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Types of operations for cancer of the larynx (throat) in Israel

throat cancer surgerySurgical intervention is one of the fundamental ways of laryngeal cancer treatment in Israel. Depending on the stage and location of the tumor conducted various operations to remove malignant neoplasms and some of the surrounding portions of the larynx or pharynx.

After removal of the cancer can be performed reconstructive surgery to restore the appearance and function of the affected areas.

The operation on the vocal cords

Following this procedure the surgeon uses a laryngoscope Assuta clinic to receive the superficial layers of tissue on the vocal cords. This procedure was performed to biopsy and treatment in stage 0 cancer of the larynx. Most people, after this operation continue to talk perfectly normal.

Laser surgery of throat cancer in Israel

Lasers can be used for the treatment of stage 0 (in situ carcinoma) and step T1. The endoscope is introduced in the throat in order to find the tumor, which is then evaporated or excised using a high-intensity laser at the tip of the endoscope.

The disadvantage is the lack of evaporation of a sample to study it under a microscope. If the laser removes a portion of the vocal cords, this can cause a hoarse voice.

Surgery for cancer of the larynx - hordektomiya

When this surgical procedure is removed and part of the total volume of the vocal cords. The indication is a tumor in the stage 1 or interepitelialny cancer of the vocal fold. How will this procedure on the question depends on the removed volume. If the excised portion of the vocal cords, hoarseness may occur if completely removed - the person loses the ability of normal speech.

Laryngectomy in Israel - surgery to remove the larynxsurgery to remove the larynx

Laryngectomy is an operation to the remove part or all of the larynx (voice box).

The indications for partial laryngectomy are small tumors. There are different types of this operation, but they all have one goal - to completely remove the malignant tumor and to preserve the larynx.

Verhnegortannaya laryngectomy involves resection of only the upper part of the larynx. After this procedure is still possible speech.

For small tumors of the vocal cords hemilaryngectomy carried out when the surgeon removes only one of the ligaments, which also allows the person to talk further.

Complete laryngectomy involves the removal of the larynx in its entirety. In front of the neck creates an opening or stoma, which is connected to the trachea, allowing the patient to breathe. Man loses his voice still may be possible to ingest fluids and food.

Surgery for cancer of the throat in Israel: full or partial faringoektomiya

Surgery to complete or partial removal of the pharynx called faringoektomiya, the indication is cancer of the pharynx. larynx often removed along with the pharynx. After surgery, you may need reconstructive procedures to restore this part of the throat, and improve the ability to swallow.

Reconstructive surgery for laryngeal cancer

These surgical procedures are performed to restore the structure or function of the zones affected by the more extensive operations by removing the cancerous tumor.

As graft used for reconstruction throat musculocutaneous flaps in areas closest to the throat - out of the chest.

Achievements microvascular surgery provides great opportunities for recovery operations. It uses tissue from other areas of the body: intestines or muscles of the forearm to replace the part of the throat.

Operation during laryngeal cancer: removal of lymph nodes

Cancer of the larynx and pharynx can spread to the lymph nodes in the neck. Surgery to remove the lymph nodes is called a neck dissection is performed, and it is the same time as the surgery to remove the primary tumor. Doctors are finding out how much the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, depending on the size and location of the tumor.

surgery to remove the larynxThere are several types of neck dissection: from radical (extensive) to the selective (less traumatic). They are distinguished by the volume of resected tissue. At full dissection remove lymphatic tissue, salivary glands, blood vessels, muscles and nerves. It may be necessary to excise all of the lymph nodes that are likely to contain cancer cells. The indications are expressed metastases, since the operation - traumatic and causes cosmetic defects.

Surgery for cancer of the throat in Israel tracheostomy

Tracheostomy - an operation in which a hole is made in the neck - the windpipe through the neck into the trachea.

After partial laryngectomy or partial resection of the pharynx impose a temporary tracheostomy three - five days, it protects the airway during recovery after surgery. The bore tube is placed, which ensures the removal of secretions and airway. This tube is also called a tracheostomy tube or Trach (trach tube).

A the complete of After Laryngectomy the make permanent stoma, the Edges of the incision of the trachea sutured to the Edges of the incision.

If laryngeal tumor is too large to completely remove and blocks the windpipe, then the stoma created to circumvent the malignancy and allow the patient to breathe comfortably.

Surgery for cancer of the larynx in Israel gastrostomy

Laryngeal cancer may make it impossible for a normal diet that will undoubtedly lead to a weakening of the body and to difficulties in completing treatment.

Gastrostomy is an operation during which create artificial stomach entrance into the cavity through the abdominal wall into the stomach feeding tube set. Most often this is done using endoscopic equipment with the use of general anesthesia. This operation is called percutaneous endoscopic gastrostromiey. Another option is to install the tube during the main operation for removing the larynx. With it, the power is supplied directly into the stomach.

In most cases, gastrostomy is needed for a short time to ensure adequate nutrition during radiotherapy and / or chemotherapy. The tube is removed as soon after treatment is reduced swallowing process. It is important to support this process, his muscles in an active state, to increase the likelihood that this function would return after completion of therapy.

Possible risks and side effects of surgery to remove the larynx

surgery to remove the larynxAny surgery carries risks, including the risk of blood clots, infections, pneumonia, complications from anesthesia. These risks are generally low.

Consider the common possible complications after surgery for cancer of the larynx.

Patients undergoing laryngectomy or partial resection of the pharynx, usually lose the ability to speak normally. Less extensive surgery may also affect it in some cases.

on the larynx surgery can lead to a gradual narrowing (stenosis), which in some cases will affect the breath. If this happens, you will need a tracheostomy.

Sometimes surgery on the throat or larynx may also affect the ability to swallow. This will undoubtedly have an impact on the power mode, and, in some cases, will require a permanent feeding tube.

Laryngectomy and partial resection of the pharynx can lead to the development of a fistula. As a result, there is a need for surgical correction.

It is very rare, but serious complication of operations for cancer of the throat is the rupture of the carotid artery.

In rare cases the surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer can lead to problems with thyroid and / or parathyroid glands, which are located in front of the neck. Damage to the thyroid gland can become a cause of hypothyroidism, parathyroid disorders provoke problems with low calcium levels that would cause muscle spasms and an irregular heartbeat. These emerging challenges are solved by drugs.

Israel clinics provide a high level of care, which allows to minimize the possible complications after surgery. Nasch Medical Service will assist in the organization of surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer in Israel.


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