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Surgery for basal cell carcinoma in Israel

removal of basal cell carcinoma Several types of surgery may be used in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma in Israel, In the clinic Assuta. The choice will depend on the size of the tumor, its location. In most cases, local anesthesia. If the risk of spreading is high, in some cases, surgery followed by radiation or chemotherapy.

Surgery for basal cell carcinoma in the Assuta: excision

This procedure is similar to excisional biopsy. In the course of its implementation is used local anesthesia. For excision of the tumor using a surgical knife, and removed some of the surrounding healthy skin. Then sutured the wound, it remains a small scar.

Surgery for basal cell carcinoma: curettage and fulguration

With the help of this method is easy to remove (scrape) pathological tissue using a special tool, like a spoon - curette. Then, the area treated high voltage electrical current to destroy the remaining malignant cells. This process is repeated once or twice. This method is effective in the treatment of superficial basal cell carcinoma shape. Scar remains small.

Operation Maus with basal cell carcinoma in the clinic Assuta

This type of surgery is applied when the high risk of recurrence or the tumor is in the region where it is required to keep the maximum amount of skin. This operation was conducted by a specially trained surgeon.

Operation Maus often shows better results compared with other types of surgical procedures, and other methods of treatment of basal cell carcinoma. But it is usually more difficult, time consuming and expensive. In recent years, developed principles for the use of this technique, depending on the size, location and type of skin cancer, as well as other important features.

During surgery, the surgeon removes a very thin layer of skin tumor, and then checks the outer edges of the sample under the microscope. If cancer cells are found, the next layer is excised and examined too. This is repeated as long as the extracted skin segment will be clear from malignant cells. Lengthy process often takes several hours, but it means that the surgeon will be able to keep more healthy skin near the tumor. Remains minimal aesthetic defect.

Operation during bazalioma: dissection of lymph nodesSurgery for basal cell carcinoma in Israel

If the lymph nodes near the basal cell carcinoma increases, doctors are worried that the cancer is able to spread to them. Biopsy may be done one or more nodes. The recovered material is examined under a microscope for signs of cancer. This operation is called dissection, it is more complicated and usually requires general anesthesia.

A side effect of surgical lymphedema may be - a condition in which excess liquid accumulates in the legs or arms, causing the soft tissue swelling, due to the removal of the lymph nodes.

skin grafts and reconstructive surgery

After removal of basal cell carcinoma large the situation when it is impossible to pull the wound edges to take in it. In these cases, you can use the skin from another part of the body that will promote healing and restore the appearance of the affected area. Apply different reconstructive surgery.


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