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HymenoplastyHymenoplasty ( reconstruction of the hymen) - clinics in Israel

Violation of the integrity of the hymen occurs in trauma, sexual intercourse, sports. In many countries, great importance is the preservation of the hymen girls before marriage. Therefore girl having damaged hymen interested in its reconstruction. Many have resorted to plastic surgery for religious or aesthetic reasons.

Currently, the clinic Assuta there are three main methods of restoration of virginity with the help of plastic surgery.

The method of operation is determined during a gynecological examination.

Before a woman undergoes surgery blood analysis for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, cytological examination and microbiological research.

One method of reconstruction hymen - formation of new hymen vaginal mucosa, or crosslinking portions of the remaining chaff absorbable suture.

Three-layer reconstruction surgery is performed, if necessary, long-term reconstruction. Hymen created from tissues of the vestibule, which sutured with absorbable suture.

The operation is performed for 30-60 minutes in an outpatient setting.

It performed well alloplantnaya reconstruction surgery - implantation of similar fabrics hymen implant.

Hymenoplasty These methods may be carried out under general or local anesthesia, considering contraindications for anesthesia and patient preferences.

After the reconstruction of the hymen is recommended for a few days to eliminate taking baths and limit physical activity.


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