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Anat Levinstein

Professor of ophthalmology. Directs the Department of eye diseases in the clinic Ichilov. Also accepts patients in Assuta Medical Center. A well-known specialist in the treatment of various kinds of eye diseases, the researcher. Applies to practice new safe treatments for their development.


Education: Professor began his education in Israel. She successfully graduated from med. school in Tel Aviv, and then passed residency in the MP Ichilov, where she specialized in the treatment of ophthalmic diseases. He trained at the Israeli hospital Beylison and graduated from a course in management in the healthcare system in the Tel-Aviv University.

At this she did not stop, and improve their skills abroad. So Hopkins Medical Center in the US, she trained in surgery of the vitreous and retina.

Longevity: more than 15 years.

Professor engaged in research and development of new treatments for eye diseases. Much success she has achieved in the treatment of retinoblastoma, cataract laser surgery. She is one of the few who can successfully carry out such complex treatments like macular surgery, vitrectomy. Its methods matravmatichny for patients, so the recovery time is small.

Besides practice, it also teaches students and wrote monographs, which are already more than 300, and is published in medical journals.

Its contribution to the development of ophthalmology has been evaluated and it has often been the winner of prizes and awards. It consists in societies and associations of doctors ophthalmologists Israel and America.

If you want to learn about the methods of treatment of a doctor or other Israeli experts, leave a request on the website Assuta Hospital. We cooperate with experts from different areas of medicine and are ready to assist in the organization of treatment in Israel.


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