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Grisaro Dan is an experienced oncologist - surgeon. He has over 30 years of experience in the treatment of tumors of the reproductive organs of women. The doctor will diagnose gynecological diseases, and assigns an individual treatment plan for each patient. During his long career he has cured a large number of women, thus gave them the opportunity to have a future.

The doctor takes a clinic Ichilov and Assuta. Get to the doctor, you will be able through our medical services. We take care of all organizational aspects of transport and help to settle in Israel at the time of treatment. If you are interested to undergo therapy in the best oncologists of the world, leave the online application or call. We will contact you shortly.

Specialization Dan Grisaro

Dan GrisaroDoctors have long been recognized as one of the best on the treatment of women's oncology. he argues that the correct diagnosis and effective therapy - the basis for the recovery of the patient. So he more than anyone else attentive to the form of the disease, stage and other features. Grisaro doctor helps women in the treatment of diseases:

He has mastered the technique of endoscopy, prefers sparing technique by which a patient recover faster and less painful. In addition it helps to reduce the time of forwarding the clinic that the patient is advantageous, both from a financial and from the emotional aspect.

Education and experience

Dan Grisaro received his medical education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was an intern at the Tel Aviv University, where he made an emphasis on gynecology and obstetrics. The study of oncology female reproductive system he started in Kanata (Toronto).

Dr. Grisaro doctorate degree and is now not only cures cancer, but also engaged in scientific work.

He explores the causes of cancer and participates in the development of new therapies.

Doctor teaching for medical students at Tel Aviv University. And now he became an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology. Articles and research papers of Dr. can be found in international publications. On account of his sixty-written works.

Dan Grisaro consists in several American, Canadian, Israeli society and the association of gynecological oncology.

If you do not know how to choose the right doctor, apart from the biography you can appreciate Dana Grisaro reviews on the net. We store some of them to the patient is not afraid to go and receive the most effective treatment from a doctor of the highest category.

Elena Yakovleva, Moscow

"Thank you and thanks again !!! Dr. Grisaro saved the life of not only me but also my baby. I discovered cervical cancer during pregnancy. Doctors suggested to have an abortion, which I did not want to go. Arriving in Israel, I came to a wonderful surgeon Dana Grisaro. He not only kept the baby, but also saved me. Uterus had to be removed, but I'm happy that I was able to give birth to my baby. "


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