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Alex Geller

Gastroenterological diseases Profile in Israel is given special attention here have built up an enormous practice, whereby diseases of the digestive organs are successfully treated.

One of the most sought-after industry experts - Dr. Alex Geller, known for the use of endoscopic techniques to identify diseases and subsequent correction of abnormal states. The doctor heads of relevant departments Beilinson Hospital, maintains a private practice in Assuta hospital.

We invite you to make an appointment to an expert and get advice on your concerns. Do not delay the decision of their own health problems for later, get professional help immediately, taking advantage of the possibility of observing one of the best doctors in Israel.

Medical Education Alex Geller

Alex GellerAfter graduating from the Technion University in Haifa, Dr. Geller successfully passed residency in the United States, where he was invited to practice at a clinic known New Jersey Morristown. On account of the doctor a lot of training courses for specialization Gastroenterology and Hepatology profile. Modern methods of endoscopy had to master them in Rochester (Mayo Hospital). Later in the US Alex Geller graduated from graduate school, confirming the high level and perfect knowledge of medical practice.

Professional activity

Starting professional career as a private physician, he soon became a consultant in the United States, then received the academic title of professor. After returning to Israel, he joined the Rabin Medical Center. Of interest is the practical activity of doctor and scientific achievements. Magazine «Gastrointestinal Endoscopy» Alex Geller invited as an expert and international editor of materials produced.

In Israel go to the doctor, patients from all over the world. Range of issues, which are administered by the doctor, really wide. It:

  • Diagnosis of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Endoscopic surgical resection practice polyps and tumors.
  • Therapy of complex pathologies.

The doctor examines and treats cancerous abnormalities to cope with heavy bleeding, stenotic states. The doctor successfully treats oncology:

As a guest doctor Alex Heller participates in professional associations gastroenterologists Israel and America.

Assuta Hospital offers patients a unique opportunity - to be treated by a doctor, whose opinion is the most competent person to addressed.

We will organize the reception, urgent diagnosis and treatment of complex health conditions. Call or email us to provide documents about previous examinations and treatment protocols. We will immediately give an answer on the cost of treatment with Dr. Geller, will help with the decision of questions on registration of a trip to Israel.


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