiencing any discomfort.
  • Biopsy - to determine the benign or malignant tumor. you can just as well on the biopsy results tell what type of tumor the patient and to pick up drugs, is effective in this cancer process.
  • PET-CT - Modern methods of detection of tumors at very early stages, and determining the presence of metastasis at the level of several cells.
  • Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans of the pelvic organs.
  • Blood for tumor markers and tests for gene mutations that are cancer of the large intestine.
  • Clinical blood test.
  • ECG.

Upon completion of the survey on the 3rd-5th day begin treatment of colon cancer in Israel.

Intestinal oncology clinic Assuta treat the most experienced specialists from around the world.

  • The clinic Assuta operates Dr. Julia Greenberg - radio technician and chemotherapy. Dr. Greenberg also introduces in treatment of colon cancer the latest treatment methods - krioabelyatsiyu and hyperthermia. In the scheme of treatment Dr. Julia Greenberg pays great attention to therapies aimed at minimizing the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy.
  • Dr. Alex Geller - one of the best specialists in the treatment of tumors of the digestive system. For a long time he worked in the United States, and uses modern techniques of US physicians for the treatment of colon cancer.
  • Professor Hagit Tulchin - the leading surgeon in the clinic Assuta. Dr. Tulchin carries out unique operations on the large intestine. To it come to be treated not only the Israelis, but patients from EU and CIS countries.
  • Dr. Ron Greenberg - is considered the most experienced surgeon in Israel collateral. During the 23 years of the experience he had a large number of laparoscopic and open surgery on the intestines. Masterly operates colon cancer in its earliest stages.

What is colon cancer?

It is a cancer ranks second in prevalence throughout the gastrointestinal oncology. Cells colonic mucosa membrane under the influence of provocative factors, such as chronic constipation, poor nutrition, stress, mutate and begin to form a first polyps, which can then be develop into oncology.

How to recognize colon cancer in the beginning?

The first stage is usually asymptomatic and can be identified only by means of a colonoscopy. In the later stages, pain in the abdomen, blood in stool, alternating constipation and diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue.

If you have several of the above symptoms, it is recommended not to delay - to see a doctor and get tested to rule out cancer.

If you survey diagnosed with colon cancer - address to our experts. We guarantee you that after the treatment of colon cancer in Israel, in the clinic Assuta, the disease is completely cured or depart permanently. And you will be able to return to their daily activities

How can I get advice or treatment in Israel?

Call the telephone number listed on the site clinic or fill in the feedback form and our consultant will call you back.


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