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Pediatrics in Israel

Medicine in Israelis considered the best in the world. The special approach - to the smallest patients. For the treatment of children from the very first day of life apply the latest advances in medicine. The motto of pediatrics in Israel - all the procedures and treatment - no pain. Even an ordinary blood sample from a vein, which are so afraid of all the children in the clinics of Israel will conduct painless, using special gels or sprays painkillers. The fact that the treatment of children in Israel has undeniable advantages, eloquently by the following figures:

  • 80 percent of young patients treated without surgery.
  • 95 percent of the operations performed less traumatic methods.
In addition, treatment of the child is engaged in more than one doctor and a team of professionals. Much attention is paid to the child's body recovery after treatment and psychological comfort during their stay in the hospital.

Key areas of pediatrics in Israel

The Israeli clinic is successful treatment of all diseases known to modern pediatrics. If necessary, experienced pediatric surgeons perform surgery for infants and children of primary school age and teenagers of minimally invasive techniques possible, as well as with the use of modern medical advances, for example by means of a complex robotic Da Vinci. With the da Vinci system, a surgeon makes only small incisions, resulting in less blood loss, and faster recovery after surgery. These benefits are very important for active children who want to return to their usual activities as soon as possible as soon as possible. Rapid recovery means and reducing the time spent in the hospital after the surgery, which reduces the level of stress for both parent and child. Before the surgery, primary school children and adolescents in the game, accessible way to explain why surgery is necessary, what steps it will take place, when he would be able to get up, play your favorite games, etc.

Treatment of children in Israel is carried out in the following areas:

Oncologyoncohematology and - Pediatrics in Israel AIMS to the ensure That young Patients the receive the treatment will most advanced, with Particular emphasis on the emotional and Psychological component of children and parents The DURING Their Struggle with the serious Illness. Israel clinics are recognized as one of theThe modern children's specialized departments, patients

  • Modern, innovative surgical procedures.
  • Chemotherapy using effective drugs of the last generation.
  • Radiation therapy using modern equipment, which receive a minimum of healthy tissue to radiation.
  • Clinical trials.
  • Palliative care.

Cardiology. In specialized medical centers and branches of the Israeli clinic provides diagnostic services, counseling and treatment of heart diseases in children, including birth defects. In addition to traditional methods of open heart surgery in clinics in Israel are used minimally invasive techniques, with a minimal amount of postoperative complications, which allow little patient to recover quickly. The friendly team approach of specialists, game rooms and other support services will make your stay in the hospital less stressful.

Endocrinology and treatment (of the type first-diabetes). In the treatment of children in Israel usedThe team of highly qualified doctors, nursesChildren suffering from diabetes, can "live

Orthopedics. The Israeli hospitals are treating like sports injuries, sprains to more serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Israel is a leader in bone tumor surgery, complex reconstructions of the pelvis and hips. Doctors extensive experience in prosthetics for children and young people, hundreds of children and young people experience today in clinics in age from 1 day to 20 years, with different levels of amputations in the hands and feet.

In addition, Israel has a highly specialized department to provide comprehensive care for children with tumors, diseases of the spine, knees and hips; birth defects; clubfoot andcerebral palsy .

Gastroenterology. In Israel treat all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - heartburn and ulcers, to more complex conditions such as unexplained bleeding, gallstones and others. To determine exactly what disease your child certified gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons Israel clinics used for diagnostic technologies such as fiber optics, endoscopic ultrasound and lasers. These modern technologies allow accurate diagnosis, and therefore choose the most appropriate treatment option.

Neurology and neurosurgery. Neuroscientists tend to focus on disorders of the brain and nervous system of the child, while neurosurgeons treat injury or disease of the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nervous system. Neurosurgical operations carried out by highly with extensive experience. Interventions are carried out with the help of complex robotic Da Vinci, allows all manipulations are carried out with high precision.

Specialists of the clinic Assuta

Yakov Bikels Professor one's: best of the oncologists and orthopedists with Nearly 30 years of experience. He is head of the department the treatment of metastatic bone disease, and also teaches at Tel Aviv University. Professor Bikels an intern from the best specialists in Oncology Center in Washington (USA), is a member of the International Association of sparing surgery, preserving limbs. In addition to medical practitioners engaged in scientific activities, developing new methods of treatment. Over the past four years included in the list of "The Best Doctor of Israel" (according to "Forbes Israel" magazine).

By David Varon Professor - a hematologist Israel with thirty years of experience, the who successfully cured 98% of the blood diseases. He is the author of numerous scientific papers on hematology problems. Specialist in the treatment of blood clotting disorders . Head of the Department of Hematology.

Shlomi Constantini Professor - Regarded as with the the pediatric Neurosurgery: best, not only in Israel, But Throughout the world. Over 35 years of experience, he literally put it on the feet to thousands of patients. In the treatment he is actively using methods little traumatic. On account of Shlomi Constantini more than 200 scientific publications. The clinic Assuta professor leads a private reception .

Eli Sprecher Professor - doctor is - a a dermatologist with a worldwide reputation, head of the department of Dermatology AT the Assuta hospital A. Specializes in the treatment of melanoma, benign diseases of the skin, eczema, children's skin diseases and other skin diseases. The treatment uses new techniques and medical advances . Genetic treating skin diseases of authoring procedure.


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