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Alexander TenebaumDr. Alexander Tenebaum - a world-class expert in the field of cardiology, lives and conducts medical practice in Israel. Teaches students at the University of Medicine of Tel Aviv, is receiving at the clinic Assuta, he is the scientific director of the Sheba Hospital.

Kardiolayn founded Institute of Cardiology, has made significant progress in a professional field, for which he won awards such as the award Kellerman and Neufeld.

Education and work experience

Higher Education Dr. Tenenbaum received in the Soviet Union (Kirghizia), graduated from medical school and defending a thesis under the supervision of the eminent academician Mirrahimov. Later he moved to Israel, where he was to improve and develop research interests.

World experts agree that the professor had a significant influence on modern cardiology. Its portfolio of over 220 articles published in a international medical journals.

Research survey affected areas such as heart failure, coronary heart disease, echocardiography, CT, rehabilitation in the post-infarction condition, metabolic syndrome and more.

Professor Alexander Tenenbaum became the founder of a new medical science, whose name cardiology diabetology. Under his leadership in London published a profile journal Cardiovascular Diabetology, known worldwide for innovative views on the development of technologies to help people with the most complex complications of the cardiovascular system. The Doctor is:

  • The cardiologists Israeli society.
  • The International Society for pharmacotherapy.

Dr. Tenenbaum won numerous awards both Israeli and international. Any clinic the world is honored, if its base is receiving specialist at this level.

Private complex Assuta invited to a consultation with Dr. Tenenbaum Russian-speaking patients by making available high-class medicine for the health of people concerned.


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