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Dr. uriel Wald

Uriel WaldUriel Wald - neurosurgeon with thirty years of experience. To date, it works and helps patients in the clinic Assuta.


In 1971 he graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After graduation, he began training as a specialization, and he chose neurosurgery. In this field of medicine he practiced in Israel. During his work he has repeatedly raised their qualifications in other countries such as the United States and Belgium, where he attended a course on the methods of treatment of spinal injuries and brain injuries, spondylosis, spinal surgery.

He is also involved in academic activities. He attends workshops related to his professional sphere.


Dr. Uriel Wald struggling with such complex diseases as the brain, spinal cord tumors, epilepsy, trauma. Excellent results he achieves in the team work together with other professionals, for example, such as ENT surgeons. In its broad specialization includes such diseases:

The surgeon is taken to treat not only adults but also children. Through such physicians as it advances have been achieved in the treatment of complex diseases such as brain tumors.

If you want to get into the hands of one of the most professional surgeons of Israel and the world, please contact us. We can help in the organization of treatment.


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