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Dr. svetlana Zalmanova

Dr. Svetlana ZalmanovaOncology - developing the scope of therapeutic effects on cancer patients for the purpose of recovery. Method is used to reduce abnormal cells in almost all lesions of the body. Used in conjunction with surgery, chemistry or separately, as an independent treatment in advanced stages.

In Israel, leading Oncology is Dr. Svetlana Zalmanova - doctor of the highest category, head of the department of radiation therapy at the clinic Assuta. Get to the doctor this level is considered to be more luck. Drawing up an individual program for the individual patient ensures meaningful impact with maximum effect.

Choose a doctor to the patient offers Assuta hospital. You will be treated under the supervision of Israel's leading specialist international experts. In public hospitals, this service is not available, the patient stands supervising physician with minimal impact on the time of the appointment. The Assuta you make their own destiny, trusting the health professional.

Education, professional development, training

Basic education Zalmanova Dr. Svetlana received in Russia, graduated from the First Medical Institute. This was followed by a course of radiation therapy in Denmark, training on the irradiation of brain tumors in Germany. Scope of Clinical Oncology full detail, was mastered in Holland at courses of improvement of qualification ESTRO. Further:

  • Education for Radiation Biology - Italy.
  • Target beam treatment (targeted therapy) - Portugal.
  • Internal radiation (brachytherapy) implants radioactive seeds and - Slovenia.
  • Brachytherapy reproductive female organs in cancer tumors - Austria.
  • Irradiation of prostate tumors - Belgium.
  • General Practice Oncology - ESMO Germany, Munich.
  • The innovative equipment in the treatment of cancer - America, Cleveland.

Extensive educational program, enriching the experience of new training and experience exchange rates due to the high skill Zalmanova, its popularity among native Israelis and foreign patients. Svetlana invited as an expert in the construction of health Correction programs when it comes to the most difficult cases, cancer. Her opinion is respected among colleagues around the world.

Noting the success of the doctor in the treatment of gynecological organs, mammary glands, in cancer lesions of the face, the digestive system, the reproductive system of men in neurooncologic practice. Svetlana optimally combines external impact with internal radiation treatment, wields the latest techniques, to master the innovative equipment, which is famous for Assuta Hospital (SBNT, IGRT, IMRT, the latest generation of linear accelerators).

Additional Information

Svetlana participate in trade unions and associations of physicians in Europe, America, and Israel. In addition, the doctor teaches at Ben Gurion University, is published in the scientific literature, actively oversees clinical trials. The results of the most accurately reflected in the figures:

  • Over 92% of patients with cancer improved their condition after treatment Zalmanova.
  • Over 3000 patients were able to maintain the chest after irradiation.
  • More than 1394 cancer patients with cancer of the skin get rid of the disease.

Make an appointment with Dr. Svetlana Zalmanova you can by calling the telephone number listed on our site. Contact an expert to find out how to get to the doctor of medical sciences to assess the condition of the course and treatment in Israel. We will be glad to help you get rid of the cancer and improve your health.

"I was treated Svetlana in 2015 with cancer of the skin. Passed course of radiation therapy, and then observed for fear of getting a relapse. So far, everything is fine. I would like to express my great appreciation for the attentive attitude, responsiveness , professionalism and empathy for patients. Tatyana Vitalevna, 39 years. "


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