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Endoprosthesis in Israel

Conduct joint replacement in Israel, experts suggest that if maintenance therapy does not produce results, the amplitude of movements is broken and each of them is given a pain. With minor changes will be effective treatment at the Dead Sea, where the climate is conducive to the restoration of joint function, removal of tissue swelling and eliminate discomfort.

Assuta network of clinics offering the procedure for replacing joints pass in Israel, on the basis of the private hospital. Operations are run with high efficiency, the cost compares favorably with the prices, formed by the clinics of developed European countries.

The quality of prosthetic flawlessly. The service life of modern models up to several decades.

In carrying out surgery for joint replacement in old age, introduced into the body tissue structure is a lifetime, without requiring an update. Practice arthroplasty shows that the procedure is carried out in Assuta in two basic versions - when is the primary joint replacement, and when correction is executed unsuccessfully performed interventions made previously in another hospital.

Advantages of joint replacement in Israel

Endoprosthesis in IsraelRussian-speaking patients often are looking to hospitals in other countries. Careful selection of doctors conducted impartially. We study the prices, especially being in the clinic, variants of operations, types of implants. For all these indicators, Assuta Hospital is to display consumer preferences. Contribute to this:

  1. Professional staff. Hospital works directly with the invited experts. At its base are the best surgeons in private practice countries. Among them - Doctors of international class, heads of departments and offices of orthopedic surgery at other hospitals in Israel.
  2. Ability to select the treating physician. If you go to a state hospital, you get to the head of the department is almost impossible, and the price will be comparable with the prices of Assuta. In a state institution the patient is allocated a doctor with the lowest load at the time of receipt of the new ward. Assuta - the only hospital where the patient has the right to choose a specialist in charge of his problem. He simply calls it coordinates and organizes hospital treatment comfortable for the patient as possible.
  3. service prices are regulated by the Ministry of Health, to find out the approximate amount of service you can in advance. However, remember that every clinical case is unique, so send the documents about your health at Assuta email so that we can create for you treatment options and their costs. If you compare the prices with the prices of European clinics in Israel are lower on average by 30-40%. This is a great budget savings while maintaining a high level of quality and impeccable service.
  4. Assuta - private hospital. Management does not spend money on development. The technological base of the clinic is the most powerful in the whole of the Middle East area. In a world of such hospitals exist units. Here are all the latest equipment, the most advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities.
  5. The Assuta Hospital performed the virtual planning of surgical intervention to the patient "lies" on the surgical table. By using special software model prosthesis physicians whose identity is 100%. This provides comfort to the patient later, rapid recovery, long and excellent product service.

Implants, which are offered by the hospital, produced by leading corporations orthopedic systems. This company Zimmer, CPM, producing a complete line of impeccable quality joints - from large to miniature articular capsule products (joints in the fingers).

Endoprosthesis in Israel

The prosthetic structure is a simulation of a specific organ or system. In this case, an artificial copy of the joint capsule. Since the prosthesis is immersed in the tissues of the body, attached to the name prefix "endo", eventually forming the word "hip replacement".

During surgery, arthroplasty in Israel involves the exchange of the connection components. The implants have similar shapes, designed for a precise replenishment range healthy joint movements. Installing artificial component carries the same goal - to save the patient from acute feelings of discomfort, debilitating pain, allowing him to return to normal life, where there is no space constraint and inaction. Assuta doctors perform interventions for the correction of all types of joints - the hip, elbow, knee, shoulder joints, fingers.

High-strength construction materials ensure long life, the average period of use of the joint under normal load is 15-20 years. When caring for the installed implant this term loosely follows in 30 years. Once the joint fails due to wear, you are replacing a new one. On volumes of services in Assuta best to say specific numbers. So, the hospital receives a year more than 5,000 patients from all corners of the globe.

The staff is fluent in Russian, at least most of it. This means that patients from Russia and Russian speaking countries will be comfortable being around people with whom you can communicate without an interpreter. If your doctor does not know Russian, the hospital of your choice provides an interpreter that adapts any speech or a document for review.

What makes joint prostheses?

Special demand the replacement of the joint with metal implants in Israel, produced on the basis of steel alloys that do not corrode and are not amenable to rust. Fastening of parts to a bone conducted by means of the base profile of cement and acrylic resin, cobalt compounds, chromium. The moving parts of the joint are made of pure, biocompatible with the human body tissues titanium, clad to the surface capsule of ceramic or high strength polyethylene. All materials have excellent performance properties, easily assembled. Each implant is certified and has passed rigorous selection process to meet its requirements.

Indications and contraindications for surgery

Joint replacement in IsraelEndoprosthesis held in degenerative changes in articular joints, when a person becomes a hostage unsuccessful injury or emerging diseases. When the situation threatened the loss of the ability to move, it comes to artificial joint replacement. If you can get injured playing sports or randomly, the disease develops on the background of a troubled health. It can be:

  • Degenerative diseases, degenerative diseases of type (osteoarthritis, arthritis).
  • Chronic changes in the joints (ankylosing spondylitis).
  • Aseptic necrotic processes in the head hipbone.
  • Dysplastic disorders.
  • Fractures.

Contraindications to replace are serious violations of the heart and lungs, purulent inflammation, mental abnormalities, infectious processes in the area of ​​the joints, is not fully developed skeletal corset (immature, unformed), diseases of vessels of the legs in the acute phase, and so forth. With caution experts to conduct the operation in the presence of cancer tumors, hormonal shifts, obesity and other conditions.

Endoprosthesis in Israel - types of operations

There are two main types of surgery - a total hip replacement and partial joint replacement (unipolar). In the first case, the affected joint is completely removed from the bed, and in its place put the implant. In the second - the replacement shall be subject to the individual parts. This can be a bone head, depression and so forth. As technology feature of open surgery and minimally invasive techniques, when the replacement is made through accurate cuts with profile tools and special equipment.

Arriving in Israel, the patient undergoes diagnostic testing in the clinic, which takes 3-4 days, the doctor discovers a family history, a history of the disease possible, to avoid the risks and contraindications. Then, the operation is performed. The procedure is complex and requires special skill of the surgeon, but at the same time, in the Assuta rate of complications after joint replacement in Israel is minimal. This is due to high professionalism of the clinic staff.

Operation usually lasts no more than 4 hours, depending on the joint to be replaced. In a hospital the patient is restored not more than a week, and then about two weeks later, he visited a specialist to monitor the condition of the joint and overall health. Then, an individual program of exercises and recommendations with which it must work independently after returning home to him.

Replacing rare joint

The most frequently must be replaced hip and knee, at least the services of doctors applying for arthroplasty of the shoulder, ankle, elbow and other smaller joints. At the same time, patients are worried that the lack of experience of doctors in these cases, it may lead to complications. Indeed, without a good practice, the surgeon can make a mistake. However, in an Israeli hospital Assuta there are no doctors, having a minimum set of professional competencies. It employs experts who have behind hundreds, and sometimes thousands of successful operations. This ensures that the outcome of the procedure will optimally meet the planned result.

Ankle Replacement

The structure of the ankle joint compounds form tibial 2 and talar, capsule, ligaments and distal tibiofibular compound. All of this is surrounded by muscle fibers and tendons. Despite the abundance of parts of the joint, the structure complexity, it is subjected to heavy loads. According to statistics, the ankle is a leading personal injury, sometimes giving way to honor the first place the knee joint. By replacing the usually resort elderly or patients with insufficient activity. For the comfort of the patient is used spinal anesthesia. Removed through anterior incision tissue subjected inflammation, cartilage, then the prosthesis elements are installed. Then the seam is applied.

Endoprosthesis of elbow

Operation is rare compared to other joints. This is due to the fact that the ulnar block rarely fails. In addition, the complex design makes it difficult to articulate the connection of the prosthesis production. The joint comprises first and second components with internal and external elements. The endoprosthesis is secured with a cement composition or by mechanical locking. The operation lasts about an hour. During the intervention performed resection of bone bed drilling for prosthetic legs, which later fixed joint.

Replacement of the shoulder joint in Israel - fine workmanship

It conducted joint replacement to restore lost functional hands. It is, in fact, the single most effective option to deal with abnormal situations. After the change of the joint with an artificial component of the patient can freely move the limb without experiencing pain oppressive. For each patient, the prosthesis is chosen on an individual basis, taking into account the replacement part and the volume of the upcoming surgery. It uses either prosthetic total or partial replacement of the joint elements. If it is a full denture, is subject to replacement glenoid cavity scapula and the head of the humerus. In partial dentures usually undergoes change head. Fixing is carried out with cement or by mechanical means.

At the first consultation the doctor fills the patient's health card, finds out the possible risks and contraindications for surgery, assigns diagnostic procedures: blood tests, CT scans, ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, aspiration with a fence of a joint body fluids. A set of procedures for each patient varies. Imaging techniques can accurately know the degree of deterioration of the joint. Despite the fact that the practice of Assuta does not contain the mass of complications after surgery, sometimes they are possible. The doctor honestly about them warning before the time of the intervention. These include:

  • infectious processes;
  • large blood loss during the procedure or after it;
  • dislocated prosthetic structure;
  • thromboembolism (overlap vessel thrombus).

Before the surgery, joint replacement of the shoulder joint in Israel, the patient meets with the anesthesiologist to determine which type of anesthesia is best for him. At the clinic the patient is laid on the day before the date of surgery. The operation seldom exceeds 2 hours on the time, physicians sometimes stacked one hour. During surgery, doctors are working to prevent complications. If circumstances require, held replenishing lost blood, draining wounds and so on.

After replacement of the joint is fixed a special design to prevent its displacement in the sinus. The patient is given antibiotics, painkillers and other drugs for early rehabilitation. The clinic Assuta operates branch pain correction, so discomfort is successfully addressed. complete rest period for the joint virtually none. The activity of the patient begins to show at once under the control of doctors. From the second day he already performs a series of exercises for the hands. First week of use passive movements art. Since the second permitted arbitrary enabled. Two weeks to resolve the doctor can give his hand a small load.

It is important to follow the recommendations issued by the attending physician. Shoulder bandage is worn for three weeks after the operation, the hand could be in relative rest and was protected from abrupt movements that may affect the stability of the artificial joint. Two months later, the patient can use the swimming pool, provided that there are no deviations in the rehabilitation course. Sporting activities without severe restrictions permitted three months after hip replacement.

Doctors and prices for procedures

Prices of prosthetic joints in Israel, as mentioned above, are regulated by the Ministry of Health. The cost can vary in a big way, if you are accessing world-class expert services. On average, the procedures are within the following limits:

  1. Receiving an orthopedic surgeon - $ 550.
  2. The cost of the prosthetic construction - 8800 dollars.
  3. Preparation for surgery - 560 dollars.
  4. Consumables, balloon - 5100 dollars.
  5. Endoprosthesis Knee - 25680 dollars.
  6. Hip arthroplasty - 24870 dollars.
  7. Replacement of the shoulder joint - 19000 dollars.

not being doctors rating in Israel on various fronts. However, their popularity is growing thanks to the reviews of patients. Often celebrated in thanksgiving positions of specialists such as Alex Kalgan Gabriel Moses, Igor Kazan. These doctors conducted thousands of successful operations have huge experience of helping people.


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