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herman Gandel'man

Herman Gandel'man - the most famous cardiology and cardiac surgery in Russia. This is mainly due to its participation in the "live healthy", but global recognition of the doctor made only their merits in the treatment of cardiovascular system. He is a virtuoso new techniques in heart surgery, and he is an excellent diagnostician.

To get to the world-famous surgeon wanting a lot, so to make it quite difficult. We have been working directly with the clinic Assuta and offer treatment only from the best doctors of any field of medicine. If you want to get an appointment with a doctor Gandel'man, then do not delay and send a request through the site Assuta.

Biography Hermann Shaevich Gandel'man

Herman Gandel'manFuture Doctor grown among medical professionals, and that determined his future life. He lived in Kemerovo there and graduated from medical school, and then in Novokuznetsk passed internship, graduate school of Cardiology has ended in Tashkent.

In 2006, he trained in interventional cardiology in New York.

Since 1989, he lives in Israel and works in the clinic and Kaplan receives patients in Ichilov and Assuta and come to Russia to participate in a TV program.

On account of his thousands of transactions, which saved the lives of patients.

Specialization German Gandel'man

Dr. Gandel'man one of the most experienced cardiac surgeons. It uses new technologies that allow safe conduct operations without severe side effects and a long rehabilitation. Asa heart surgeon , He successfully makes:

  • cardiac catheterization;
  • expansion of narrowed coronary vessels;
  • treatment of arrhythmias;
  • implanted artificial heart valves;
  • coronary angiography;
  • Treatment of diabetic heart;
  • heart failure;
  • angioplasty;

Dr. Gandel'man known for his work in the field of interventional karyotype. It is minimally invasive and complex operations that are carried out under X-ray control. At the time it makes a small incision through which a catheter is inserted through the vessel in the wrist or in the groin. Thus it is possible to operate on the heart and blood vessels.

Patients in the treatment in Israel have access to new drugs and equipment. Procedures and operations comply with international standards and are at the highest level. The practice of treating heart here there is a lot of years, so each step worked out to the smallest detail. Therefore, the percentage of successfully completed the above operations in Israel eat elsewhere.

The doctor conducts research activities. His works are published in medical journals on cardiology. He is working on new methodsof treatment of stenosis, vascular disorders, the use of atikoagulyantov.

The best thing about the doctor can tell his patients, so in order to dispel any doubts, read the reviews about Dr. Gandel'man people who have already undergone treatment from him.

Larisa, 66 years old

"Good afternoon, I do not know how else to thank his rescuers. I think everyone at the clinic said, but we would like to thank for it brought me back to life. Heart for a long time to play tricks, but with age is getting worse and worse. Until it became bad not go for treatment. A diagnosis of the doctors put me terrible. As for treatment, I did not know, and hands down. Except that the daughter did not give me all to pieces. I sent to Israel for treatment, and by some miracle I got Herman Shayevich. Golden Hands of the doctor saved me from the disease. Now a very different feel. Thanks to all who care about us and does not lose heart. "


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