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Plastic Surgery in Israel

Plastic Surgery in IsraelIn the section "plastic surgery" includes a wide variety of types of surgical intervention carried out in order to restore parts of the body (to create a normal appearance) or change (to look good).

There are three main types of plastic surgery in Israel:

  1. Operations used to treat congenital defects and skin - the removal of warts, acne scars, moles, etc. Theclinic Assuta often carried abdominoplasty - removal of excess fat on the abdomen, dermabrasion - removal of skin defects and otoplasty - changing the shape of the ear cartilage (the ears).
  2. Reconstructive surgery - performed to reattach body parts, damaged in an accident, or fighting, for skin grafts after severe burns or to restore parts of the body that did not appear at birth or removed during surgery (prosthesis).
  3. Cosmetic surgery - aimed at rejuvenation and improvement in a person's appearance (rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, mammoplasty, lifting, etc.).

Types of plastic surgery in Israel

Plastic operations play an important role in people's lives. Many patients disfigured by accident or were born with defects in need of urgent medical care. Such people often feel inferior and socially isolated, which can lead to depression, lack of desire to live, and even suicide. Another same patients need surgery because of their work in the areas where the appearance of a person depends on his status, career and personal life (the modeling business, politics, arts, journalism).

In the clinics of plastic surgery in Israel often carries out the following operations:


It is used to remove unwanted fat deposits in order to create the right body contours. Fat is generally eliminated from the skin through the use of a special suction device - aspirator. With liposuction can not remove large amounts of adipose tissue or used in surgery as the only way to reduce weight. On average, the doctor may remove about 1 liter of fat per surgery. Most often, liposuction is performed on the thighs, chin, buttocks and abdomen.

Most of the procedures for pumping out fat are carried out under local anesthesia. There are dry and wet methods of performing liposuction. When using a wet method in the fat layer is introduced special solution containing a local anesthetic, saline, and epinephrine necessary to reduce bleeding. After injection, the physician makes a few small incisions (3-6 mm in length) inserted cannula therethrough, which is attached to an aspirator. By moving these tubes made of fat absorption.


It is one of the commonly used plastic surgery procedures in Israel, carried out at the clinic Assuta. Performed to correct deformities or outer ear injuries. Most often, patients otoplasty - children. The operation is carried out for:

  1. Restoration of the outer ear in patients born with partial or complete absence of the pinna (microtia).
  2. Correction of protruding or prominent ears.
  3. Reconstruction after surgery or injury.
  4. Changing the shape of the deformed hearing (ear Stahl).

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in children and adults can be under local anesthesia. Mean operative time was between two and three hours. Often Assuta Hospital surgeons use absorbable sutures to minimize the risk of affecting the shape of the ear.


Plastic surgery may be needed in Israel and those who wish to improve the appearance of skin. Dermabrasion is usually performed using a special machine, which carries out the removal of the damaged upper layer of the skin and its grinding. It is indicated in patients with scars, wrinkles, and acne scars, as well as rhinophyma - nose skin disease.


Is a cosmetic surgery in Israel , which is executed for correcting and reconstructing the shape of the nose and its functions, the reconstruction of the parts of the face, is damaged due to injury to its increase or decrease, eliminate minor defects (small hump) or increasing cartilage.

The most common methods of rhinoplasty are open, closed, and secondary (after unsuccessfully performed surgery to change the shape of the nose) Rhinoplasty. During operation audiologist, maxillofacial or plastic surgeon creates a normally functioning, regular shape nose, respecting the basic proportions of the patient's face. The doctor separates the skin and soft tissues of the bone and cartilage of the nose bases, giving them the desired shape, and then sutured the incision. Sometimes, the surgeon establishes bone or an artificial graft. It is desirable to use for transplantation of bone tissue of a patient.

Breast Implants

Is plastic surgery aimed at changing the size and / or shape of the breast. Performed augmentation, reduction or breast reconstruction. Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed to correct the asymmetry, changing its shape after pregnancy or for other aesthetic reasons. During the procedure, the surgeon places implants (usually silicone or salt) under or over the pectoral muscle. Incision is made in the armpit or areola area.

In breast reduction need women with excessively large and heavy breasts that can cause neck pain, numbness and weakness of the back. During surgery, the surgeon removes excess fat, tissue and skin of the breast.

In the clinics of plastic surgery in Israel to re-create the same shape and volume of the mammary glands of a patient, usually after a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is used. Its restoration is carried out with the help of implants or own tissue (back muscles or skin, fat and muscles of the buttocks).

The clinic Assuta also performed facelifts, hair transplants, chiloplasty, blepharoplasty and other types of plastic surgery.

postoperative risks

After the procedure, there is a risk of complications:

  • scar tissue formation;
  • constant pain, redness or swelling in the area of ​​the notch;
  • infection associated with the installation of the prosthesis;
  • anemia or fat embolism;
  • loss of sensitivity of the operated body region.
Recent advances in the production of microtools use of new materials to create artificial limbs and other body parts, the development and improvement of methods and techniques used in hospitals, ensure the most safe and effective plastic surgery in Israel. Such surgery is characterized by the careful preparation of human tissues and skin, performing highly accurate cuts and sutures, as well as minimizing scars.


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