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arthrosis treatment in Israel

January 22, 2020 14:38
Why the treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel on the basis of Assuta Hospital selects each year a growing number of patients from Russia and the CIS? The answer is obvious ─ contribute to this high level of professionalism of personnel, equipment of hospitals, the use of new drugs to restore joint health.

Features of surgical treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel

When it comes to surgery, the benefits of a trip to the Middle East enough. The largest private hospital practice operations with minimal damage to the body's organs, minimally invasive intervention techniques. Through this approach fails to hold dentures without barbaric opening the joint capsule. To this end, the hospital uses robotic equipment, which oversees the work of an experienced physician. It regulates the progress of the operation on a special console and tracks changes in the patient's vital signs on the monitor in real time.

Robot Navigator does all the work on the replacement of defective joints with a jeweler's precision. In order to engraftment of foreign body passed quickly and without the complications of using materials with nanoparticles effectively complementary elements ceramic coating.

The correction arthritic condition of the main role is played by qualification of doctors. The Assuta hospital doctors operate on a high level in Israel. In the medical environment is considered prestigious to be invited by one of the leading hospitals of the world. To conduct a private practice based clinics offer only the best representatives of the profession.

The patient and the physician chooses an operation technique

The main difference from public Assuta clinical settings for the treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel is that the patient chooses a doctor who will operate on him. In the public hospital such a service is not possible. There has been the specialist treatment, which at the time of patient admission minimum load. The choice of the patient's physician can be in two formats:

  1. Hospital Administration studies the characteristics of the patient and picks him several options for correcting the disease. A list of the best doctors in different price segments. The patient chooses the optimal treatment plan and the doctor on the basis of their financial capabilities.
  2. Specialist, who will lead the treatment offers the patient himself. He asks for it with all necessary information. After that consents to the operation, coordinates the date and time of surgery.

Clinic makes available a service of on-line communication, during which plans a trip to Israel, people can talk to your doctor directly, immediately asking him all the questions. The same method of communication available to those patients who want to get a third opinion, being in their homeland, so they do not have the possibility to go for treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel due to lack of finances.

Israeli Physicians for osteoarthritis correction

arthrosis treatment in IsraelHospital invites the most distinguished in their profession doctors. Especially in demand with the following physicians:

  • Vadim Benkovich ─ leading orthopedic surgeon Israel conducting operations arthroplasty articular joints. He has over 20 years of excellent practice. Replaces joints monopolar type and total practice. Helping their patients without complications pass the stage of rehabilitation and reconstruction. He is fluent in minimally invasive surgery techniques by computerized imaging systems (Signature, TruMatch). It uses the technique of arthroscopy and endoscopy.
  • Aaron Menachem ─ expert of international class, specializing in the treatment of complex orthopedic disorders. Conducts a complete or partial replacement of the patella joint and the hip joint. Uses arthroscopy techniques to minimize complications and rapid recovery of patients after surgery. In a professional environment known as an expert, capable of 100% to recreate the lost capacity and full range of motion. He invented a method of preventive counter infections in the postoperative period.
  • Erez Avisar ─ orthopedic surgeon with a brilliant training and flawless surgery practice. Experience more than 16 years. Professionally engaged in the correction of congenital bone defects, traumatic consequences. A recognized expert in the field of microsurgery. Masterly reconstructs the damaged nerve and tendon structure. Performs complex joint replacement using new techniques orthopedics that doctors trained in the leading clinics of America and the United Kingdom.
  • Matatiyagu Nof ─ led by Department of Orthopedic practice of foot and ankle. It is engaged in the treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel, with all types of surgical intervention. It operates more than 30 years. During this time, it has helped thousands of patients to cope with serious pain, to restore the lost range of motion. Extensive knowledge of the doctor is obliged to his teacher ─ known orthopedist America Mark Myerson, who studied surgery feet. It is one of the founders of the Association of surgery of the foot and ankle of Israel.

You can order a consultation with one of these professionals, and subsequently undergo treatment on the basis of Assuta hospital. Find out the price of the procedure right now, by sending a corresponding request to our email.

for the treatment of osteoarthritis prices in Israel

Find out the cost of your stay abroad, you can have a site consultants. In addition to the medical course we will arrange transfer from the airport in clinical settings, select options for accommodation in Israel, depending on your wishes. Specify the required you can in the letter, at the same time enclosing copies of documents on the diagnosis, information on the passed therapy.

On average, for the treatment of osteoarthritis prices in Israel are as follows:

  1. MRI of the joints - 1460-1480 dollars.
  2. Advisory welcome rheumatologist (orthopedist) - 550-600 dollars.
  3. Research laboratory - $ 550.
  4. US joint connections - 480 dollars.
  5. X-ray of the affected joint capsule - 270-290 dollars.
  6. Hip / shoulder / knee joint - 24870/19000/25680 dollars.

Do not delay the opportunity to take health for tomorrow. Take advantage of the favorable offer Assuta Hospital to be treated today under the supervision of qualified doctors.

Plan the rehabilitation of the Dead Sea, where even the air has a healing power. Make a request for a recovery program, and we have 48 hours to send it to your email.


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