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Eugene Moshkovich

Eugene MoshkovichEugene Moszkowicz specializes in the treatment of endocrine diseases. It works the chief doctor at the clinic and is Clalit private receptions in Assuta. Dr. Moszkowicz has extensive experience with any endocrine abnormalities. He is one of the best doctors in Israel are engaged in treatment:

If you have any of these conditions, you should contact at Assuta site. We will soon reply you and an appointment with the best doctors, including you will get an appointment with a doctor Moshkovich.

Education Eugene Moshkovich

In 1996, he graduated from medical school in Kursk (Russia), then moved to Israel, where he continued to practice and was promoted to chief physician at the Institute of Endocrinology.

Do not forget about the doctor and scientific activities. Since 2001 he is involved in research on the treatment of diabetes and other diseases in the field of endocrinology. He is an active participant of workshops and scientific conferences, where sharing experience and makes the experience of others.

Dr. Moszkowicz writes scientific papers that publish on a medical website, and published several publications. The doctor is fluent in Russian, so misunderstandings do not arise. In any case, we are for their patients provide an interpreter.

If you are interested in the treatment of Dr. Moshkovich, leave a request for Assuta site. For highly specialized and well-known doctor is difficult to get on their own, so we can help you.


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