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Vascular surgery in Israel

atroskleroza Treatment in Israel

Vascular surgeon in Israel - a minimally invasive surgery within the vessels by means of new technologies and cutting-edge medical technology.

Vascular surgery in Israel - a highly competitive field of medicine, designed to expand the scope of traditional surgical treatment for venous, arterial and lymphatic vessels.

The main objectives of vascular surgery in Israel are:

  • Treatment of aortic aneurysms;
  • Treatment of varicose veins;
  • Treatment of atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries;
  • Treatment of Atherosclerosis of the arteries of the lower extremities;
  • Treatment of vascular malformations of the brain;
  • Treatment of hemangiomas;
  • Preventing complications threatening diseases such as diabetes, varicose veins, atherosclerosis ;
  • Staying active and the patient's ability to work.

For the diagnosis and choice of operation is very important surgical diagnosis.

To hospitals in Israel, along with the traditional instrumental studies, best practices are applied.

The clinic Assuta patients can undergo these diagnostic tests: CT scan, ultrasound, Doppler study, magnetic resonance imaging, computed angiography, positron - emission tomography, isotope scan.

There is not one type of vascular surgery, which would have carried surgeons Assuta Hospital. In the department of vascular surgery operating surgeon 23 and 4 professors. Specialists have unique operational skills, so the percentage of successfully completed operations on the vessels is very high.

Vascular Surgery Clinics Assuta perform 20 types of surgeries: carotid endarterectomy, bypass surgery of the arteries, miniflebektomiya, ballonirovanie vessels, treatment of varicose veins laser, stripping of varicose veins, port implantation patients requiring chemotherapeutic treatment.

For the treatment of arterial aneurysms and brain malformations clinic Assuta new methods of intravascular surgery are used: sclerotherapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy.

When the constriction of the carotid artery into the receptacle introduce a special "skeleton" - a stent, whereby the blood flow is restored to the "victim" body.

When aortic aneurysm, the open or access inside the container, replacing the lesion produced vascular prosthesis.

Trophic ulcers and other disorders of the peripheral circulation special bandages are applied, vacuum therapy, transplantation of skin graft. This makes it possible to avoid septic complications of the disease, and limb loss.

Patients in the terminal stage of chronic renal disease carried vascular grafting.

Angiohirurga minimally traumatic - it reduces the risk of postoperative infectious complications, and the patient provides quick recovery after surgery.


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