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David Schneider

David SchneiderRecognition of patients Dr. David Schneider earned through carrying out complex operations on the reproductive system organs. Leading cancers Israel treats severe forms of cancer pathologies, while achieving a high percentage of healing from the deadly disease. Many women remained fertile function that shows skill of the surgeon, a thorough knowledge of technology operational practices, the rich experience of helping people who find themselves seemingly in a hopeless situation.

Today, David Schneider, head of department of gynecological oncology at the largest public hospital in the Middle East - Asaf ha-Rofe. However, to get to see him and receive treatment, you can in the private Assuta hospital.

We offer reasonable prices for service from one of the best world-class experts. Phoned us if you or your loved ones need immediate assistance in the treatment of cancerous gynecological pathology.

We will give prompt response within 48 hours, forming a pre-protocol therapy and the cost of medical services.

Education, training David Schneider

Dr. Schneider received basic medical education in Tel Aviv, graduated from the State University with excellent performance. After completion of the educational program of a young doctor immediately went to work in the largest Israeli hospital - Asaf ha-Rofe, where he trained in the field of gynecology. Later, the expert went to America, where he trained in the surgical interventions in the area of ​​the pelvic floor in the treatment of cancer pathologies on the basis of the University of Cincinnati. In addition, in the doctor's portfolio contains a lot of information about advanced training in leading clinics of the world.

To date, David Schneider is an active member of the Association cancers Israel, USA. His merits are obvious - more than 93% of the patients of Dr. preserved reproductive function after providing them with medical care for the treatment of cancerous lesions. More than 90% of the tumors were diagnosed cancer etiology professor at an early stage. This allowed for adequate therapy, after which the cancer was not detected in the body thereafter.

Areas of work

More than 40 years working in the Israeli health care system, Dr. Schneider has mastered advanced techniques and approaches in endoscopic surgical practices. He masterfully conducts surgery using the robot Da Vinci. He became famous as an expert in the surgeon's practice and as great diagnostician, able to detect cancer in the earliest stages of its development in the body. By Dr. Schneider treat patients with:

Among its operations are known cervical cone biopsy, resection of tumors of the uterus and ovaries. The doctor performs:

  • Colporrhaphy with anterior and posterior approach.
  • Surgical correction of pelvic floor.
  • Removal of cysts.
  • It provides operational assistance for endometriosis.

Dr. David Schneider - a member of the Commission on the quality of medical care in clinics in Israel. This is the highest level consultant at home and abroad.

Assuta Hospital invites for treatment to the professor at an affordable cost of professional services. To know the exact prices for services, phoned with our consultants or, create an e-mail. attaching documents held earlier surveys, diagnosis, initial treatment.

We will promptly respond to the request, giving explanations for each item.


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