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osteoarthritis treatment in Israel

January 22, 2020 14:52

Treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel offers Assuta Hospital. Prices for democratic procedures, and patients and the CIS countries of Russia can choose the doctor under whose control will be the diagnosis and course of treatment procedures.

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Osteoarthritis: features of the disease

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain and hindered the movement of affected joints. One feels helpless before the situation, especially at the time of morning awakening. However, after a short time after being stricken with osteoarthritis man gets out of bed, it feels better. It begins to seem that the situation is not hopeless, which looked at first.

What is expressed in osteoarthritis? This bony growths around the joint capsule, the damage and loss of cartilage, namely that part of the joint that cushions the bone contact, helping the person to move easily. This includes the phenomenon of synovitis, the inflammation of tissues surrounded by articular joint.

Some people do not feel the trouble symptoms. Subsequently, the pain increases over time, increasing restriction of movement after prolonged sitting or lying down. Inside the joints begins to feel the heat. The injured joint outputs uncharacteristic noises while driving, pops and clicks when moving between positions.

What affects the joints osteoarthritis?

The most commonly affected knees, hips, joints of the hands, neck and lumbar region, but osteoarthritis can occur in any joint capsule. If it is your knees, you are affected, usually two joints, if the disease is triggered by trauma. The pain occurs when walking uphill and upstairs. During the squat knees publish crunch.

If this is the hip joint, the pain will cause any careless action, whether it's inclination to remove shoes or sitting in the car. Often unpleasant sensations occur during walking, but can also appear in the rest period. Osteoarthritis can affect the finger joints, making them swollen, painful and immobilized.

The presence of articular cartilage defects or birth increases the risk of developing the disease. Other risk factors include:

  • ─ Obesity increases the stress on the joints, weight-bearing.
  • Heavy exercise ─ professional activities, hobbies.
  • Concomitant diseases ─ gout, rheumatoid arthritis, Paget's disease, septic arthritis, and others.
  • Genetic factors ─ take up to 65% of the total number of cases, but the exact genes responsible for the pathology, not been identified so far.
  • Diet ─ susceptible people with insufficient intake of vitamins D, C and K.

diagnosis of osteoarthritis

The clinic Assuta patient chooses a doctor who trusts conduct diagnostic and treatment process. The specialist conducts a physical examination, discovers symptoms, appoints the passage of special tests. Among them:

  • X-rays - can detect bone spurs around the joint or the joint space narrowing, indicating the destruction of cartilage.
  • MRI scan - a detailed examination of the joint and surrounding tissues.
  • Artrotsentez - fluid analysis inflamed joint, the physician takes with a sterile needle, and then pays for analysis in the laboratory. If the detected crystals of uric acid, this may indicate gout. The test helps to establish the presence of inflammation and infection.

Produced study the patient's blood, which can more accurately detect signs of trouble and to exclude other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

osteoarthritis treatment in Israel

Medicines for osteoarthritis does not exist, but the well-matched pharmacology helps to eliminate pathological symptoms and restore the lost range of motion. Medicines not pay reversing damage, but significantly reduced pain in patients with mild and moderate disease severity. It is very important to obtain professional recommendations, since high doses of drugs can cause liver damage.

Used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, some of which are applied to the skin over the affected joint. However, these drugs are not suitable for patients with asthma or peptic ulcer disease. Eliminate short-term violent outbursts of pain analgesics. And intra-articular injection of cortisone treat severe pain and swelling, but it is used one time in 4 months. Too frequent administration of intra-articular injections may damage the joint, and overreliance on corticosteroids increases the risk of osteoporosis and other side effects.

It is used in the treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel on the latest physical therapy facilities and complexes. This transcutaneous nerve stimulation, heat therapy, manual therapy. In particularly serious cases surgery is recommended. Usually the operation is assigned when other methods are powerless. This can be arthroplasty or total hip replacement when damaged parts are removed and replaced with new ones made from biocompatible materials with body tissues.

The Assuta apply techniques of minimally invasive surgery when the body incisions so small that they will not require a long recovery. Treatment of osteoarthritis in Israel includes a clever joint restructuring, its stabilization and consolidation. Osteotomy may be performed when the surgeon adds or deletes a small part of the bone, arranged above or below the knee. This allows you to reset the leg so that the weight is no longer focused on the damaged part. Typically, this method is preceded knee arthroplasty in young patients.


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