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Knee arthroplasty in Israel

Knee arthroplasty in Israel

Sometimes we perceive the pain in the knee joint, as a result of fatigue, as something natural after loads. Often, however, the causes are rooted in a number of degenerative diseases, which bring people to great inconvenience and discomfort. Joint damage may be so serious that requires treatment. And in some cases there is a need for their replacement surgery. Solution could be knee arthroplasty in Israel.

Method was first applied in 1890, German surgeon Temistokles Gluck, implanted knee prosthesis three patients. The experience turned out to be not very successful due to the inflammatory process has begun, but it was the first step in this direction. Modern prostheses have appeared in the last century in the late 60's. After hip replacement knee joint prosthesis is in second place in the degree of prevalence - according to the statistics and in the year held more than 175 thousand transactions.

Indications for knee replacement in Israel

The main cause of irregularities in the knee - osteoarthritis. It arises as a consequence of a variety of injuries, rheumatism, metabolic dysfunctions. It is a chronic illness, covering the entire joint. In the early stages it is not very noticeable, as the occasional pain and are not pronounced. In severe joint lesions vary limb axis, which entails a violation of the motor function. The decision to take out arthroplasty doctors already at the later stage, the complete destruction of the joint.

The diagnosis of arthrosis can be set using an ordinary X-ray - a picture seen that the surface area in the compound partially or completely destroyed and insufficiently coincide with each other. Other indications for knee replacement in Israel include:

  • avascular necrosis, which results from a loss of blood supply;
  • gout;
  • hemophilia;
  • Knee deformity.

This operation is carried out in medical centers, including the clinic Assuta.

Knee arthroplasty in Israel

Knee arthroplasty in IsraelOne of the most functional and at the same time complex joints in the human body - the knee. It depends on it:

  • walking;
  • run;
  • various movements, such as bending, rotation;
  • body movement.

Therefore, a decision on the form of the upcoming operation is taken individually in each case. This is due to the fact that the prosthesis must ensure freedom of movement, be comfortable and reliable as possible.

Like any extreme methods, joint replacement in Israel is carried out only in the case where the non-surgical treatment does not give the proper result. More often, it is indicated in patients from 55 years of age. Previously, young people these operations were rare, as prostheses wear out rather quickly. However, in modern medicine, artificial joints are used, which serve a minimum of 20-25 years or more. Therefore, among patients Assuta Hospital is often possible to meet the athletes and those who are younger than 55.

Naturally the operation allowed only patients with good general health. It is preceded by diagnosis, which in addition to x-ray includes blood and urine tests, an electrocardiogram, an orthopedic examination and otherwise. Procedure prosthetic knee in Israel lasts from one to three hours. It is performed under general anesthesia, but sometimes at the request or with the consent of the patient is used epidural anesthesia.

According to statistics, 90-95% of operations are successful, and locomotor activity is restored.

Today there is a wide range of knee replacements from which the physician individually selects a suitable prosthesis. This takes into account the activity level, weight, age and other factors. According to its properties as close substitutes to the natural joints - they can bend, rotate, and perform other motor functions.

Approaches to the procedure

For carrying out of joint replacement surgery, special care is required. It depends on this return to the familiar life and the length of the prosthetic work. Therefore, in a number of operations using computer navigation, which allows you to carry out the procedure with the highest possible accuracy. This eliminates the risk of incorrect installation of the prosthesis, its service life is increased and decreased the probability of re-operation.

  1. A partial joint replacement is carried out when the partial region is damaged cartilage. However, arthrosis or arthritis can continue the destruction of the joint, so this method is not recommended for everyone. Rehabilitation after surgery is rapid.
  2. Total Knee Replacement in Israeli hospitals is widely practiced. It finally solves the problem lies in the removal of cartilage and bone tissue on both sides of the knee. In the preserved portions attached prosthesis. Modern implants allow to reach the level of the bend up to 155 degrees.
  3. Bilateral replacement prosthesis involves the simultaneous both sides of the joint. This method is not suitable for patients with cardiovascular disease and lung disease.
  4. Minimally invasive surgery is used to replace the knee joint through small incisions. This operation is shown and not all patients require special training and experience of the personnel. Its advantages - reduction of the period of rehabilitation.

Postoperative recovery depends on the type of operation. Immediately after the procedure leg is fixed in a stationary position. However, the patient can sit up in bed on the second day. Dosed walking with support in the majority of cases resolved from the third day. The load must be carefully controlled the first six weeks - it is desirable to move with an additional support.

Benefits knee replacement in Assuta

knee arthroplasty in Israel costsDegenerative knee joint disease or its slight damage at an early stage changes can pause, stabilizing and locking the capsule necrotic processes. If the lesions are significant, but the pain does not give a normal life, it is recommended to hold the knee joint prosthesis in Israel, the price of procedures and implants is regulated by the country's health system. Service Assuta Hospital is recognized as one of the best in the world medicine. Private hospital receives patients from all over the world. Advantages of the treatment it is undeniable:

  1. Professionalism, experience, skill, training of doctors. Assuta - one of the few clinical settings, where you can choose the doctor who will treat you or your family member. Doctors can be invited from Israel or any other country in the world. The price of the services will be more than adequate.
  2. Quality and patient safety, which is marked at the European level. Hospital continuously improving service technologies, therapies and rehabilitation. All wishes of patients are taken into account in full, and then put into practice.
  3. Innovative equipment that buys private hospital. Technical equipment Assuta is beyond praise. If there is a new equipment, be sure Assuta it becomes one of the first in the world.
  4. Priority is given to the treatment of minimally invasive procedures, which ensures minimum trauma, fast rehabilitation.

Another distinct advantage - infrastructure clinic offices, separate, comfortable wards for patients and their families. In addition, Assuta owned SPA-hotel on the hospital grounds. Its level is marked by experts as a five-star HoReCa industry.


"We arrived at Assuta with my dad, which almost completely destroyed the joint of the knee. The pre sent here the data about the disease, pictures of Russia. The evaluation produced very quickly, recommending a doctor on a profile. They helped with the move, organized a meeting at the airport, transfer to hospital . survey kept within a few days, after which the operation took place. after 6 days, the father to go home. We're a little reinsured, are located in the spa-hotel next to the hospital for a week. We were visited daily by a nurse who helped MY olnyat exercises and taught them to me three months later, Dad walked alone, without crutches Pains almost gone It's a miracle -... to understand that he was again on his feet, does not undergo the torment Many thanks to Alexander Trufanova, George Trufanov ".!.

The cost of joint replacement of the knee joint in Israel

Knee Replacement in IsraelPrices are individual, depending on the type of prosthesis, material of manufacture, the level of operating doctor, replacement and other factors technologies. The average prices are as follows:

  1. Knee Replacement - 25670 dollars.
  2. MRI study area - 1460 dollars.
  3. Consulting an orthopedic surgeon - 560 dollars.
  4. Blood tests - from 280 dollars.
  5. Coagulation - $ 80.

Surgical intervention involves preliminary inspection cost, the preparatory procedure before the transaction fee participating physicians (surgeon, the anesthesiologist), and placing in the clinic to 7 days.

Prices for knee replacement in Israel largely depend on the total or partial prosthesis. For the partial replacement bone advantageously saved, with complete - the capsule is completely removed and replaced by an artificial analogue. Details of the capsule are made of a metal material, ceramics and plastics. After the intervention the patient is transferred to the intensive care unit, where his condition is closely monitored for several hours. After that, the operated to deliver a comfortable room where he remains under the supervision of physicians, passes functional recovery and rehabilitation of up to 7 days.


Among the most sought-after Assuta Hospital professionals need to call doctors to whom goes the majority of patients from Russia and CIS countries:

  • Professor Zvi Cohen - a practicing expert on knee replacement and other articular joints of the lower extremities. The head of orthopedic department in a public hospital Suraski, operates in the private Assuta center. Basic education received at the Medical University of Rome, was trained in France. It is engaged in the restoration of the health of patients after complicated injuries, fractures. Working with children and adults. He teaches at Tel Aviv, participate in the activities of communities of Israel.
  • Dr. Alex Kalganov - highly qualified specialist in the field of orthopedic surgery. Practicing replacement hip and knee capsule. Basic education in Russia. Specialization took place in Israel, the United Kingdom. He is fluent in three languages ​​- Russian, English and Hebrew. Scientific Consultant CRM prostheses release English firm. He was awarded medals and orders of different denominations for the salvation of the military during the fighting.

The Assuta operate and other doctors, the best specialists in the segment.

If knee replacement is performed in Assuta hospital - you can be sure that your health will be restored carefully, carefully, with maximum effect.


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