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Treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

treatment of cervical cancer in IsraelIf you are a victim of cancer, do not lose heart. Thousands of patients stories prove that the treatment of cervical cancer in Israel is capable of performing miracles. The sooner you contact the services of doctors, the better the results will show therapy, the less will be a rehabilitation course at the clinic, and the sooner you get back home to friends and family people.

Upon arrival in Israel, you will pass a consultation with leading oncologists. The doctor assigned to you for the period of stay in the medical center and advise on all matters. The treatment options are due to test results, the structural features of the cancer, age and general health. Of great importance is the fact, whether you want to have children and do you plan to acquire offspring. The most common form of therapy is surgery or a combination of cytotoxic drugs and radiation.

Today, the treatment of cervical cancer in Israel is not surprising. This country is famous for the methods of treatment, the results of the used protocol, professionalism oncologists and other medical profile.

The clinic Assuta experienced medical composition conducts correction of the disease in order to eliminate dangerous to life and health of the patient's symptoms, improve quality of life of people who applied and projections for the future.

Surgical treatment of cervical cancer in Israel

Surgery is recommended for women who have small tumors located in the cervix. Type of transaction depends on how far the cancer has spread.


This operation, in which the uterus and other parts of the reproductive system are removed. There are two types of hysterectomy that are performed under general anesthesia. Removal of the uterus and cervix is ​​done with the help of:

  • Method of "keyhole" when excised organs through laparoscopic openings.
  • Technology open incision in the abdomen (laparotomy).

Before the surgery, the surgeon is mandatory consult with you together to choose one or the other way of intervention. When radical hysterectomy, where the uterus, cervix and soft tissue around the cervix are removed, the patient stays in the hospital for observation. This period may take up to a week.

Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

May designate bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with resection of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Surgical intervention is performed at the same time as a hysterectomy. If the situation allows, the surgeon leaves the ovaries to prevent early menopause. It should be noted that the treatment of cervical cancer in Israel is organ-orientation. If any of the existing possibilities of preserving the body, it will be used to the maximum benefit for the patient.

The clinic Assuta doctors do not tend to take radical decisions without the consent of patients. Before any kind of treatment being a conversation about the need for a method and risks that may follow if treatment refuse. It should be borne in mind that women who have experienced a hysterectomy and / or bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, become infertile and can not have children in the future.


Removal of the cervix and some surrounding tissue. The uterus, however, remains in place. This is an unusual procedure, but it applies to the early stages of cancer for young women (eg, a tumor less than 2 cm), who want to have children in the future. After surgery, the patient does not lose menstrual periods and are able to become pregnant.

Removal of lymph nodes

During a hysterectomy your doctor may decide to remove some lymph nodes in the pelvic and / or abdominal area, if it finds that the cancer has spread beyond the cervix. This procedure is called lymph node dissection, or removal of lymph nodes. If cancer is found in them, the doctor prescribes additional treatment, it may be radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Adverse effects of surgery

After the operation you may encounter side effects, which do not need to be afraid of, but which are worth knowing. After operation will manifest soreness. To reduce discomfort, pain medicine appointed through the IV (intravenous) or by injection into the spine (epidural). If the pain persist, the physician reviewing drugs more effective and appoints formula.

You may also feel that it is not able to completely empty the bladder / bowels or that it is too slow. These issues will be held in due course. In some cases, it manifested a temporary stress incontinence. This is also temporary. When removing the lymph nodes legs may swell and swell in the recovery period. This is due to the fact that the lymphatic system is not working properly (lymphoedema). These symptoms may occur even several years after surgery

If you held a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and you have not gone through menopause, removal of the ovaries will cause sudden menopause. Perhaps the formation of adhesions, it can request a new operation at a later date.

History Lyudmila V. - Vladivostok

"When I turned 26, I decided to undergo a gynecological examination. I passed the Pap smear, which showed glandular cervical abnormality. Gynecologist gave me a colposcopy, the result confirmed the pathology, and I was recommended to go cervical cone biopsy. I do not want to speak ill of our medicine, but had a bad experience, so I decided that for the treatment of cervical cancer in Israel, the price is quite acceptable. I traveled to Assuta, heard about the clinic a lot of good, decided to entrust the health of her doctors diagnostic results showed cervical adenocarcinoma, which is a rare type of cervical cancer I knew that the treatment can make me sterile and is very worried about this I recommend trahelektomiyu -... surgeon removed the neck and left the womb that gave me hope for the future. I also removed some lymph nodes. Recovered in the hospital, it was difficult. She lay in bed for 4 days. I could not get up and go to the toilet. I am very grateful to doctors Assuta for the s upport that I felt. A doctor, who gave me the hope of life, the girls who looked after me. I did not need any chemicals or radiation. All ended well. Recently done PAP showed normal results. "

Rehabilitation after surgery at the clinic, recovery at home

When he awoke after surgery, you will be in the recovery ward near the operating room, and then will be transferred to a hospital ward. For you to connect multiple handsets:

  • intravenous drip medicinal solutions;
  • tube into the abdominal cavity of the overflow;
  • catheter into the bladder to drain urine.

After removal of the catheter, the nurse will conduct a test to check the bladder on the ability to self-emptying. This is done by simply measuring the urine and with the help of ultrasound.

As long as you lie in bed, doctor, nurse and therapist will show you how to move the legs, to prevent deep vein thrombosis and enhance lymphatic drainage. Once you're able to get out of bed, you will make it. Once the medical team is satisfied with the recovery, and bladder function tests show a good result, you go home. But this does not mean that the treatment has ended. You also waiting for familiarization course with the procedures to be followed at home to improve the situation.

Taking care of yourself at home

In most situations, recovery requires at least 6 weeks after surgery, and sometimes considerably more. If you post after treatment in the hotel complex clinic, ask the staff to take care of you. After the treatment of cervical cancer in Israel, the price recovery services is low, but all performed professionally. If you go home, ask family members to care for you, to help with the household chores, while you yourself will not be able to do that. Avoid heavy lifting for at least a month, driving for a couple of weeks. Go and perform the exercises recommended by your doctor, drink plenty of water and eat fruits. Avoid sex 4-6 weeks to be restored to harmony and joy of bringing relations.

Radiation therapy

Uses x-rays to kill cancer cells or to hurt them so that they can not reproduce. Is assigned a treatment for cervical cancer in Israel, if the cancer has spread to the tissues and lymph nodes. Combined with chemotherapy. Appointed internal and external radiation therapy, it is characterized by a radiation source. When external therapy X-rays are directed at the cervix and other organs that require treatment. The first session takes about 45 minutes. Usually we treat from Monday to Friday within 4-6 weeks on an outpatient basis. Subsequent times take a few minutes, when you lie under a metal machine on the table. After switching on the equipment you stay in the room alone, but you can talk with a therapist through the intercom. The treatment is painless and does not make you radioactive.

Internal radiation therapy called brachytherapy. The procedure involves placing a radiation source within the body near the cancerous pathology. Effect of light source for other organs safely. The course usually consists of 2-4 sessions (2-4 weeks). Each procedure takes a few hours in the day, you go home. You put general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia, after which the implant is inserted into the vagina and cervix. After termination of anesthesia, the patient do CT, X-ray, ultrasound or MRI to check the location of the tumor and to develop a better dose brachytherapy.

Side effects after radiotherapy

They vary depending on the treatment of cervical cancer and the dose which was used in the processing of rays. Among the negative states:

  • fatigue - accumulates slowly, increasing to the end of a course of therapy;
  • loss of appetite - it is useful to talk to a nutritionist to organize competent power without receiving a large amount of food;
  • loss of hair on the pubic area;
  • diarrhea - talk with your doctor about how to eliminate it;
  • itchy skin in the treatment area, and radiation exposure;
  • burning during urination (cystitis) - hand over tests to exclude infection;
  • vaginal stenosis - internal scar tissue formation, which shortens and sometimes narrows the vagina. It helps vaginal dilator.


The use of drugs for the destruction of cancer cells and slow tumor growth. Formulations fed through a vein. You can be treated as outpatients. The number of sessions depends on the type of cancer, and other therapies. If chemotherapy is probably the procedure will carry up to 6 times every 3-4 weeks. Although the treatment of cervical cancer in Israel may be different from the traditional schemes at the discretion of the attending physician. The patient may appear nausea or vomiting, fatigue, hair loss on the head and body. Cytotoxic drugs can cause temporary or permanent menopause.

In cancer treatment, palliative therapy may be used, and other methods of correction. It all depends on the condition of the patient and solutions specialists.

The cost of procedures was distributed in 2016 as follows:

  • Diagnosis costs 3600 - 4400 dollars.
  • Trahelektomiya - 24,100 dollars.
  • Robotic surgery using the Da Vinci robot - 24 000-26 000 dollars.
  • Hysterectomy - $ 20,000.

Deciding on treatment, call us or send an email to the email address listed on the site. We will promptly contact you to find out what health care you need.


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