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David LurieDr. David Lurie - a cardiologist and electrophysiologist with a worldwide reputation, a leading private medical practice in the Israeli clinic Assuta. An impressive experience, internationally recognized and a large number of grateful patients have provided specialist and popular in Russian-speaking countries. To get to a doctor appointment is considered a great luck, he copes with problems, such as irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation and other abnormalities in the heart muscle. He has a long period of superintendence department arrhythmia therapy in the hospital Assuta, and separation of atrial fibrillation clinic Chaim Sheba.


Basic Education Dr. David Lurie was in Russia, where he successfully graduated from the Medical Faculty PSPbGMU. After training, the doctor moved to Israel, trained in leading hospitals in the country - Soroka Medical Center and «Shaare-Zedek» Medical Center. Subsequently passed training in the largest cardiology center of the USA - Mayo Hospital. A young professional trained rapidly, gain experience, enriching skills. Appointment to the post of head of department in the hospital Sheba was anticipated event in his life.

working practice

A consultation with Dr. David Lurie try to get people with severe impairment of the heart. Professional inspection, diagnosis of problems and the appointment of competent therapeutic course guarantee improvement in all indicators. The doctor uses in its operations arrhythmias innovative methods of correction, and selects the optimal implant pacemakers, tracking the effectiveness of their work in the future. In his practice, complicated surgery to correct atrial fibrillation, and many others. Listed below if you experience problems with the heart, the doctor David Lurie can help you:

  1. Prevention of thrombosis.
  2. The stimulation of the ventricles.
  3. Dysrhythmia.
  4. Installation of pacemakers.
  5. Installing biventricular devices.
  6. Treatment of TILT method.
  7. Radiofrequency ablation.
  8. Radio wave therapy.

Specialist enthusiastically engaged in scientific activities, he is involved in conducting research and experiments on the development of new processing technologies in the field of cardiology. The doctor is a frequent speaker at international symposia in Europe and Asia, which shares the results of accumulated experience and reveals the secrets of medical skill. Dr. David Lurie is printed in professional journals Israel and Western countries. He engaged in teaching, preparing worthy successors cardiologist. It consists of a number of associations of health professionals in the field of cardiac electrophysiology and other areas - the European Society, the American Association, the Israel Association and many others.

The doctor considered a leading expert on Israeli conduct minimally invasive surgery for the correction of atrial fibrillation, which uses new methods of transrectal radiofrequency ablation.

Get to David Lurie is possible, by writing to us or phoned to our consultants. Cost Advisory reception check handling.


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